The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 53

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 53

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Analysis 

Amelie’s eyes lit up as she repeated what Sergio had just said and looked at Rex

After a long pause, Rex said, That’s it?” 

That’s it

We are talking about breaking into a prison

Amelie knew that Rex was a good spy and there was nothing he couldn’t do in the world, but it still surprised her when she heard how easy the tone of his voice sounded when he spoke

Rex, is that really possible?” 

Of course,Rex was particularly proud of being worshiped by Amelie, and he kept winking at Sergio. As long as you 

want, I can even take that Leila out for you!” 

Come on,Sergio rolled his eyes and said. Don’t get carried away. You will get caught sooner or later and have

demerit on your record.” 

Demerit? I’ve always been the one who gives others demerits!” 

Amelie looked at Rex, who was raising his chin on the screen and couldn’t help but urge him, Rex, don’t stay over 

there. Go home right away. I miss you so much!” 

Okay, I will take the flight tomorrow morning and will fly to Oakland from Africa!” 

The atmosphere became warm between the two as they chatted and completely ignored Sergio, who was quite 


Lamont, on the contrary, was not that happy. He put his phone aside and did not want to reply to Amelie’s message. However, when he picked up his phone after an hour again, he found nothing but a few notifications on his phone

He frowned and refreshed the page several times. He even suspected that there was something wrong with the company’s WIFI. In the end, Lamont had to accept the fact that Amelie did not text back again

He thought he could ridicule her just now

Lamont thought unwillingly in his heart, but he felt it was too shameful to take the initiative to send her message 


Forget it!” 

Lamont locked the screen with a gloomy face and went back to work

After chatting with her two brothers, Amelie got up and walked out. When she passed the practice room, she vaguely heard the music coming from inside. She pushed the door open and walked in

You guys are all here.” 

Not only Rohan, but even Luciana, Akira, and Sylvia were also here

Why are you doing here? Are you guys having a secret meeting behind my back?Amelie did not have the airs of a boss at all. She pulled over a chair and sat down

Luciana handed over a packet of biscuits and said, We are talking about the leak of Rohan’s address.” 

Really? Do you have any ideas?” 

Amelie raised an eyebrow. Although she already knew the answer, she was still curious about what they thought

Amelie, do you know Rick Chaney?Luciana lowered her voice with a mysterious look on her face

Well, go on.Amelie remained calm, but she did not expect that they had also found something about Rick

We suspect that Rick is the one who exposed Rohan’s address! He did not come to work today, which is very suspicious.Luciana flung her short hair and continued to analyze in high spirits

I know you all think that I’m a trifler. Actually, I have won a National Detective Competition. That Rick Chaney is always suspiciouslooking. I don’t really know how he got into Starry Sea Entertainment” 

Get to the point!Akira pinched Luciana’s arm and scolded her

Fine, fine. Amelie, you don’t know. Prosperity Global has tried to draw Rohan in from Starry Sea Entertainment a few times, but Rohan never agreed. Since then, Rohan has been secretly targeted in the industry. Although we can’t find out who it is, we all know who is behind all this

What’s more, Rick used to be unknown. But all of a sudden, his performance is getting better and better, as if he is blessed by luck.” 

After saying so many words in one breath, Luciana got up from the sofa to get some water

So you mean that Rick has always been colluding with Prosperity Global to target Rohan?Amelie could not help but get surprised again at the dark side of showbiz

Yes. I suspected it a long time ago. It’s just that I didn’t know Rohan before and lacked evidence, so I didn’t tell anyone about my guess. But this time, they are out of line. That’s why I told him everything I know.” 

Amelie looked at Rohan, who was silent

Although he didn’t have much contact with others, he treated everyone sincerely. Rohan kept telling himself that it would definitely not be Rick who betrayed him. Because when Rohan moved out, Rick also helped him pack up a few pieces of furniture and gave him a big tight hug

Unexpectedly, it was the person Rohan trusted that had always betrayed him

Rohan just wanted to be a singer, and he had never had any great ambitions. However, to his surprise, he was involved 

in a capital conspiracy

Rohan.Sylvia tried to comfort him, but she was interrupted

I’m going to get out and have some air. JustI want to be alone for a while.” 

After that, Rohan stood up and left the practice room alone

Amelie did not move. She stared at the seat that had just been occupied and was lost in thought

She originally did not want to go too deeper into this matter, nor did she want to have more interactions with Lamont 

But now, it seemed that she had to show up and ask for an explanation for Rohan

I’m going to make a call.” 

After that, Amelie left with a gloomy face

I told you not to tell them about that. You don’t have any evidence. You will make them go against each other.Akira 

wished that she could tape up Luciana’s mouth

But it makes sense. I have had these thoughts for a long time. It’s killing me to keep them in my head.Luciana 

raised both of her hands in surrender

Less than a second after Amelie dialed the number, a lazy male voice sounded from the other end of the line

What is it?” 

Lamont, aren’t you even ashamed at all for what you and Prosperity Global did?” 

Well, I’m intensely opportunistic. You have been with me for so long, don’t you know me yet?What Lamont enjoyed the most was hearing Amelie’s angry voice on the phone. It gave him a sense of accomplishment

Amelie was always regretful when she heard him mention the five years of their being together before. How could she be so blind and fall in love with such a shameless and selfish man

Let’s meet tomorrow. Bring your mother over as well. You guys have to pay for what you did to Rohan.” 

Rohan! Rohan

Why is Rohan again

Is this Rohan so charming

The smile on Lamont’s face gradually faded. His face darkened

You care about that man so much?” 

He is one of my employees. Is there anything wrong with me speaking up for him?Amelie felt pity. Rohan had written many excellent songs in the years when he had the richest inspiration. Unfortunately, all of those good songs became unknown under Prosperity Global’s suppression.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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