The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 192

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 192


Chapter 192 Deliberately Approaching 

Really? We should really get in touch with such a wonderful person.” 

Belen didn’t get it at first, but it took a few seconds before she came to her own

Amelie, what do you mean? Maybe you want to… 

She widened her eyes in horror, looking at the private room

Don’t you want to know what conspiracy between them?” 

Amelie said proudly, picked up the lemon tea, and took a sip

But their relationship should be quite good. If we investigate, aren’t we waking a sleeping dog?” 

Belen said worriedly, but Amelie smiled slightly after hearing this

Then she got up and walked towards the private room

Belen was terrified, looked around, put on her mask, and followed behind Amelie

Anyway, it would be improper for a celebrity to be recognized in such a public place

Walking to the door of the private room, she was stopped by the waiter

Miss, who are you looking for?” 

I’m looking for my friend in this room.” 

The waiter looked her up and down, wondering whether to believe what she said

At this moment, the door opened suddenly

Then came out a gorgeous woman wearing a tube top and a short skirt. She had big wavy hair and exquisite makeup, all in good manners

Bring me another bottle of wine.” 

Finishing speaking, the woman saw Amelie standing aside and looked contemptuously at her

Who are you? Who are you looking for?” 

The woman asked arrogantly. Looking at Amelie who was dressed in ordinary clothes and wearing a mask and sunglasses, she 

was very disgusted

“I’m here to find Chris.” 

Director? Do you know him? What’s your relationship?” 

Hearing this, she immediately grew wary, as if she was worried about something

Without seeing Amelie’s expression, she could only guess cautiously

I’m his friend and happen to have lunch here. Seeing him coming over as well, I want to pay a visit. I don’t know if he is available.” 

After hearing this, the woman suddenly realized and breathed a sigh of relief

How could I know whether your words are true or not? I have never seen friends of his like you. Don’t pretend to be anyone’s friend, Miss. He is not free now, so please just go.” 

The woman dismissed Amelie, and immediately asked her to leave

She looked at the woman and made a bold guess

Then the woman entered the room and closed the door of the private room with a bang

The waiter looked awkward

I’m sorry, Miss. People in the private room didn’t allow you to enter, so we have no right to let you in at will.” 

The waiter quickly explained and smiled

Amelie didn’t say anything, turned around, found an empty seat, and sat down

Amelie, what are we doing here? Do we have to wait for them to come out?” 

Aren’t you curious about what he is doing here?” 

But aren’t we going to stop cooperating with him? Why do we get involved in it? The woman’s attitude was so bad just now. Let’s just leave.” 

Belen didn’t quite understand

She indeed is a real piece of work. Don’t you think, she was a little panicked at the beginning? Hearing that I was his friend, she just got calm. The relationship between the two of them must be tricky.” 

Belen immediately understood after hearing this, I see, no wonder” 

Amelie waved her hand and asked the waiter to order

Miss, may I help you?” 

Bring me a fruit salad and two glasses of lemonade.” 

Okay, please wait a moment.” 

After the waiter left, Belen hurriedly asked

Amelie, are we really waiting here?” 

Of course, if you want to understand this character deeply, you must find out what kind of person he is.” 

Amelie nodded

What? Do you change your mind?Belen looked confused

I just thought about it. Sometimes you can’t easily get away with the opportunity you get. What if it can help you? Lamont called me so many times. This is probably the reason. He should know about it, and he must be blaming me for not discussing it with him first.” 

Amelie, honestly, no matter what Mr. Byron said before, he is sometimes really considerate of you. We did have a lot of misunderstandings, but he is the boss of Prosperity Global now. He shouldn’t be treacherous.” 

Belen was too naive. She didn’t fully know the past between Lamont and Amelie, which really made it difficult for Amelie to let 

go of the resentment towards him. No matter how much good he did, it would be in vain

Amelie didn’t answer and she was not willing to answer such things

Soon, the fruit salad was brought over. She tasted it and put it aside

At this moment, the door of the private room opened, and the woman came out

It seemed that she was about to leave

Amelie immediately made a decision, got up quickly, and walked directly to the door of the private room

Seeing this, the waiter rushed to stop her. She didn’t care and pushed the door directly

In this private room, besides Chris sitting over there, there was also a young man in a black suit

The door opened suddenly. Their attention had been attracted

Seeing Amelie walking in, they didn’t recognize her immediately

Who are you looking for?” 

Chris asked 

Belen hurriedly wanted to follow, but failed

Seeing Amelie’s bold move, the waiter followed as well

Miss, you can’t come in.” 

Amelie didn’t care at all, walking directly to Chris’s side and taking off her mask and sunglasses

Hi Mr. Garcia, I’m Amelie, nice to meet you.” 

Amelie greeted politely, extending her hands

Chris was surprised, and he stared at the woman in front of him in disbelief

Amelie? Why are you here?” 

The other man, sitting opposite Chris, showed interest after hearing her greetings

I was eating out just now and saw you, Mr. Garcia. So I came here to say hello. I wonder if Mr. Garcia feels free to allow me to 


Amelie said while looking at the mysterious man in the suit

She was so brave that Chris couldn’t help but look at her with admiration


He didn’t dare to make a decision and looked at the other man

Of course, with such a beautiful woman to accompany us, why not?” 

Finishing speaking, he laughed

Hearing the guest’s words, the waiter didn’t stop her. He turned around and left

As the door was closed, the atmosphere in the room changed

Belen was blocked from the door, waiting anxiously, for fear that something unexpected would happen inside

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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