Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 425

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 425

Chapter 425 

Rose subconsciously hugged Edward’s neck in case not fall. In front of everyone, she was carried into the villa by Edward. 

Behind them, there was an uninterrupted commotion. 

When he arrived at the front desk, Edward had no intention of putting her down at all. He only used Arillion to say to the security guard beside him, “Please help me send my luggage up. Thank you.” 

Throughout the entire process, Rose was carried upstairs by Edward. She pursed her lips and did not say anything. She did not know what Edward wanted to do. The security guard followed closely behind and helped him bring his suitcase up. Then they immediately went down. 

Rose really could not guess Edward’s thoughts. If she did not ask, she would feel uncomfortable. “Edward, what do you mean by this? Didn’t you go to get a room?” 

Just now, she had asked him to stay and he insisted on going out, as if she wanted to eat him up. Now, he was like a child who had run away from home and came back on his own. 

Edward hugged Rose and could not bear to put her down. When he lowered his head, the distance between the two of them was less than an inch. At such a close distance, Edward’s handsome face appeared in front of Rose’s eyes. Rose’s heart raced as if missed half a beat. 

“Rose, open the door first.” Edward pursed his lips. There was a deep and apologetic look in his eyes as he lowered his head and said to the Rose in his arms who was staring at him in a daze. 

The warm breath hit Rose’s face like hypnosis. She leaned out and swiped the room card to open the door. 

The door opened. 

Edward pushed it open with his foot and kicked the suitcase into the room. The suitcase instantly slid forward into the room and then he closed the door with his foot. 

It was 12:30 in the morning, and night had fallen. The lights in the room were not switched on, but the balcony door was open, and moonlight shone in, illuminating the entire room. 

Edward gently put Rose down. She leaned against the door and looked up at him in confusion. He held her waist with one hand and placed the other on the top of her head. He apologized sincerely, “Rose, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that much.” 

The suppressed emotions were broken by Edward’s apology. It turned out that adhering to the principle of confessing required tears. She puffed up her cheeks to suppress her emotions and felt a slight pain in her heart. “Perhaps I was too naive. I thought…” 

A tear fell. Edward didn’t want her to say the following words. He leaned forward and covered Rose’s lips. The kiss was very gentle. Rose couldn’t tell what the current situation was or what it meant. 

A moment later, Edward withdrew his body and gently caressed Rose’s face. “I’m so sorry. Rose, I left the room not because I had someone else in my heart. My only thought at that time was to be afraid that you would be gossiped. There was absolutely nothing else. I swear.” 

Edward raised his finger and swore in the air, afraid that Rose would not believe him. 

Seeing how anxious Edward was, she believed him. She sniffed and asked, “Then why are you 


He helped Rose wipe her tears and bent down to look at her at eye level. “I thought of a good solution and came back. If you’re being gossiped, wouldn’t it be better for me to marry you?” 

This answer was unexpected and Rose was touched. Rose was very happy, but she deliberately said, “Dream on. You want to marry me after staying for one night. What are you thinking?” 

Seeing that Rose was no longer angry, Edward smiled. “Can you take me in again? My dear Rose.” 


The luggage had already been pushed in, so there was no need to ask. 


“Alright, since you’re so sincere, I’m not someone who likes to hold grudges. I’ll take you in for the time being. Perform well.” 

Rose said generously. She smiled and patted Edward’s shoulder like an elder sister. 

Edward did not kiss her again. He only hugged her tightly and said solemnly, “Rose, didn’t you say that we have to be as honest as your parents in the future?” 

Rose nodded a few times in his arms. 

When she nodded, he continued, “You didn’t confess today and suppressed your truest thoughts. I hope you won’t hide your thoughts from me in the future, including your grievances. Otherwise, our misunderstandings will become worse and worse, and we will become increasingly distant. Is that okay?” 

Who could resist the love of such a handsome and warm man? She, Rose, was too keen on this good-looking and refined man. She only had one thought now. She raised her head and said to Edward, who was at eye level with her, “I only have one thought now. Kiss you.” 

Edward was speechless. 

When she was being wronged just now, she wasn’t direct at all and hid all her emotions. Now, she was direct and said whatever she wanted. He really couldn’t keep up with her thought. 

In the end, Edward compromised and kissed her. The meaning of apology spread between their lips as they gave each other the answer they wanted. 

Half an hour later, Rose and Edward were done showering in their respective rooms. 

Before he went to bed. Edward knocked on Rose’s door. It was only when Rose’s voice came from inside that he unlocked the door and pushed it open. 

He stood at the door and saw that Rose was still awake. She was playing with her phone on the bed. He wanted to remind her to sleep early. 

“Want to chat for six dollars?” 

Rose spoke first with a smile on her face. The interlude just now had brought their relationship closer. 

Edward didn’t understand what she was saying, but he could roughly guess what she meant. It may be Rose asking him if he wanted to chat for a while. But as for the six dollars, he couldn’t understand. “Do you want to chat?” he asked, 

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch. It was already early in the morning and very late. However, looking at Rose’s sober expression, it was obvious that she wanted to chat. He compromised and walked in. He did not close the door and just left it 


Edward’s little detail seemed a little cute to Rose, who was always thinking for her. In fact, Rose felt that this action was a little revealing. Once the door was closed, who knew what the people inside were doing? 

Rose adjusted her blanket and moved to the side to make some space for Edward. Edward was stunned for a moment before he sat on the edge of the bed. Like her, he leaned against the back of the bed with his hands on his legs and his feet on the ground. Only his butt occupied the bed. 

He looked sideways and asked Rose, “What does six dollars mean?” 

“One dollar for 10 minutes. If I want to chat for an hour, it’s six dollars.” 

Rose explained with a smile. 

Edward continued to ask like a good student, but his eyes narrowed under his glasses. He was very confused. “Why is it one dollar per 10 minutes?” 


“I made it.” Rose raised her chin proudly. 

Edward was speechless. 

Edward thought about the fixed price of Rose and calculated it in his heart. He crossed his hands on his lap and changed his actions. “Then we can only talk for three dollars. It’s already early in the morning and we still have to play tomorrow. You 

won’t be able to take it.” 

“Fine, can I ask you a que 

At this moment, Rose was wearing pajamas, which was very conservative. Her legs were crossed, and her elbows were propped on her legs. She held one cheek and looked at Edward. 

Edward looked sideways at Rose beside him. “Yes, ask.” 

“What’s the degree of your lenses? Is it because you’re short-sighted from watching television or because you’re studying too hard and have the wrong posture?” 

She was also very serious about watching television dramas and playing with her phone. But her eyes were still quite good. 

When Rose wanted to ask a question, Edward quickly thought of what she would ask in his heart, such as feelings, family, and the future. However, he did not think of this question. He smiled as he answered truthfully, 300 degrees. I don’t know how I’m short-sighted. I wasn’t short-sighted when I was studying.” 

“That means that it’s very tough for you to manage the company. My parents occasionally wear glasses when they read documents.” 

Most of the time, Edward listened and Rose said. Edward was more curious about Rose. She said a lot about the matters when she was in Sapphire City alone. As she spoke, she yawned. It was not even half an hour yet. It might be the time to sleep. 

Looking at the yawning Rose who wanted to chat more, Edward suggested, “Go to sleep. We’ll talk for six dollars tomorrow.” 

Rose’s mind was on the verge of dozing off, but the naughty thoughts in her mind were growing. She propped up her eyelids with both hands and widened her eyes. “Alright, let’s have a goodnight kiss,” she said. 

Upon hearing this, Edward did not move. He sat on the edge of the bed obediently. Rose could not bear to see Edward’s actions and wanted to tease him. 

After waiting for a few minutes, Edward still did not move. The two of them looked at each other. Rose felt that if she continued to look like this, she would become cross-eyed. 

She moved her butt and half-knelt in front of Edward. With a smile on her lips, she hooked her hands around Edward’s neck. Her nails accidentally touched the skin on his neck, and her face kept getting closer. 

Edward’s back was stiff. He didn’t know where to place his hands. He held his breath, looking like he wanted to calm down. 

At this moment, This scene is like a female hooligan teasing a gentleman. 

Seeing that he was so calm, Rose was not anxious at all. She smiled and sat on his lap. Her lips slowly moved closer to his ear, and her charming voice penetrated his ear. “Do you want to kiss me goodbye?” 

Edward clenched his fists tightly. He was a man, who had an eagerness for her. In the next second, he grabbed Rose’s neck. His lips fell as expected. The kiss was lingering and their breathing was chaotic. Their hearts were beating like drums. 

Abnormal, Rose’s cheeks were red, and Edward’s eyes were scarlet. 

The kiss continued. Rose did not plan to stop so quickly. The time was not right. 

It wasn’t until Edward’s breathing became chaotic and his hands were touching Rose’s back that Rose went from his embrace. Her hands were still wrapped around Edward’s neck as she smiled evilly. “Dear, the goodnight kiss is over.” 


Facing Rose’s smug smile, what else did Edward not understand? The young lady in front of him was deliberately provoking him, and he almost lost control. 

Rose got off his lap and hid under the blanket. She chased him away impolitely. “Help me close the door, please,” she said. 

Edward pinched the space between his eyebrows to ease his emotions. He sighed, stood up, and walked out the door. 

Rose was very satisfied with Edward’s performance. She liked his uneasiness. 

“I specialize in dealing with your calmness,” she thought. 

Rose, who had crawled into bed, had already closed her eyes and was motionless. Edward was still standing at the door, thinking that she had already fallen asleep. He thought to himself that her sleep quality was really good. She could sleep wherever and whenever she wanted. 

that be? 

He stopped at the door for a while and closed it with a smile. He might not be able to sleep tonight. 

The next morning. 

In the Turner Manor. 

Emma and Daniel did not have the habit of sleeping in. They had breakfast in the dining room early in the morning. The crisp sound of the spoon stirring the edge of the bowl reached the stairs. 

Frank was wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans as he walked towards the dining room. He politely greeted the couple who had their backs facing him and said, “Good morning.” 

The couple turned around at the same time. Emma nodded slightly and called out, “Come and eat breakfast.” 

Daniel retracted his gaze and instructed the servants to add more bowls and forks. Then, he said to Frank, “If you are not used to it, let the servants make something else for you.” 

“Daniel, I’m more casual when it comes to eating. I’m not picky, I’m fine with anything.” 

“Why don’t you sleep a little longer? Are you not used to sleeping?”, 

Daniel asked with concern. 

While they were talking, the servants had already served breakfast. There were milk, sandwiches, fruit, cake, and cookies. “No, I slept well last night. It’s just that I woke up and got up.” 

Emma finished swift grain and said to Frank, who was always reserved, “Eat whatever you want. You don’t have to finish it. In the future, you won’t have to get up as early as us. You can get up whenever you want.” 

Indeed, the reason why Frank got up early was indeed because it was his first time living in the Turner family and he had no 

was afraid choice but to force himself to get up early. He also wanted to accompany Ava to sleep for a while more, but he that he would be rude. 

He was very grateful and smiled. “Okay, thanks.” 

Emma thought that Frank had a sense of propriety, she was very reassuring and was also very satisfied. 

After breakfast, Emma went to the greenhouse in the manor. Daniel went to the company. Before he left, he told Frank that he could visit the Turner Corporation when he had time. 

Of course, Frank agreed. 

In the room upstairs, Ava woke up early today. She subconsciously touched the bed beside he touch anything. Her eyes opened immediately. 

and realized that she did not 

She looked around and found that one side of the bed was cold. Ava was a little disappointed. For the past few days, she 


could see Frank every time she opened her eyes. Gradually, Ava almost forgot that Frank was going to go back.

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander – A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption.. “Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander” is a touching and poignant novel by Diana Sander that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. ”


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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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You can read all chapters of Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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