The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 65

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 65

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Mediation 

Meanwhile, Rohan was nestled on a sofa by the window, looking at the gray sky outside the window and thinking about something

Amelie sighed and walked over to pick up the scores. Sylvia marked every one of them

It could be seen how much effort Sylvia had put in to cater to Rohan

Tell me, why did the two of you quarrel?” 

Amelie walked over and sat on the sofa opposite Rohan. She handed the stack of music scores to him


Rohan scratched his hair impatiently. Only then did Amelie notice that there was a circle of fine stubble around his lips. The shirt on his body was not as smooth as usual

Amelie knew why he was annoyed. The person who had decided to release it in advance was him, but what he got in return was Amelie’s cold words

Now everything has become a mess, and there was only one month left before the public performance. It was still unknown whether Rohan could perform on stage

Since you are not willing to answer, can you listen to me?” 

Rohan nodded

You and Sylvia have been working together for such a long time. Although I don’t know the specific situation of the two of you, I can see that she wants to cooperate with you from her notes on the score, right?” 

Still, Rohan just nodded

I know that you released it in advance so that I can be happy, but when you did all this on impulse, did you think about the consequences? If it was just your efforts, it would be fine. But what about Sylvia? Isn’t she a little too 


I know that I shouldn’t have said those words to Sylvia just now. This matter was indeed my fault, but she kept 

blaming you. She said that I should have seen your attitude towards me a long time ago. I was still foolishly wishful 

thinking. I was angry for a moment, soRohan arranged the pieces of music one by one, and finally fixed them 

together with a clip

After doing all of this, Rohan’s lips curled into a bitter smile. I’m in a hurry. I feel like I’m no longer the same as before. My thinking is no longer as flexible as before. It takes me a lot of time and energy to think of a new song, and 

Sylvia’s progress is too slow” 

Rohan, you weren’t like this in the past. In your world, you shouldn’t have the word hurry.” 

In Amelie’s impression, Rohan was never short of inspiration. The reason why Rohan did not have a bottleneck in composing was that Rohan was composing with a normal heart and did not have so many thoughts

Rohan, you shouldn’t be writing for the sake of fame, Because your initial heart is pure, your song is liked by so many people. Only then can everyone hear a clean and ethereal feeling from your song.” 


Rohan read affirmation and trust from Amelie’s eyes

Rohan thought, yes, I indeed have a heart of merit because I desire to obtain the same social status as Amelie. I am 

Chapter 65 Mediation 


Get Bombs 

unwilling to not have the qualifications to compete in front of Lamont. I also want to become a socalled nobleman

But was this idea contrary to my original intention of making music

Rohan lowered his head and looked at his fingers. There were hard calluses on them because he played guitar all year 


These were proof of his love for music

Rohan thought, how did I become the kind of person I hated the most before who played music for money and status

Oh right!Amelie’s eyes suddenly lit up. Do you remember when you graduated from university, you wrote a song for me? That song is your music. It can be adapted into a chorus between you and Sylvia. How about it?” 

Rohan said, Is it the song Enjoy?” 

Rohan’s gaze was a little erratic… 

Rohan thought, it was a song from a long time ago. It seemed that I had started to develop feelings for Amelie from 

that song


Enjoy Loving You

I love you

Only that you don’t know

I remember that the plate of tape is still hidden on my bookshelf. Wait for me to give it to you tomorrow. That way

the pressure on your composing will be much less. All you need to do is to ask Sylvia to spend more time and effort to 

add her voice!” 

Amelie was still talking excitedly, but Rohan’s mind was completely not on it

Rohan thought, Enjoyis the only song that has been composed for you. It was a song that belonged to me and you, and now I have to share this song with everyone? 

The melody is also very simple. Sylvia definitely can. Rohan? Can you?” 

Ah? Sure, as long as you agree, I can do it.Rohan’s eyes dimmed

OK, then I will give it to you tomorrow. I will go and persuade Sylvia now. It is time to learn how to communicate 

with girls. If you always have such a bad expression, the goodtempered Sylvia will also be angry with you.” 

Amelie did not notice the change in Rohan’s mood. After standing up from the sofa and stretching comfortably, Amelie walked straight out of the practice room

Amelie originally thought that it would take some effort to find Sylvia. Unexpectedly, Sylvia was standing not far away from the practice room

Ms. Mullen.” 

Sylvia took the initiative to walk over, I am a burden to the practice progress. It is my level that is not good enough and my temper is big” 

Without waiting for Sylvia to finish speaking, Amelie stepped forward and put her arm around Sylvia’s shoulders

Sylvia felt wronged as she suddenly fell into such a warm embrace. Sylvia thought of the grievances she had suffered these past few days

Chapter 65 Mediation 


Get Bonus 

Sylvia thought, how envious I am of Amelie. Ever since Amelie was young, she had been carefree. Even Rohan, who I had worked so hard to reach, had to make Amelie smile at all costs

Sylvia was a little resentful and a little jealous, but when she faced this smiling face that was very gentle, Sylvia silently swallowed back her anger

Sylvia thought, what reason do I have to hate such a person who helps me

Because of this, Sylvia felt a deep sense of powerlessness

You have done very well, Sylvia. You are the gentlest girl I have ever seen.Amelie understood Sylvia’s thoughts. It was said that a girl’s mind was the most delicate, and one must have a certain patience to figure it out

Amelie gently patted Sylvia’s back and felt the thin body in her arms trembling slightly. Amelie felt unspeakably uncomfortable

Amelie had acted on her initiative to allow Rohan and Sylvia to work together, but Amelie had not expected that the grinding period between them would be so long and difficult

If you are really in a difficult situation, I can support you to play alone. Since Starry Sea Entertainment has this ability, it will never tie you up for benefits. I hope that you all choose to play music for happiness, OK?” 

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Sylvia cried even harder. Amelie could only temporarily calm her emotions

After a long while, the body in Amelie’s arms finally stopped trembling. Sylvia wiped her tears and looked up

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