The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 40

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Only Believer 

Elizabeth, I’m really sadWhy, why did this happen to me?” 

When Leila thought about the fact that she was going abroad, not sick though, she was really sad 

Their acting fooled Elizabeth, who comforted them with tears in her eyes. It’s okay, Leila You can definitely survive!

They sat together and talked for a long time before they finally coaxed Elizabeth into going back to her room

Macey, what should we do now?” 

Leila was still worried

Humph, play to the score. I will arrange everything. You should quickly pack your luggage and leave immediately. The sooner, the better!” 

Amelie, who had long been treated as the culprit, did not know about this at all. She was currently busy with Starry Sea Entertainment

Hey, you, Luciana! Can you learn from Akira or Sylvia? Why do you keep twisting on the chair like you have ADHD?” 

Today there was a meeting for the largescale public performance held in three months. The participants were only the four people that Amelie had chosen

Of course, there were no objections from Starry Sea Entertainment. Everyone had already tacitly agreed that these four people had the ability to be Starry Sea Entertainment’s signboard

Amelie felt as if she had been a kindergarten teacher, and Luciana was the naughty bad childin class

Luciana stretched out her long legs in front of Amelie, showing no intention of taking them back

Alas, after all, it’s not my fault that my legs are too long.” 

Luciana shrugged helplessly, and only closed her mouth after being glared at by Akira next to her

Well, the meeting is not about a serious topic, but everyone should know what kind of important task you are carrying on your shoulders. Right?” 

The four people instantly became serious, especially Sylvia

Because she was a newcomer, she was even more nervous and straightened her back

Especially Sylvia and Rohan.” 

The eyelashes of Rohan, who was mentioned, trembled slightly as he raised his eyes to look at Amelie, who was dressed in a suit.. 

I have faith in Luciana and Akira. They performed together before, and they did a good job. What about you? Did you communicate about it today?” 

They opened their mouths and spat out a syllable at the same time. Then, they looked at each other awkwardly and said in unison, Say something.” 

Amelie felt helpless and amused

Alright, tell me, Sylvia.” 

Uh, we haven’t communicated much for now.Sylvia looked at Rohan timidly

No. I want you to quickly get used to working with each other and write a new song to amaze everyone as soon as possible.” 

Amelie was anxious. Since Mckenna was willing to give her this opportunity, she would be sorry if she didn’t do her 


How about I withdraw? If Rohan sings alone, it will be better.” 

Sylvia hesitated for a moment and said in a low and timid voice

I don’t agree.Amelie’s attitude was very firm. Then she looked directly at Rohan. I know that you have always sung alone, but now you must learn and try to change.” 

With a sigh, Amelie called Rohan out alone

Although he did not speak, Amelie knew what he was thinking

Rohan, I’d like to give you a chance to sing alone. But Ms. Longfellow has her requirements about the number of singers” 

Then can you find someone else to partner up with Sylvia?” 

Before Amelie could finish speaking, Rohan interrupted her


Amelie did not know what was wrong with Sylvia. She was good when it came to her abilities as well as her personality. Why did Rohan dislike her

Rohan thought, because… 

In the end, Rohan held back his answer. The burning expectation in Amelie’s eyes that was about to overflow made him lose the courage to refuse her

Well, I will cooperate with her.” 

Although Amelie did not know the reason behind it, she was still happy that they could work together

I told you that you should have tried to cooperate with others a long time ago. I have listened to so many songs, and Sylvia is the most suitable partner for you. Believe me. You can definitely do a great job.” 

Amelie smiled and gave Rohan a thumbsup. Then, she briskly turned around and walked towards the conference 


She was still the same as before, in Rohan’s heart


Before the class ended, a girl with a high ponytail poked her head out of the back door

Rohan was shocked. She frowned unhappily and lowered her voice. I told you not to follow me anymore.” 

But your singing is very good. You should release an album. I will be the first buyer.The girl chuckled, revealing her tooth and two dimples

Just as Rohan was attracted by this extremely infectious smile, a stern admonishing voice sounded in the classroom. Rohan! Who are you talking to?” 


Some people turned to look at him. His earlobes suddenly turned red. When he came back to his senses and looked at the back door again, the girl had already disappeared

I’m sorry.When the bell rang, Rohan was walking, forward with his head down. A familiar voice rang in front of hin again. You must have been criticized by the teacher.” 

Why was she always sticking to him

Rohan was angry, but before he could blame her, a lychee flavored lollipop was stuffed into his mouth

The compensation for you. Does it taste sweet?” 

The sweet and rich flavor of lychee spread in his mouth. As he looked at smiling, Amelie, Rohan’s anger instantly disappeared. He could only nod silently

If you are in a good mood, sing for me.” 

It was about singing again

Why do you always make me sing?Rohan’s voice was muffled

Because you sing so well. Otherwise, what else could it be?Amelie raised her foot and kicked a small stone far away. No one ever praised your singing?” 

Rohan thought, of course not

Rohan closed his eyes. All he thought of was the time when he was criticized for not studying hard by his parents and 

when his classmates laughed at him

What is this? Ew!” 

Rohan, have you ever learned how to sing? Is this how you sing?” 

You sissy! You’ve embarrassed us!” 

But I think your voice is beautiful. As long as there is a believer, the deities exist.” 

Amelie quickly took two steps forward and stood in front of Rohan with a face full of sincerity. So, as long as I am your believer, keep singing. Is that okay?” 

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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