The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 73

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 73

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 73

Chapter 73 A Close Call 

In the art lesson in Amelie’s primary school, the teacher asked every child to choose a favorite object to draw the pattern

The other girls all had a handkerchief, but Amelie carefully took out a small knife from her satchel 

Oh, Amelie, you can’t bring such a dangerous thing to school.The female teacher was shocked. She was about to step forward to stop Amelie, but Amelie immediately wrapped up the knife with a handkerchief and put it in her arms! Hey! Don’t” 

The female teacher was so scared that her face turned pale, and even her voice was trembling

It had to be known that the children who could study there didn’t come from ordinary families. They were all either rich or expensive. If something happened to the children, the female teacher would not be able to continue working in that school and even that city

Amelie, look at the other children. They are all holding small handkerchiefs and colored cards. Can you do the same as them?” 

I didn’t have them.Amelie held the knife tightly and blinked her cute eyes

I have many of them! Wait a minute!The female teacher quickly returned to the podium and took out a stack of colored card paper from her bag. Amelie, look, what color do you like? Pink? Or yellow?” 

I don’t want it. I just want to use this to make handicrafts,Amelie said, shaking her head heavily

The female teacher had no choice but to call Eden

Eden, who was at the shareholder meeting, asked Amelie to answer the phone

Amelie! What did I tell you? You have to listen to the teacher at school. Don’t let everyone worry about you!” 

Amelie pouted and her voice immediately became tearful, But I want to give this to Rex as a giftDidn’t you say that Rex was going to a very dangerous place? With this knife, he can protect himself” 

Her cute voice instantly softened the hearts of the female teacher and Eden

Then please take good care of Amelie. Let her be careful when she does the handiwork.” 

The female teacher was shocked that Eden changed his attitude so quickly, but at the same time, she felt proud that Amelie, who was at such a young age, could care about her brother

Later, the female teacher specially invited the only teacher in the school, who could carve, to help Amelie carve the koi and the lucky four leaf clovers on the small blade

Although the technique was not that mature and the pattern was distorted, Amelie was very happy. She held the knife and left the school, waiting for the next time she met Rex, so that she could personally give him this gift


Amelie came to her senses from her thoughts

When the knife was thrown at her, she almost missed it. Rex, who was beside her, was so anxious that he got rid of the two strong men and pushed her to the side

Let’s go!” 

Under such circumstances, they couldn’t even care about Gina. Rex dragged Amelie and ran away immediately. Chapter 73 X Close Call 


They turned left and right, finally leaving the five people behind

Get Borsos 

Rex, are you familiar with Triad Warehouse?Amelie lowered her head and opened her tightly clenched hand. The silver knife was lying in her palm

When I was on a mission, I stayed in this warehouse for a period.Rex took the knife and wiped it carefully before putting it back into his pocket. This is the talisman you gave me.” 

In the face of his teasing, Amelie could not laugh at all

They didn’t know whether Gina was still alive. Amelie and Rex had been exhausted after the fight just now. Rex got several injuries, and the group downstairs had no movement. Amelie did not know whether they had left or not. Now they could only wait here quietly

By the way, we forgot to tell Mr. Whitman at that time and asked him to mobilize some nearby police forces to support us.Amelie leaned on Rex, her legs curled up as she surrounded them with her arms


The moment Amelie mentioned Dave, Rex’s expression changed

He is not a good person!” 

Rex gritted his teeth as he said in hatred


Just as Amelie was about to ask more questions, she heard rustling sounds coming from the other side of the wall. She immediately went silent and sat a little closer to Rex

They were now in a room on the second floor. There was no doubt that the sound on the other side of the wall came from the group of people just now

Be quiet. They must be hiding somewhere on this floor. I think I heard someone talking just now.One of the men lowered his voice and then they became silent. However, Amelie could hear some footsteps

Amelie felt that she had become the main character of the horror film, and if she was careless, she would expose herself and get killed

She was so anxious… 

She was even afraid that those people would hear her heartbeat and come to find her


Amelie’s heart suddenly tightened

The source of the sound was the door to the room they were in

Rex also grabbed her hand tightly

Fortunately, they did not lower their guard just now. Instead, they hid under a row of tables against the wall, so they were not in a panic when the door was opened

At that time, even taking a big breath could lead to disaster

It’s so strange. We have searched every room, but haven’t seen anyone.” 

Don’t worry,one man said again, Maybe there are still some places we missed in this room, and we should search every corner of it.” 

Chapter 73 A Close Call 



Get Bonus 

Despite being in the darkness, Amelie could still sense that someone was slowly walking along the row of tables. From the sound of it, it sounded like he was groping something with his hand

Rex took out the knife from his pocket and stuffed it into Amelie’s hand

Amelie knew that if something unexpected happened, Rex would do his best to let her go

What should they do

Was there any method? 

Amelie closed her eyes and thought of some regrets and unfulfilled wishes she had in this short life

She was not afraid of death, but the two old men who were still waiting in the hotel could never get good news from 


Amelie felt that she was held in Rex’s arms in the darkness. Rex took her hand and wrote the number 3on the palm of her hand. He meant that if the man who was still approaching did not stop three seconds later, he would rush out without hesitation. And Amelie must take this opportunity to escape

Amelie felt her nose sour, but she had no time to be sad at such an urgent moment. She felt the countdown that Rex wrote in her hand

He wrote, 3



It was time!

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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