The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 39

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Appeal 

Lamont suddenly realized that he was actually somewhat reluctant to part with that arrogant woman

How could it be

He shook his head, as if he wanted to throw this absurd idea out of his mind

However, the more he wanted to forget about this idea, the deeper the figure of Amelie imprinted in his mind

Mr. Byron.The assistant, who had already left, returned to the office with a note. I don’t know who left the note for you.” 

Lamont raised his eyebrows. He had seen so many tricks like this. He was now able to stay cool

I won’t look at it. Tear it up directly.” 


The assistant was just about to express his surprise when he immediately shut his mouth

Whatever the boss said, he would do as the boss instructed

The small piece of paper was quickly stuffed into the shredder, turning into a pile of fragments

What Lamont didn’t know was that he missed an important piece of information because of this mistake

Macey, this” 

At the same time, in the villa, Leila looked at a video that popped out of nowhere on her phone. It was actually the video of her replacing the medicine on the night of Draven’s death and Macey arranging for someone to bribe Jorge

All the evidence was presented in front of her

Macey also received it. As an old fox who had been undercover for many years in the Byron family, she didn’t panic at 

all on the surface. But she was actually a little nervous

Most of the evidence shown in the video had already been destroyed, especially the call record. It was encrypted, and an alien number was used to prevent being overheard

But now, it seemed that everything they did meant nothing. The evidence was found easily

Macey secretly clenched her fists. She believed that Amelie pretended to be kind and pitiful when she lived with the 

Byron family

She believed that Amelie monitored them to threaten her with those dirty things that couldn’t be exposed

Amelie took half of the properties of the Byron family. Macey suspected that Amelie wanted to use the same trick to get something from herself and Leila

They sat together and saw the last picture

It was a summons from the court, and the date was a week later. The note was about the appeal to the mysterious disappearance of Draven

At this time, Leila could no longer sit still. She threw her phone far away and wrapped herself tightly in a blanket, shrinking back on the sofa

I don’t want to go to court! I didn’t do it at all!” 

Help me! I really didn’t do it!” 

Chapter 39 Xppeal 


She pounced on Macey and hugged her arm tightly. Now, she could only rely on Macey

Alright, alright. Don’t worry. How could I really let you be put in jail?Macey could only try to calm her down

She must hide it from Lamont. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Lamont and Leila to live in the same space peacefully, let alone get married

At the thought of it, Macey couldn’t help but sweat on her back

The person who sent them the video must also have the ability to send it to Lamont

Leila! Calm down. I’ll call Lamont first to pry into it. If he already knows it, you can’t stay in the Byron family anymore.” 

Her words shocked Leila

That was right. If Lamont knew it, she would never have had the chance to marry him

As she spoke, Macey first called Lamont

The beep sound lasted for a long time. To Leila, it was like a century. Finally, a familiar male voice came from the phone

I’m busy. Let’s talk about it when we get home.” 

His voice was as cold as usual, so he probably didn’t know

Macey breathed a sigh of relief. A smile appeared on her face again, and her tone was a bit relieved. Oh, nothing. I just missed you and wanted to talk to you.” 

Lamont, who was sitting in a bar for a drink, frowned unhappily. After drinking the glass of whiskey in his hand, he calmed down a little

Now that you’ve talked to me, if there’s nothing else, I gotta go.” 

Sure. Just go back to your work.Macey awkwardly laughed and hurriedly hung up the phone

Facing Lamont’s cold and indifferent reaction, Macey could only helplessly sigh. They were mother and son, yet they were not close at all

However, at least he didn’t know about the truth yet. Now, she only needed to deal with the appeal

Mom, Leila, what are you talking about?” 

Elizabeth had just returned from outside when she saw them sitting on the sofa with mysterious expressions. She didn’t know what they were talking about

Just as she wanted to get closer, she was mercilessly pushed to the side and could only return to her bedroom resentfully

Ah? Is this really okay?” 

This is the only thing I can do now. Go abroad or die here. Choose.” 


When Elizabeth returned to the room on the second floor, she could only hear something vaguely. However, based on their serious expressions, she could tell that they were talking about something serious

Elizabeth wondered, could that be…. 

Chapter 39 Anneal 

Could something have happened to Leila? How could it be related to death

Could it be that she had a terminal illness and did not want others to know

Thinking of this, Elizabeth could no longer sit still and immediately rushed downstairs

Mom, Leila! What the hell are you talking about? Don’t hide it from me. I just heard it!” 

Leila and Macey’s faces darkened. The fewer people knew about this matter, the better. Once the news spread out, the consequences would definitely be beyond their control

What did you just hear?” 

Macey was the first to calm down and asked with a smile

She did not expect her daughter to cry out and throw herself at Leila. Leila, are you suffering from cancer? Are you going to die soon? I still want you to be my sisterinlaw, Leila!” 

Hearing this, both of them were stunned. Only then did Macey realize that Elizabeth had misunderstood

No matter who was said to have cancer, they would subconsciously refute it. Even Leila was no exception

She was just about to open her mouth to say something when she suddenly saw Macey’s eyes. She directly swallowed 

the words she was about to say

Macey wanted to make use of Elizabeth’s misunderstanding

Why not tell her that Leila was sick and could not get married now because she had to go abroad for better treatment? It would be easier to explain if Lamont asked

Ah, yes.She shook her head sadly. I took Leila to the hospital for a regular physical examination before marriage

but I didn’t expect her to be sick. Leila has problems with her pancreatic glands.” 

Although she didn’t know why Macey said that, she believed that Macey had her reason. Leila also made a sad look

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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