The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 56

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 56

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 56

Chapter 56 A Secret 

That woman’s DNA sample is similar to that of Leila. Do you understand what I mean?Rex was very serious

Amelie’s guess was correct

Amelie’s heart was beating fast. She had discovered a great secret

That girl is Leila’s sister?” 

Yes!Rex drank some water. On the way here, I asked her a lot of questions. But she insists that she has nothing to 

do with Leila. She said they just look alike. I don’t think she was lying, so I didn’t ask further.” 

Amelie nodded thoughtfully. She thought, does Willard have two daughters? Or is Leila not Willard’s daughter

Seeing through Amelie’s doubts, Rex took out a laptop from his bag and started typing

Wow, Rex, your computer Tsk, it’s quite convenient to carry it around with you.” 

Amelie was very fond of this laptop. Rex looked at her with a doting expression. This is a customized laptop from our organization. If you like it, you can have it.” 

No, no, no,Amelie immediately refused, You have to use it for your work. I don’t need such a laptop. I just feel fresh about it.” 

Rex didn’t insist on this topic. He smiled and looked at the continuously updated information appearing on the screen

How does it work? The interface of the search engine is different from what I use.Amelie curiously moved closer

Of course, this is different from what you usually use. It has recorded almost everyone’s personal information. This is the big data analysis that you usually talk about. It is like a huge database. I can easily find the information I want from it. This can help us carry out the mission.” 

Rex explained patiently while staring at the screen

Then this equipment should be very secretive, right?Amelie suddenly had an indecent idea

I know what you are thinking.Rex flicked her little head. It’s fine if you play some tricks with your hacking skills. But it’s illegal to violate privacy.” 

Amelie made a face. She just wanted to know whether her skills were better than those of the organization members

Found it!” 

Rex took out a piece of code and converted it into words

Leila was lost when she was half a year old, but she was quickly found with the help of a kind person.” 

Looking at the sentence on the screen, Amelie was a little confused

The girl and Leila are sisters. What about Leila and Willard?” 

Rex patted his own head. I’ve got it. We just need to compare Leila and Willard’s DNAS. I have them on my laptop. We can know the truth very soon.” 

You have their DNAs?Amelie thought that they had to report to the headquarters to get these data

Soon, the result came out. Willard wasn’t Leila’s father

Amelie was at loss. Who is Willard’s real daughter? And who swaps out his daughter

Chapter 56 Secret 

Get Bongs 

Rex, can you find Willard’s daughter through DNA?” 

Rex, can 

This is impossible.Rex shook his head awkwardly

I can only compare someone’s DNA with another one’s. If we really want to find her, we will have to compare all 

girlsDNAS with that of Willard. When would we be able to find her?” 

Amelie knew it was impossible

Then what do you plan to do now? I’ve brought that woman out. I can’t send her back now.” 

Amelie looked at Rex resignedly. She was only joking. She didn’t expect that Rex would bring that woman out

Forget it. Let her come in first. I’ll talk to her.” 

Soon, Belen came in with Leila, the girl who disguised herself as Leila. When Belen saw Rex beside Amelie, she gave Rex a sharp look

What?Rex was stunned. Didn’t I apologize to Belen just now? Why is she still angry with me

Okay. Rex, Belen is proud. Of course, she will feel uncomfortable that you’ve beaten her so easily. Go and comfort her.Amelie winked at Rex and pushed him out of the door

The girl brought by Belen was now sitting on the sofa. She had realized that Amelie was not a normal person, so the fierceness that she pretended in the court had long been gone

With the sound of high heels stepping on the ground from afar, a cold female voice sounded in her ear

Raise your head.” 

Leiladid as she was told. She trembled as she looked up. She looked around, not daring to meet Amelie’s eyes

Amelie slowly walked to where the girl was looking, but the girl slowly shifted her gaze elsewhere

I won’t hurt you. Why are you so afraid of me?Amelie felt interested and teased her

But Amelie didn’t expect the girl suddenly held her head high and looked at Amelie with determination

I know who you are. You are the woman I saw in the court that day. I know that it is wrong for me to be sentenced in place of Leila. No matter how you want to punish me, don’t involve my parents!” 

Amelie thought, quite brave

She seems to be a good girl, but she was temporarily blinded by Willard’s money

But Amelie was puzzled. When Willard looks at her, wouldn’t he feel strange? She looks exactly the same as Leila

Amelie had lived under the same roof as Leila for five years. She always had the urge to slap her face when she saw her. Leila had left a quite bad impression in Amelie’s heart

How do you know that I will punish you?Amelie poured a glass of water. Drink it. You sound hoarse. You must have had a hard time in prison.” 

The girl looked at the glass of water in front of her. Although she was getting more and more thirsty, she didn’t dare 

to drink the water.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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