The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 45

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 45

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez

Chapter 45 Amelie Needs to Rest 

Then, what did the doctor say?” 

Alas, what else can the doctor say? At this stage, the medical technology in the country cannot provide the best treatment. The doctor’s advice is to send her abroad for observation and treatment” 

When Macey said this, Leila had been observing Lamont’s expression. She originally thought that Lamont would be reluctant to leave, but she did not expect that his reaction was very indifferent

Then arrange it as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. It cannot be delayed 

Lamont responded absentmindedly. All his attention was focused on Amelie’s brothers not far away 

He wondered how Amelie was going on

If something bad happened to the child in her belly because of him…. 

He said that he didn’t want her to give birth to the child, but after all, it was the only bond between the two of them. If it was gone, their relationship would come to an end

Perhaps it was because of Amelie’s real identity, or perhaps it was because of the different impressions she left on him after the divorce, Lamont somehow became interested in Amelie now

Lamont? Lamont!” 


Only then did Lamont come back to his senses

Macey gave him a dissatisfied look. If there are no problems, I will let Leila leave the day after tomorrow.” 

Sure. Arrange for treatment as soon as possible.” 

Just as Lamont intended to say more sweet words, he saw Aaron walking over to a doctor

Lamont’s heart tightened. He wanted Macey and Leila to leave right now so that he could figure out what was going 

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However, Leila had been acting like a spoiled child and insisted on staying with him. Lamont had no choice but to see the three people walk away with the doctor

Doctor, how is Amelie going on?” 

She’s fine. She’s been overworked over the past two days and has been frightened, causing the tetus in her belly to become unstable. In the future, she must take good care of herself.” 

After getting an answer, the three of them finally relaxed

Pushing open the door of the ward, they found that Amelie was talking to someone on the phone

Yes, yes, I know. I understand your difficulties.. 

Don’t say that. I am already very grateful that you can help me

Well, well, goodbye.” 


Amelie dropped her wrist. Her eyebrows were tinged with a bit of sorrow



Why are you busy calling again 

Aaron walked straight over to Amelie and took away her phone. The doctor has told us that you need to rest Just rest assured and let me deal with Starry Sea Entertainment 

Right. Amele You scared me in the hath center this afternoon. Your face is so pale: You can’t make us worry 



Emilee sat by Amelie’s bed, porridge and snacks in her hand. Her eyes were full of worry for Amelie

No,Amelie refused immediately, I’m not that delicate yet. It’s only been five months. In two months, will I need 

someone to carry me?” 

Amelie had just taken over Starry Sea Entertainment. A lot of work remained to be done. She had not even completely established her prestige. At least, she had to restore the operation of Starry Sea Entertainment before she could let go 

of it

Amelie, just regard Starry Sea Entertainment as a game. Don’t take it so seriously,Sergio broke in

As soon as Amelie heard him speak, she immediately covered her ears

Stop, stop. Sergio, I don’t want to argue with you. You’re a good debater. I can’t beat you.” 

As she spoke, she stuffed a bit of dessert into his mouth

Emilee had bought enough snacks, so they could chat over the meal

By the way, we saw Leila outside just now. She was dressed in a hospital gown. I don’t know what happened.” 

Amelie paused as she stuffed a dessert into her mouth. “How can she become sick? She is very energetic in the Byron’s home. She is strong enough to tear down the roof.” 

Who knows?Emilee shrugged her shoulders. Anyway, I feel angry at the sight of that woman. She is like a shrew.They did not take this matter seriously, so they dropped the topic quickly. Then, Amelie was discharged from the hospital smoothly. She would go home to recuperate

The next day, Amelie ignored the obstruction of her brothers and insisted on going to Starry Sea Entertainment. Her brothers had no choice but to let her go

As soon as Amelie entered the door, Stanley, the deputy manager, greeted her with a smile

Ms. Mullen, please take a look. This is the weekly newspaper and my proposal. If you are not satisfied, I will revise it 


Amelie took off her sunglasses and stared at Stanley suspiciously.. 

Hadn’t this man always resisted the reform of the company’s internal system? Why did he take the initiative to present the reform plan

Did the sun rise from the west today?” 

Stanley awkwardly wiped the sweat from his forehead and forced out a smile. You’re kidding me. I’m doing this for the sake of the company’s longterm development. Please check it. Call me if you need anything.” 

After saying that, he disappeared from Amelie’s sight

What a joke. Aaron called Stanley last night and asked him to follow Amelie’s decisions. There must be no secret opposition


At first, Stanley was still a little resistant. He said that Starry Sea Entertainment had been maintaining its current operation mode for so many years. How could it be changed so easily

Aaron did not beat around the bush. He said, Just do it.Then he hung up the phone

Aaron’s attitude frightened Stanley. After hesitating for half a night, Stanley still got up and drafted the plan

Looking at Stanley today, who looked very timid, Amelie shrugged and took the proposal into the office

Most of the managers will be disarmed” 

Knock knock knock.” 

Come on in!” 

Amelie closed the proposal file and pinched the space between her eyebrows with two fingers

She got tired easily after she got pregnant

Amelie, are you looking for us?” 

Luciana walked in the front, followed by Akira, Rohan, and Sylvia

Facing these four equally outstanding people, Amelie did not know how to choose

How is the training going on these past two days?” 

Amelie, are you looking for us because of this? Don’t worry. We know what we are doing. You don’t have to worry about it at all. We will bring grace to the company on the day of the public performance! Is that right, Akira?” 

As Luciana spoke, she elbowed the serious little girl beside him

Shut up.Akira rolled her eyes mercilessly

Amelie nodded and glanced at their faces one by one. The call from Mckenna yesterday put her in a difficult position. Seeing that Amelie had something on her mind, Sylvia could not help but be worried. Ms. Mullen, are you alright?” 

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
Title: The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption :The Return of the Disguised Princess" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After five years of marriage, she thought that she had successfully made him change his mind and have feelings for her. It never occurred to her that he would send her to prison for trusting another woman. She decided to go back to her family along with the baby in her belly. Her brothers were in an uproar! Aaron Mullen, her eldest brother, ordered, "My five younger brothers, listen up! Guarding Amelie and teaching the playboy a lesson is our top priority!" Rex Mullen, her second brother, said, "Amelie, chin up. Here, take this black card. Go ahead and go shopping as long as you are happy." Mark Mullen, her third brother, said, "Jewelry is all I have. Amelie, take as many as you want." Sergio Mullen, her fourth brother, stood up as well. Tyler Mullen, her fifth brother, was the same indignant. And Daron Mullen, her sixth brother, doted on her the same. Everyone went all out, afraid that the apple of their eye would be unhappy. Amelie Mullen smiled heartily. On the contrary, Lamont Byron regretted it so much and set out to get her back.   In conclusion, "The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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