The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 30

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 30

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez 

Chapter 30 

When the fans of Mckenna found out that they had wronged Amelie, they deleted their comments one after another

Now, the situation changed greatly. The voices of abuse and rumors gradually faded away. Many netizens even apologized to Amelie on her Twitter

The situation reversed a bit suddenly, which shocked everyone. Some people were happy, and some were worried

This matter passed soon

Because of this, Amelie obtained a batch of passers by fans

And the gossip girlfriend of Rohan, who had been exposed previously, suddenly revealed her face. Netizens all thought it was Amelie, and such a peerless beauty was recognized by everyone

The handsome man and beautiful woman soon had a group of fans who shipped Rohan with Amelie, and the internet 

was abuzz

Is he the boyfriend of the overbearing Ms. Mullen?” 

I ship them for their appearances. They’re a perfect match!” 

Amelie is gorgeous. She should enter show business. It’s a big pity not to show her face on the big screen.” 

In the office

Briley looked at Amelie with an excited smile. She was already one of the shippers of Amelie and Rohan

You’ve been tittering for a whole day. What’s for?” 

Amelie frowned, raised her eyelids lazily, and looked at Briley who was holding the phone and tittering after handing 

Amelie the documents

Am I too nice to you?” 

Of course not.Briley hurriedly shook her head. Then she got closer to Amelie unpleasantly

Ms. Mullen, do you know you have got online shippers of you and Rohan? I have to admit that this part of netizens does have sharp eyes. They can even recognize you in such a blurry picture!Briley said with a smile on her face

Hearing this, Amelie cleared her throat lightly, closed the laptop, and leaned back on the chair

Look at this photo. You and Rohan are a perfect match! How could that be such a peerless beautiful woman in this world? And it’s you, my boss, with fair skin, extraordinary looking, and a perfect figure. You must have done millions of good deeds in your previous life to get so many blessings.Briley was immersed in the joy of shipping Amelie with 


Briley did not notice the expression on Amelie’s face

Ms. Mullen, do you also think so?” 

Amelie raised an eyebrow

Seeing this, Briley was stunned and simpered

My bad, Ms. Mullen.” 

After saying this, Briley trotted out of the office in a hurry

Amelie shook her head. When she was about to stand up, she received a call


Is that Ms Mullen speaking?” 

Hearing this, Amelie responded with a yeslightly. She had no idea of the caller’s intention. But soon, the caller said politely, Ms. Mullen, our boss would like to invite you to take a group of photo advertisements, together with Ms. Longfellow.” 

Have you heard that news? Recently, a huge scandal about Leila” 

A group of girls were whispering something in a low voice. When they saw Leila approaching, they immediately stopped talking

What are you talking about?” 

Leila immediately noticed their strange behaviors and asked fiercely

However, no one stood up to answer her question

Under the signal of Leila’s eyes, Julia pointed at a seemingly gentle girl

Tell us!” 

The girl who was pointed at had short hair, and her lowered eyes were really pitiful

1I really don’t know” 

Seeing this, Leila became even angrier

How could this girl be so pretty and effortless to become the focus of the crowd

While Leila had to dress up carefully for three or four hours to look like a beauty

Bitch! I will teach you a lesson so that you can watch your mouth!” 

The voice was sharp and fierce. A big slap was about to land on the girl’s fair and tender cheek


A girl with a ponytail stopped Leila’s hand

As soon as the girl stood out, the people behind her silently took a few steps back

They all knew that she was the precious daughter of the Hampson family, Luciana

Luciana had been raised by her family as a boy since she was a child. She had a bad temper and was proficient in horsemanship, archery, basketball, and piano. Most importantly, she liked girls.. 

And the girl Luciana just protected was the one that Luciana had always admired, Akira Kent

If you dare to touch her, I promise to break your hand.Although Luciana’s voice was not loud, her cold tone entered 

Leila’s ears, causing Leila to shudder

But soon, Leila returned to her usual arrogant and domineering appearance

Who are you? Do you know who I am? I’m Lamont’s fiancée! I can make your life miserable with just one word!” 

When Luciana heard Lamont’s name, Luciana’s eyes flashed, but her aura did not weaken at all


Speaking of the devil, Lamont’s indifferent face suddenly appeared behind Leila


If you have the time to quarrel with others, why don’t you spend more time on training Look at your performance in front of the camera these days. I sent you to this program not to embarrass our families.” 

Leila, who was unclear about the situation, walked towards Lamont. She tried to hold his hand and acted like a spoiled child. Lamont, that woman threatened to break my arm. She’s so disrespectful to you and your family” 

Lamont seamlessly avoided the hand that was reaching towards him, his eyes staring, straight at Luriana

So she’s your fiancée. Sorry for my improper manners.” 

Luciana didn’t avoid his gaze and replayed in a teasing tone. Her hand was still firmly protecting Akira

Now you’re scared? It’s too late! Lamont, teach her a lesson!” 


Facing, the noisy Leila, Lamont only felt mentally and physically exhausted. If not for his mother’s inexplicable favor for this niece, who was incompetent and troublesome, Lamont would have abandoned this annoying woman

When Lamont saw Luciana, the scene of Luciana defeating him as a male in the National Basketball League two years ago was still vivid in his mind. Luciana even defeated Lamont in the International Equestrian Sport Competition organized by FEL

If it was really because of Leila who caused the conflict between the Byron family and the Hampson family, it would be so uncalled for

Behave yourself and go back to your room to train!” 

Although she was still unwilling, Leila did not dare to disobey. After looking around, Leila wanted to swagger around 

the crowd and leave

Oh, come on” 

Well, it’s not like you don’t know that mistresses are all like this” 

As the situation was smoothed a little, there was a rustling sound of discussion from behind the crowd

The sound was subtle, but Lamont could still hear it

What do you mean?” 

Lamont looked in the direction of the voice. Seeing that no one responded, he raised his voice and asked again

What exactly do you mean? Who is the mistress?” 

Still, no one dared to make a sound. Instead, Luciana smiled and whispered in his ear

Mr. Byron, please don’t be angry. They’re talking about your fiancée.” 


Lamont glared at Luciana. He was outraged

Don’t you know it? Your fiancée is really capable. She’s engaged, yet she climbed into a married man’s bed. Well” 

What nonsense are you talking about!” 

Leila also heard Luciana’s words. She angrily turned back and pointed at Luciana’s nose and scolded, Who the hell do you think you 


Get the hell out of here!” 


Lamont pushed Leila away, and the atmosphere suddenly went intense

What are you talking about Leila? When did she become someone else’s mistress?” 

Want to know?” 

Luciana smiled and passed the phone in her pocket to Lamont. Take a good look. There’s something good in it.” 

A video was playing on the screen. It was Leila who was sneaking into Dexter’s room

At eleven o’clock in the middle of the night, an unmarried woman entered the hotel room of a married man. An hour

later, she came out with a smile. One could imagine what kind of charming scene was inside

Leila saw it clearly from the side, and her face was pale with fright

No, it’s not like that, Lamont! Listen

I will upload new chapters very soon .. Come back and contiune reading. thanks

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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