The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 190

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 190


Chapter 190 Character 

Amelie sensed something was wrong, so she went to the door and closed it

What’s the matter? What happened?” 

Only then did Belen tell her the whole story exactly as it had happened

The director of the series…. is Cynthia’s professional brother” 

Cynthia again. This world was so small that every time she could be involved with Cynthia

Can we just cancel it?Amelie asked tentatively

I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult because it was Cecilia who recommended us. She is the company’s top manager

her directly.” 

Belen looked embarrassed. After all, thanks to Cecilia, they could work comfortably in Prosperity Global

They came back a hard way, so it was even harder to give up such a great opportunity easily

We can’t refuse 

Amelie, what do you think? If we say yes, there may still be a chance to turn your career around. After all, the series appreciated by Cecilia must not be bad.” 

Belen analyzed. At the same time, she was also plagued by an internal struggle

Amelie didn’t reply immediately, sitting on the sofa calmly and thinking

About ten minutes later, the crisp tone of the mobile phone broke the silence in the house

That was when it hit Amelie, who took out her mobile phone, only to find that it was Cecilia’s call

She put the phone on the table casually and didn’t answer it right away

Seeing it, Belen was very surprised

She came over, Don’t you want to see who it is?” 

Amelie kept silent but handed her the phone

Seeing the name on the screen, Belen was shocked

Why did she call? Could it be because of this series?” 

Very likely,Amelie said simply, then glanced at the clock on the wall

Time flew. She was waiting for messages from Jeff

That’s weird, there are so many celebrities in the company. Why us? She could have other choices.” 

Belen was not silly. She knew something went wrong

I don’t know.” 

Amelie, should we receive this call?” 

Staring at the phone that was still ringing, Belen hesitated

Let it alone. Look before you leap. I believe that Cynthia will never let go of any opportunities to contradict me. How could she suddenly be so kind to cooperate with us?” 

Amelie had always been vigilant. After those suffering experiences, she figured out exactly what kind of person Cynthia was

No matter what misunderstanding between them, she had always been rational in the face of such things, without making any wrong decisions

Belen couldn’t agree more

The phone kept ringing, and it took a while before the noise disappeared

At noon, Amelie glanced at the time, ready to leave

Once upon reaching the door, they were suddenly stopped by Cecilia

I’ve heard that you’re here today. Welcome back. I’ve been calling you but no one answered, so I come to find you.” 

She looked calm, wearing a black professional suit that showed her perfect body

Amelie guessed she must come for the character in the series

Seeing that she couldn’t leave for a while, Amelie put her bag on the table and sat back

I’m afraid the reason you find me is about this series.” 

Smiling, Cecilia walked to her side and sat down as well

The relationship between me and Cynthia, you know, is not good. In addition, she has been related to the series production closely. Since I just made a comeback, I don’t want to bother her. All I want is to stop unpleasant things from the beginning. So I’m afraid I can’t accept the character you introduced.” 

Amelie explained quickly

Hearing this, Cecilia said nothing but full of reluctance

It was a while before she spoke

Of course, I know the stuff. But we still need to seize every opportunity. Considering your recovering career, I know you need a hit drama to bring you back into the entertainment circle. This drama is a onceinalifetime opportunity for you. As far as I know, the director related to Cynthia is very upright and never judges people. Given that, the casting would be a good thing.” 

Cecilia was saying fine words as much as possible, hoping that Amelie would agree

But it was not simple. One could not just blindly consider the purpose regardless of the consequences. When bad things happened, who could take responsibility

I’d better reconsider. I still have personal stuff to deal with, so I’m leaving first. Call me if you have anything to do.” 

Amelie still didn’t give an answer directly and got up to leave

Seeing her attitude, Cecilia stopped insisting

She had said all she had to say. The next step was up to Amelie herself

Amelie thought she could leave the company as soon as possible, and then go to the suburbs to see her family

Since the Mullen family went bankrupt, the family members were arranged to live in a villa in the suburbs. She hadn’t visited them for such a long time, not knowing how their life would be

She had just left her office and was about to leave when she was suddenly stopped by a voice

Is it too early to leave? Why are you so arrogant? Is it necessary for a star without movie or series resources to come to work, just like you?” 

It was Cynthia who was acting weird

She just came out of the meeting room and ran across Amelie

At first, Cynthia didn’t care. However, thinking that Amelie was not influenced by Jay and returned to the company safe and 

sound, she felt upset

Amelie looked at her calmly and didn’t speak 

At this moment, the elevator came. Amelie turned around and entered the elevator

Damn it, can’t you see me?” 

Without any reply, Cynthia was angry. Anyway, she has status in the company, but Amelie didn’t take her seriously at all

Just as the elevator doors were about to close, Cynthia followed her

She suppressed the anger in her heart

Ms. Gladstone, isn’t it the right time? Why can’t I get off work on time if I don’t have a job? Is there any problem?” 

Amelie said this on purpose in order to anger 


You don’t have any job until now, when does the company need to support idlers?” 

After speaking, the elevator arrived. They reached the first floor

She wanted to ignore it and just left this place as soon as possible

Just about to leave, Amelie was stopped by Cynthia

I haven’t finished my words yet, you can’t leave!Cynthia’s tough attitude made Amelie irritated

I have nothing to say to you!” 

Amelie felt shattered and restless.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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