The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 25

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 25

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez

Chapter 25 


Whether Starry Sea Entertainment could turn the tables depended on the person that Amelie was going to meet

Unexpectedly, Amelie met Rohan at the hotel after a meeting with her important guest

Rohan was wearing a white shirt and a mask. His charming eyes and eyebrows were impressive. Thus, Amelie recognized Rohan at one glance

What a coincidence. I’m here for a work thing, What about you?” 

Rohan pointed upstairs and replied, I live here temporarily. When I saw you, I thought you were someone else.” 

Amelie and Rohan chatted happily for a while. Finally, Rohan said with a serious expression, Sorry about the rumors. I’ll explain it to the public soon. You won’t get into any trouble because of me.” 

Amelie blinked. Don’t worry about gossip. Speaking of which, I need to ask you a favor.” 

A week later, the talent show began to shoot. Rohan took part in the show as a mentor

Mr. Feltham, you promised me that you wouldn’t let Rohan be the mentor. What’s going on?” 

The director of the show was Manuel Feltham. With a big belly, Manuel replied in an unfriendly tone, I’m not the only one who takes charge here. Don’t worry. Rohan won’t get in your way even though he is the mentor of the 


Leila felt shocked and uneasy

After all, Leila had personal issues with Rohan

Leila was afraid that Rohan would give her a hard time. Therefore, the distraction led to Leila’s poor performance. Because of that, Leila failed to stand out from other beautiful young competitors

Leila was furious

Leila, good job.Leila didn’t expect Amelie to be on set. Amelie stared at Leila with a complicated look. Amelie snorted. in her mind, does she think she’s young

Shut up!Leila’s face twisted with anger and embarrassment, Stop filming! You hear me?” 

What? Who do you think you are? We’re not gonna do that because of you. You must be crazy.” 

Amelie cast a disdainful glance at Leila. The next moment, Amelie waved her hand. A luxurious recreational vehicle drove in Amelie got into the car and took a lot of drinks with her

Folks, I really appreciate your hard work. I got you something to eat. Help yourself.” 

Those who were mad about Leila’s unreasonable behavior weren’t angry anymore. And Manuel immediately stopped 

what he was doing to have a rest

Amelie, you did this to make me look bad, right? Why are you so mean to me? I said that I had nothing to do with Draven’s death. Why can’t you believe me?” 

Leila burst into tears

Alas, don’t cry. You’ll get puffy eyes. On top of that, what if everyone has to work overtime because of you?Amelie smiled and whispered in Leila’s ear

Leila, you wanna defeat me? Nice try, loser.” 


Amelie glanced at Leila with a sneer and left

Amelie wandered on set. Suddenly, somebody pulled Amelie into a room

You seem cocky.A hoarse voice sounded

Lamont?Amelie was stunned

Yeah, it’s me. What? Are you expecting other guys?” 

Lamont looked down at Amelie. The room was dark. Lamont could only see the side of Amelie’s face

Lamont’s hot breath in her ear made Amelie slightly itchy

What? Are you jealous?Amelie sounded aggressive. She looked up at Lamont and stood on tiptoe. Lamont, I’m so disappointed in you. You’re so pathetic.” 

Amelie!Lamont suddenly grabbed Amelie’s hand with great force, as if he wanted to break her bones

Do it. The Mullen family won’t let you off the hook.Amelie was fearless. Oh, I bet you already know what the Mullen family is capable of, don’t you?” 

The atmosphere was thick with tension. Amelie stared at Lamont with her black sharp eyes

Lamont felt something inside him burning

Lamont lowered his head and bit Amelie’s ear hard

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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