The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 74

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 74

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 74 Rescue 

Beep, beep… 

The sound of a police siren could be heard coming from afar

Amelie immediately held Rex’s arm, which was already halfway out

Sure enough, when those people heard the sound of the police siren, they started to panic. The man who was in charge 

of checking the situation under the table was hit on the forehead because he was in a hurry to withdraw

Let’s go! The police are here! Don’t forget to bring the woman on the first floor with us.” 

The strong man in the lead led the remaining four people and hurriedly left Triad Warehouse

The police soon arrived at the door of Triad Warehouse. Amelie heard Aaron’s voice coming from downstairs

Mr. Whitman, if something happens to my sister in Triad Warehouse today, your whole family will not have a good ending.” 

Well, Mr. Mullen, what are you talking about? I also want to save Ms. Mullen and Rex as soon as possible.” 

While they were still arguing, a female voice sounded on the second floor of the warehouse. Aaron! We are here!” 


Aaron rushed into the warehouse, ignoring the dust in the room that was dirtying his highset suit. He followed the sound and found the room where Amelie and Rex were

Kaff, kaff!” 

Aaron tried to turn on the lights, but he could not find the switch

Stop looking for it.Rex came out from under the table and held Amelie’s hand with his other hand


Amelie suddenly felt that she was being embraced in a strong chest

Fortunately, you’re fine.Aaron let out a long breath. When Aaron received the news from Rex, he was still on the highway back to the city. His parents were resting in the back seat, and he did not dare to tell them about it

After sending his parents home, he hurried to the police station

Unexpectedly, Dave was still leisurely sitting in the office drinking coffee at that time. Unable to restrain his anger, Aaron directly smashed the porcelain cup that Dave had treasured for many years into pieces

If I hadn’t pressured Dave, that bastard at the police station, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even have the intention of offering help!Aaron smashed his fist into the wall, shaking off the dirt on it

How could that be? Rex has” 

Suddenly, Amelie thought of what Rex said about Dave

Let’s go and settle scores with Dave!” 

Rex tidied up his messy hair and put it behind his head to tie it in a ponytail

Dave was leaning against the police car casually to deal with his teeth when he suddenly felt cold eyes looking at him. He raised his head and saw Amelie, who was surrounded by her two brothers, walking out of Triad Warehouse

Chapter 74 Rescue 


Hello! Ms. Mullen, Mr. Mullen!” 

Get Boot 

Dave immediately threw the toothpick to the ground and greeted them with a smile

However, before he could get close to the three people, he was punched in the face

When the police officers beside Dave saw this, they immediately wanted to stop Rex, but they were stopped by the bodyguards in black brought by Aaron

Mr. Mullen! What are you doing?Dave covered his red cheeks, but he did not dare to blame Rex

Rex answered him with several fists and flying kicks. Not long after, Dave lay on the ground, groaning in pain. It seemed that he was seriously injured

Ms. Mullen, please help me persuade him.” 

Dave could only cry for help to Amelie with a sad face

Although Amelie did not know much about the current situation, she could still roughly guess that Dave was not as simple as he looked on the surface, so she and Aaron just watched on coldly

When Dave lay on the ground and stopped moving, Rex stopped and spat at him. Bastard!” 

Alright, let’s go. Gina is still in the hands of those people. I am really worried.Amelie carefully stepped on the muddy ground and pulled Rex back to her side


Rex suddenly felt that everything in his sight became blurry, and his legs felt so heavy


Rex suddenly fell down, and Aaron immediately helped him to the car, and they headed downtown

There was heavy rain just now, and the ground was still emitting the fragrance of soil

Amelie sat in the back row and slowly rolled down the window

Aaron, what is going on with Dave?” 

After a period of silence, Aaron snorted coldly, I knew that he was a fence -sitter. He will help whoever gives him more benefits. Originally, when it does not involve the interests of our family, I have always turned a blind eye to it. But I did not expect that he would actually put you and Rex in such a dangerous situation!” 

After a pause, Aaron added, I was just passing by and wanted to have more people go with me. However, before I entered the police station, the security guard stopped me outside the door and refused to let me in. I thought that there must be something strange behind this, so I forced my way in

Sure enough, when the security guard saw that I was stubborn, he immediately said a secret signal to the walkietalkie. When I entered Dave’s office, I saw that he was still holding a cup of coffee, his hands trembling slightly.” 

So.Amelie tried to put forward her thoughts. Aaron, do you think that Dave was talking to the people of the Aylward family at that time? And it might even be Macey?” 

Yes.Rex smashed the steering wheel again, saying, What’s even more hateful is that when I asked him at that time, he told me that he didn’t know anything! He pretended to be confused in front of me! At that time, I wanted to give him a slap, but in the end, I thought about it and endured it. Fortunately, Rex finally helped me vent my resentment.” 

Chapter 74 Rescue 


Get Bonus 

After that, the car fell into silence again, and only the sound of the wind blowing into the car could be heard

Amelie held the phone in her hand and unlocked it several times, but she silently closed it again

What happened?Aaron saw her strange reaction through the rearview mirror. Is there something hidden in your heart? You can just tell me.” 


She was close to Gina, but she couldn’t help Gina and even allowed those men to take Gina away

Don’t worry, I have already sent people to track her,Aaron sighed. Amelie, you should care more about yourself. I didn’t tell our parents about this. I was afraid that they would be worried and that if it was spread, it would attract the suspicion of the unscrupulous media.” 

WellI understand.” 

Amelie lowered her head. Rex was leaning against her legs, and she slowly stroked Rex’s face, thinking, fortunately, it is Rex who came with me this time, and Rex is experienced in dealing with unexpected situations

If Tyler or Daron had come with me, I would have made the biggest mistake in my life.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
Title: The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption :The Return of the Disguised Princess" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After five years of marriage, she thought that she had successfully made him change his mind and have feelings for her. It never occurred to her that he would send her to prison for trusting another woman. She decided to go back to her family along with the baby in her belly. Her brothers were in an uproar! Aaron Mullen, her eldest brother, ordered, "My five younger brothers, listen up! Guarding Amelie and teaching the playboy a lesson is our top priority!" Rex Mullen, her second brother, said, "Amelie, chin up. Here, take this black card. Go ahead and go shopping as long as you are happy." Mark Mullen, her third brother, said, "Jewelry is all I have. Amelie, take as many as you want." Sergio Mullen, her fourth brother, stood up as well. Tyler Mullen, her fifth brother, was the same indignant. And Daron Mullen, her sixth brother, doted on her the same. Everyone went all out, afraid that the apple of their eye would be unhappy. Amelie Mullen smiled heartily. On the contrary, Lamont Byron regretted it so much and set out to get her back.   In conclusion, "The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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