The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 17

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 17

It was no wonder Starry Sea Entertainment, once a leading enterprise in the media circle, was now reduced to such an awkward dilemma.

It would be a miracle if a group with such an enterprise culture could prosper day by day.

“What does it have to do with you? Who…”

The man suddenly closed his mouth halfway.

When the employees saw the accountant behind Amelie, they seemed to understand her identity and were so scared that they stopped talking.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Stanley saw Amelie. He quickly dragged his fat body and ran over. He bowed and said, “Ms. Mullen, welcome!”

After saying that, he glanced fiercely at the employees standing in a row beside him.

They came back to their senses and quickly stood upright and said in unison, “Welcome, Ms. Mullen!”

“Welcome?” Amelie clicked her tongue and laughed. In contrast, the employees who were standing next to her were drenched in cold sweat.

“How do you welcome me? Do you welcome me by gossiping about me?”

Amelie glanced disdainfully at Stanley, who was also shaking. “Employees of a media company should have been more tight-lipped than those of ordinary companies. Starry Sea Entertainment … really stunned me!”

“Ms. Mullen, this was just an accident!” Stanley wiped off the sweat on his head and said fiercely to

the employees, “Hurry up and…”

“No need!”

Amelie interrupted Stanley, “All of you go to the personnel department to go through check-out

procedures. You’re dismissed!”

After Amelie finished speaking, she walked in without looking back.

“Dismissed? This…”

Someone in the crowd began to scream, “Why should we be fired? We just gossiped! If you are not guilty, why are you afraid of us gossiping about you?”

Amelie suddenly stopped and turned to look at the speaker. She sneered, “Do I need to explain it to you?”

Chapter 17


After Amelie finished speaking, she winked at the security guard.

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The security guard instantly understood. He rushed forward and dragged the speaker out of Starry Sea Entertainment’s building.

From afar, she could still hear the person shouting about “a lover”, “rise to the top with your body”, and something like that. Amelie was too lazy to care.

In any case, Sergio was her biological brother. It wouldn’t change.

When the others saw the outcome of the refutation, they didn’t dare to be impudent. They sighed and obediently went to go through the check-out procedures.

“I need the company’s financial statements for the past few years. Send them to my office! In a moment, tell all the department managers to gather in the meeting room!” Amelie instructed as she walked. “Show me around. I have to familiarize myself with the artists first!”

Although Amelie was wearing high heels, her pace was fast and steady. On the contrary, Stanley

was fat and panting as he followed behind Amelie.

“Okay, Ms. Mullen!”

After the initial severity and power display in the front hall, Stanley finally understood that Amelie

was not to be trifled with. He did not dare to slack off in the slightest and could only repeatedly


Amelie was led by Stanley to see the artists. She had already said that she didn’t want to alarm them

in advance as she wanted to see their true training state.

However, after inspection, it was obvious that there were still traces of deliberate pretension. However, this was not a big deal. She had already expected it.

Looking at Stanley, who was sweating profusely, Amelie didn’t expose him. As long as he worked hard for her in the future, she decided to let him go.

It was just that…

Amelie ran her eyes over their break room again and found that there was indeed no one she was looking for. Then she asked in a low voice, “Where is Rohan? I remember that he is still under

Starry Sea Entertainment.”

“Ro… Rohan, this…” Stanley seemed to find it hard to speak. His fat face forced into a fawning smile. “Ms. Mullen, Rohan, he… he is sick. He has not been in the company for the past few days.”

“Sick?” Amelie frowned slightly and stared at Stanley.

Stanley really did not know how to act, and she could tell at a glance whether he was lying or not.

Amelie pretended to nod. “Since he is sick … then take me to his dormitory to take a look. My artist

Chapter 17


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is sick. As the general manager, I should go and visit him.”

“This…” Stanley couldn’t pretend anymore and said with a guilty conscience. “Rohan is in the company. I told him to take a sick leave, but he insisted on coming to the company. He…”

Amelie was too lazy to listen to his nonsense. She turned and left. Stanley could only follow her and lead the way as if he was in a hurry to cover up something.

Amelie saw through his thoughts, pulled him behind her, and walked ahead.

“Rohan, you can’t always be like this! I’ll go and ask Mr. Fleming to approve your sick leave! I heard

that a new general manager would come today, so he has to approve your leave. Otherwise, I’ll expose Stanley’s true color on the spot and see if he’s afraid!”

“Forget it… They’re all birds of the same feather!”

A heavy cough came from inside.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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