The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 43

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 43

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez

Chapter 43 A Fight 

It was Aaron, followed by Emilee, who had the same angry expression on her face 


Emilee immediately noticed Amelie Amelie was covering her belly tightly, and her face twisted due to the pain

Amelie liked to smile, and there would be two dimples on her cheeks when she smiled. But now, Amelie’s face was very pale

Because Emilee now had Aaron’s support, she directly pushed Lamont to the side and supported Amelie up, helping her slowly walk out of the room

Aaron was still wearing a suit. But his shirt was wrinkled because of the running just now. His leather shoes, which had been carefully maintained, had several creases on them now

Half an hour ago, when Aaron received a call from Emilee, he was preparing to board a plane to go on a business trip 

But no matter what, nothing else was more important than Amelie in Aaron’s heart. Even if the other party was the largest shareholder of the company, Aaron would not hesitate to break the appointment.. 

Aaron said to Emilee, Emilee, take care of Amelie!” 

Although Aaron really wanted to go over and see how Amelie was now, the thing he wanted to do more now was to ruthlessly beat up the man in front of him

A beast in human clothing

This was the only evaluation Aaron had of Lamont

When Amelie was still living with the Mullen family, her brothers would always give her the best. If there was anything good, they would give it all to Amelie. But Lamont treated Amelie badly. Amelie was the precious of the Mullen family

but Lamont treated her as if she was his servant. Lamont didn’t even respect the Mullen family

Aaron had held back this resentment for a long time

At this time, Aaron also wanted to get those six male models back and fire them all

In Aaron’s mind, the artists in his company could be ordinary, but they absolutely couldn’t be irresponsible

Aaron had specifically told those models that Amelie’s safety was the priority among priorities. For this, Aaron had even paid them high fees. Unexpectedly, Amelie still got hurt

Aaron cursed in his heart, what a bunch of goodfornothings

Aaron’s and Lamont’s eyes met, which almost set off sparks in the air

Lamont was not flustered at all

Lamont was the young master of the Byron family, and the Byron family was the top among the Four Great Families

In Lamont’s opinion, even the Mullen family, which was the richest family in Oakland, had to respect him

But this time, Lamont was wrong

Aaron suddenly approached Lamont. In the next second, a heavy fist, mixed with a fierce palm wind, landed straight

on Lamont’s face

Lamont didn’t react in time. Then, traces of blood came out of the corners of Lamont’s mouth


But Lamont soon reacted. Naturally, Lamont’s selfesteem didn’t allow him to be beaten just like that. Thus, Lamont raised his foot and kicked Aaron’s lower abdomen

Lamont and Aaron were usually gentle and refined in front of outsiders. But now, they had completely removed their gentlemanly masks. They kept punching and kicking each other

Emilee, who had settled Amelie down, saw this scene when she returned

Stop! Don’t fight!” 

Emilee only dared to stand at the side and shout at them. She didn’t dare to join the fight

Emilee felt a little helpless. She could only inform the security guards of the bathing center to come to separate Lamont and Aaron

No one was better than the other. One person had bruised eye sockets and swollen cheeks. The other person walked 

with a limp and looked miserable

It was only then that Emilee had the opportunity to speak. She said, Aaron, you should go to the hospital now. Amelie 


What happened to Amelie?” 

What happened to Amelie?” 

These two men shouted at the same time

Emilee glanced at Lamont in surprise and explained anxiously, I don’t know what happened. But Amelie fainted after just taking two steps. Her lips were pale. After I saw that, I immediately asked Sergio to come and send Amelie to the hospital.” 

What about now?” 

Aaron was very anxious. He hurriedly put on his coat and was about to leave with Emilee

At this time, Lamont said, I’ll go too.” 

Lamont’s mood was no better than just now. Logically speaking, he should be very happy to hear the news that Amelie was not in a good state. But the truth was that Lamont felt suffocated as if his heart was pressed by a big stone

Why are you going?” 

Aaron almost exploded again

Aaron snorted in his heart, it was this man who caused Amelie to have excruciating pain in her belly. Now, he said he would go to look at Amelie! What? Does he want to watch Amelie make a fool of herself

Seeing that Aaron and Lamont were about to have a fight again, Emilee hurriedly dragged Aaron and walked forward. Just ignore him for now. Amelie’s health is more important.” 

Aaron thought, that’s right. I should go take a look at Amelie first. It won’t be too late to deal with this man after that

Aaron and Emilee left this place. Lamont was about to follow them, but he was stopped by Hector, who had rushed over at the last minute

Mr. Byron” 

Originally, Lamont was going to negotiate with Roland Boyer, the boss of this bathing center, today. The negotiation 


location was in a private room here. Unexpectedly, Lamont met Amelie, the young daughter of the Mullen family. Lamont even broke into Amelie’s private room and fought with Amelie’s brother

Roland had waited for a long time, but no one came. In the end, he heard the news that Lamont had a fight with someone in the bathing center

Roland felt very helpless. After all, Lamont was not someone Roland could afford to offend. Thus, Roland could only ask Lamont’s assistant, Hector, it Lamont would still come to negotiate with him

Even if Hector had seen a lot of big scenes before, he was still shocked when he saw that Lamont was in such a sorry 


Hector originally thought that those security guards were exaggerating. But he didn’t expect that Lamont had really fought with someone else here. Hector couldn’t help wondering, does this mean that the Mullen family is really going 

to go against the Byron family

Hector stepped forward and asked Lamont, Are you okay?” 

Lamont frowned impatiently. His welldefined fingers pulled back his slightly messy hair twice, and he returned to his 

usual indifferent look. What is it?” 

Hector said hesitantly, Uh. It’s Mr. Boyer” 

Put Roland’s cooperation aside for now. I still have some urgent matters to deal with. I need to go first.” 

After saying so, Lamont was about to bypass Hector. At this time, Lamont’s phone rang

It was Macey’s call

Lamont thought impatiently, why does she call me at this time? Didn’t I tell her not to disturb me during my working 


Without giving the phone the chance to ring a second time, Lamont directly hung up

Unexpectedly, Macey called Lamont again

Lamont had hung up the phone three times. But three seconds later, Macey called Lamont again

This wasted Lamont a few minutes. Aaron and Emilee had already disappeared from Lamont’s sight

Lamont cursed in his heart, damn it

Lamont was in a bad mood now

The next second, Lamont’s phone rang again

Lamont cursed in his heart, again

Lamont angrily slid the answer button. Just as he was about to vent his dissatisfaction, Macey hurriedly said, Lamont, come to the hospital quickly! Leila isWell. You should come and see by yourself.” 

After Macey finished speaking, she directly hung up the phone and sent the address of a private hospital to Lamont’s 


Lamont was confused and thought, what’s wrong with her? Did she say anything useful on the phone just now

After hesitating for a moment, Lamont still decided to go to the hospital to see what was going on

Macey, do you think this is okay?” 

Leila was in a hospital gown. She held a medical record sheetand looked at Macey worriedly

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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