The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 173

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 173


Chapter 173 She Cried 

Thinking of what happened between her and Emilee, Amelie shook her head. She didn’t want Lamont to know Emilee and her 

were done

She is too busy. Plus, my face is almost healed. Don’t have to call her. I can sleep in the staff dormitory tonight.” 

Lamont was a bit surprised. The noble lady from the Mullen family was willing to settle in the staff dormitory of Prosperity Global

The conditions in the dormitory are not bad. But, you are Amelie. I’m afraid you can’t get used to living there.” 

Amelie sneered. She was surprised Lamont would say that. It was nothing compared to what she had faced when she was in the Byron family

She didn’t remember Lamont saying those words at that time

Although I am the favorite kid in the family, I was not spoiled. There is nothing wrong with the staff dormitory. I am an employee at Prosperity Global, remember?” 

After finishing speaking, Amelie turned around to leave. She didn’t sleep all night last night, and another incident happened again today. Her head was churning, and she wasn’t in the mood for anything

She just wanted to find a quiet place to rest for a while


Lamont stopped her. You don’t care about what happened to the culprit. We can go to the hospital and check him out.” 

Had Jay already been sent to the hospital

Amelie turned around. Although she didn’t go online to avoid reading the comments, she was furious. Now that Lamont had mentioned Jay, she wanted to check out what had happened to him

That was karma

I can’t miss it.” 

They walked to the garage and headed to Oakland Hospital

On the way, Amelie’s eyes were fixed on her phone

She wanted to check out how bad things had become on the Internet

It turned out that Aaron’s Glee Entertainment posted a video of her and a male artist drinking together. In the photo, it seemed like they were having fun

Most of the photos were taken in places such as bars, clubs, and billiard halls

In an instant, Glee Entertainment, an entertainment company specializing in cultivating male artists, was drawing all the 


The most common comments below were about how Aaron’s company trained male models just for his sister

Rage gripped her. She almost threw the phone out. At this moment, she couldn’t control her anger

Did they really think they could do that without facing the consequences? She would make them pay

Now Amelie didn’t care about whether her brothers would do something extreme. She dialed Aaron’s number

Spread the news, Aaron. The Mullen family will hold a press conference in the afternoon and record all the evidence on the Internet that infringes on Jin Huan Entertainment.” 

Where are you now, Amelie? Tell me where you are!” 

Amelie didn’t give Aaron a chance to speak at all and hung up the phone after saying those words because Lamont’s car had already parked at the gate of Oakland Hospital

She was going to see the man who was in the center of the topic and ask if he really didn’t want to live

You inform Prosperity Global to don’t get involved in this. Make a statement about ending things with me, and say that the authenticity of the matter has yet to be investigated. If it is true, they will terminate the contract with me.” 

There was no change in her expression. However, Lamont was surprised that she would say such a thing. She looked relaxed and seemed didn’t care earlier when they were in Prosperity Global’s building

You are being reckless because it involves your brother. Do you know what you just said?” 

Oakland looked at her with a look of hatred for iron and steel, and his tone was a bit serious

I am doing this to prevent the stock of Prosperity Global from plummeting. They have already made such a big fuss. It is obvious that they are ready to fight. It could go on for a while. I don’t want Prosperity Global to get involved.” 

He froze. Did this woman want to cut things off with him just to protect him? When did she change

Do you really think I am selfish? If I choose to end things with you when you in your lowest, then where is my bottom line?Amelie lowered her head and said softly, I just don’t want you to get involved, and I don’t want Prosperity Global to end up like Glee Entertainment. I want to solve it myself.” 

I believe you can solve it yourself. But I want Prosperity Global to be something that you can rely on. I disagree with the statements you said. Prosperity Global will never release it. What’s more, there is still a turning point in it. It is not to the point where there is no way out.” 

Amelie lowered her head, and tears streamed down her face. She admitted that she was a little impulsive just now, but she didn’t know what her enemy was going to do next

All of a sudden, their phones buzzed

They looked at each other

It was a statement issued by the Entertainment Association. It is said that the things that Glee Entertainment’s artists had done were considered a disgrace to the entertainment industry. They would add Glee Entertainment to Entertainment’s 

blacklist in Oakland

They also stated that Aaron shielded his younger sister from raising a male artist to do indecent things and that violated the regulations of the Entertainment Association’s agreement. According to the contract, he should pay the association liquidated damages of 60 million dollars

Glee Entertainment would face the risk of bankruptcy if they really paid the fine. This was the first time the Mullen family had faced an unprecedented crisis in so many years, just because Amelie accidentally fell into Jay’s trap last night

This is a longplanned conspiracy. I think they want to get half of the Mullen family’s power in Oakland.” 

When the incident happened suddenly, Amelie froze. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating

The tears that had been pent up in her eyes for a long time finally fell. Lamont panicked as he saw her cry

It was the first time he saw Amelie tearing up like this. She was making his heart ache

Don’t Cry.” 

Lamont’s voice became hoarse as soon as he opened his mouth. At this moment, he had the urge to break through all the constraints and hold her in his arms

Leave me alone. Don’t get involved. Glee Entertainment is a good example.” 

Amelie pushed Lamont away and proposed to terminate the contract with Prosperity Global

Don’t even think about it, Amelie!” 

Lamont’s eyes reddened, and rage pulsed through his veins

Isn’t there a Starry Sea Entertainment?” 

Starry Sea Entertainment survived the turmoil probably because it was not a big company

If Prosperity Global ends up like Glee Entertainment, Aaron and I will transfer all the startup funds of the two 

entertainment companies to Starry Sea Entertainment. We will definitely not allow families other than the Mullen family and the Byron family to be the leading family in Oakland.” 

He had to whisper to Amelie’s ear. Amelie was shocked as she heard his words

He knew it all

You knew?” 

Amelie’s voice was full of surprise, and there was an inexplicable hint of guilt

Lamont didn’t say anything in response, but the expression on his face seemed to answer everything

It turned out that he already knew her plan for the Mullen family joining the new round of family competition

In short, you are an artist of Prosperity Global. No matter what happens, Prosperity Global will not give up on you, and 

neither will I.” 

Amelie hummed softly in a nasal voice and didn’t speak again

Lamont led Amelie directly toward Jay’s ward. They passed through the noisy hospital corridor, and Amelie noticed Jay’s ward 

was a VIP ward

He saw Amelie’s surprised and dissatisfied expression and explained, Arrange him here so we can do anything we want. This entire floor is exclusive to the Byron family, and no one will disturb us, not even the police.” 

Therefore, Jay seemed to be in the hospital, but Lamont had already controlled him. People who came in here could not leave 

without his orders

A piercing howl echoed in the corridor when approaching Jay’s ward. It was Jay, and it sounded like he had some mental problems

What happened to him?” 

Amelie looked at Lamont, confused. Lamont smiled. The things that have been with him for so many years are gone. It is 

normal to get crazy.” 

She turned her head away suddenly, a little disgusted

He brought it to himself

Let go of me. I am going to sue you for illegal imprisonment. It did severe damage to my mental and physical health! How could Lamont do this?” 

Be honest, if you don’t want to suffer, just stay honest and don’t move around.” 

When Lamont brought Amelie to the ward door, Jay was making a fuss. Amelie felt that Jay’s voice sounded a bit feminine for 

some reason

As soon as he saw Lamont, Jay’s scarlet eyes were filled with hatred, and the veins on his face almost burst out

I am going to kill you, Lamont!” 

Jay struggled to get down from the bed. Lamont stood there with his hands behind his back, looker calm as Jay ran towards 

him like a beast

Lamont didn’t hide because he knew Jay couldn’t hurt him at all

Don’t move!” 

Just as Amelie was about to pull Lamont to her side, Jay was pulled back by several people in white coats. He was only an inch away from Lamont

Those people were trained for situations like that. They attacked Jay’s abdomen and touched his wound. Jay fell down, growling in pain

Amelie’s eyes widened. It seemed that these white coats worked for the Byron family. They were not only medical professionals but also strong

Men like them were the scariest. They knew your weakness, and when they strike, it would hurt like hell

When Jay no longer had the strength to struggle, he lay on the bed weakly, face pale and bloodless. Lamont stepped forward 


Directorsorry, you are no longer a director. Oakland Entertainment Association has permanently removed your name.” 

Lamont’s expression was cold, making Jay shiver unconsciously

Jay was shocked at first. His pale face was sweating at the moment

In the end, he still chuckled unrepentantly. But Amelie is not enjoying that either, right? She had so much on her plate now. The Mullen family will fall soon, and the Byron family will be the next.” 

You are just blabbing!” 

Lamont snorted. He waved his finger lightly in the air, and the people in white coats behind Jay rushed up again, mercilessly injecting something into Jay’s veins

Jay squealed in pain

The transparent white potion was poured into Jay’s body bit by bit. Jay was in extreme pain. His face was distorted, and finally, he could barely speak a few intermittent words

What is this?” 

Lamont’s lips curled a bit. Just a little something that could make you out of misery. The police will be here soon. This will prevent you from being bullied by other criminals in prison.” 

Jay’s eyes widened. He was about to be taken away by the police before he had time to sue Lamont

How can you ask the police to arrest me? You should be the one that gets arrested!” 

His body curled up as his hands and feet began to go numb. He couldn’t even control his tongue when speaking

Suppressing the intense pain that swept over his body, Jay stared at Lamont with an indescribable hatred

You are accused of maliciously kidnapping Amelia, and you have seduced many naive girls in the show biz in the name of filming movies. You are responsible for the incident about the Australian female college student, right?” 

There was contempt and disgust on Lamont’s face. The evidence was solid, and everything was enough for Jay to stay in prison for a lifetime

There will also be charges about you intentionally hurting Amelie and slandering her reputation.” 

Jay’s eyes widened. The man in front of him had already deprived himself of his manhood and even injected an unknown drug into his body. Maybe he would be paralyzed in prison for the rest of his life

But all of this happened because he offended Amelie! And now Lamont said that there would be charges for it

What else do you want to do?” 

Lamont glanced at the men in white coats beside him. Amelie didn’t know Lamont’s plan, so she could only observe now

The doctor in the white coat took out a document about transferring the company’s legal person and handed it to Jay

As long as you sign this contract, I can guarantee that you will enjoy the rest of your life in prison.” 

Jay’s face was flushed. But because of the injection of an unknown drug, he still couldn’t exert any strength on his face and 


What are you going to do if I don’t sign?” 

Not much, actually. But I can’t guarantee you will be treated inhumanly in prison.” 

You bastard!” 

Jay would never let his company fall into Lamont’s hands. He would rather have the company foreclosed

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The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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