The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 166

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 166

Chapter 66 Kidnapping 

Since I chose this path myself, I will definitely keep going. Don’t worry, Ms. Mullen.” 

This is the Sylvia I know.” 

Amelie nodded in satisfaction. She took out a tissue from her pocket and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes

A ringtone sounded

Amelie took out her phone from her pocket, which showed it was from Belen

By the way, she didn’t know what Belen did outside today. She didn’t hear any news

Hello, Belen….” 

Ms. Mullen, please come to Prosperity Global! Something happened to our artist!” 

Don’t worry, Belen. Tell me slowly over the phone. I’ll go over now.Amelie glanced at her watch and immediately rushed to the office to get the car keys

It was not until she arrived at the underground garage that Amelie understood the whole story

It turned out that during the period when Amelie was hospitalized, Belen had been in charge of Starry Sea Entertainment. At that time, Prosperity Global was restless and wanted to undermine Starry Sea Entertainment, but it didn’t succeed

Last night, Gina Barber, a female artist of Starry Sea Entertainment, was kidnapped on the way home. Fortunately, at that time, Gina was communicating with Belen over the phone about the specific work of the next day

In a hurry, Gina put the phone into her pocket. Belen also did not speak. She listened carefully until she confirmed that Gina had been kidnapped and taken to Prosperity Global

Belen didn’t hesitate and rushed to Prosperity Global to save her, but when she arrived, Prosperity Global insisted that there 

was no such thing

The two sides refused to give in for a long time, and finally, Belen could only give up and call the police

The reason why she did not go to work today was that she was cooperating with the police to deal with Gina’s matter

As Amelie was galloping on the viaduct in the Bugatti Veyron, she was unprecedentedly angry. Even her hand that was holding the steering wheel trembled involuntarily

Suddenly, she thought of Lamont’s call in the morning

He wanted to ask her out

He probably wanted to threaten Amelie and Starry Sea Entertainment with Gina, right

While waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, she called Lamont

What? Have you thought it through?” 

Lamont thought that she wanted to talk to him face to face, but he didn’t expect that she would scold him

Lamont, are you really regarding Starry Sea Entertainment as a fool? If you don’t give me an explanation about Gina’s matter today, let’s meet in court!” 

What are you talking about?” 

Don’t pretend to be dumb. I’ll be at Prosperity Global soon. Let’s talk facetoface!” 

After saying that, she hung up the phone with a bangsound

He thought, she will be at Prosperity Global


What exactly is going on

Lamont put down the documents in his hands and pinched his eyebrows in worry

His main business was not in Prosperity Global. It was just that the Byron family invested in Prosperity Global the most. He was the president only in name and occasionally went to hold a shareholdersmeeting, Macey was actually in charge of it

And what Lamont mainly ran was also the biggest business of the Byron family. It was the Byron Group

However, in order to figure out what exactly had happened, Lamont still decided to make a trip

When he arrived at Prosperity Global, he saw Amelie standing in front of the door with a dark face from afar, surrounded by many busybodies

I’m warning you, don’t slander me! We have never even heard of the name you talked about, let alone kidnapping her! It’s simply nonsense!” 

Macey, who was surrounded by several bodyguards, was shouting at Amelie in a strong voice

I am a shareholder of this company. What exactly happened?” 

Lamont closed the car door and trotted all the way to the side of the police officers

Because this case involved the two largest entertainment companies, and it was a case about kidnapping, it was taken over by Dave Whitman, the local deputy director

He recognized at a glance that the man in front of him was Lamont. The brows that had been tightly knitted suddenly 

smoothed out

Mr. Byron! You’re finally here” 

Just as he stretched his arms to hold him, Lamont took a step back. Mr. Whitman, just say what you want to say.” 

The man called Dave did not feel embarrassed. He smiled and explained, It’s like this, Mr. Byron. Starry Sea Entertainment reported that Prosperity Global kidnapped one of its employees. We’re currently investigating.” 


Lamont gritted his teeth, and his eyes gradually became impatient

At this time, Amelie who was sharpeyed noticed the two talking behind the crowd and immediately pushed her way

Lamont, explain yourself. We’ve talked over the phone. We got evidence. There is no such thing as framing or forging. I don’t want to ask for anything else now. I just hope to see Gina!” 

These words were particularly loud, and the eyes of the surrounding people instantly were fixed on Amelie

Wow, isn’t she the CEO of Starry Sea Entertainment? Her temperament is different.” 

Sure. Her family is rich, and she is naturally not a pushover.” 

Look at this tall woman. She knows how to dress up and has the ability. If I had a daughter like her” 

You? Forget it. Do you have a rich family like hers?” 

The whispers of the surrounding people rushed into Lamont’s ears

He looked at Amelie in front of him. She was indeed more eyecatching than before the car accident had happened as if she was born to be the focus of the crowd

In comparison, Macey, who had a fierce look, was much more annoying

Amelie! If the police can’t find her in Prosperity Global today, you should kneel and apologize to me!” 

I’m afraid that you are the one kneeling and apologizing!” 

A deep male voice came from not far away, clearly entering everyone’s ears

It was Rex 

Amelie turned her head abruptly. It was indeed Rex 

Didn’t I say that you have to tell me before making a decision?Rex stepped forward helplessly and put his arm around 

Amelie’s shoulder 

When he arrived at the company, he could not find Amelie. He almost went crazy. He called her, but she didn’t answer his phone. In the end, he found Rohan and asked Sylvia 

It was just in time for the evening peak. Seeing that the car was like a snail crawling on an elevated bridge, Rex had no choice but to go to the nearest shop and directly buy a new motorcycle Only then did he rush all the way here

Macey had just been shocked by the reprimand, and now just as she came back to her senses, she wanted to move forward 


Just as she was about to speak, she was stopped by Lamont, who had been paying attention to her movements

Do you think it’s not embarrassing enough?” 


Macey had wanted to teach him a lesson, but she was scared by Lamont with a fierce gaze 

Let’s talk in private After nodding to Dave, Amelie, and Rex, Lamont pulled Macey who was impatient to the side 

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
Title: The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption :The Return of the Disguised Princess" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After five years of marriage, she thought that she had successfully made him change his mind and have feelings for her. It never occurred to her that he would send her to prison for trusting another woman. She decided to go back to her family along with the baby in her belly. Her brothers were in an uproar! Aaron Mullen, her eldest brother, ordered, "My five younger brothers, listen up! Guarding Amelie and teaching the playboy a lesson is our top priority!" Rex Mullen, her second brother, said, "Amelie, chin up. Here, take this black card. Go ahead and go shopping as long as you are happy." Mark Mullen, her third brother, said, "Jewelry is all I have. Amelie, take as many as you want." Sergio Mullen, her fourth brother, stood up as well. Tyler Mullen, her fifth brother, was the same indignant. And Daron Mullen, her sixth brother, doted on her the same. Everyone went all out, afraid that the apple of their eye would be unhappy. Amelie Mullen smiled heartily. On the contrary, Lamont Byron regretted it so much and set out to get her back.   In conclusion, "The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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