The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 160

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 160



Chapter 160 Continuous Accidents 

Geez, you really poured so much water!” Amelie looked at Janice getting the water 


Of course. You don’t know that such a large bucket can only be found in the water room next to the conference room,said Janice proudly

Amelie said thanks, but her hands did not stop moving. Janice, help me hold the ladder. I’ll go up and wipe the cabinet now.” 

They had already arrived at the edge of the ladder. Taking another deep breath, Amelie began to climb up step by step

Amelie, you have to be careful. If you fall from such a high place, you might not be able to be an actress for the rest of your life.” 

Janice was worried. If not for the fact that she couldn’t afford to offend Cynthia, she 

wouldn’t take such a risk

After she went up a few steps, Amelie’s legs began to tremble slightly. She couldn’t help but recall when she was at the Byron’s home five years ago. Macey said that Lamont’s study room was not accessible to others. There was no need for servants to clean it. It was only safe for Amelie to clean it personally

At that time, Amelie actually believed Macey’s nonsense. As a result, she directly fell from the high ladder. At that time, she felt that all her bones were smashed

The feeling of falling to the ground and suffocating was still vivid in her mind. Amelie’s legs trembled even more, and then her arms also trembled

Amelie, are you alright?” 

Janice’s anxious voice came from below. Amelie felt that she was in a daze until the 

familiar voice came again

Amelie! Come down!” 

Hearing this, Amelie subconsciously looked down. As a result, like looking at a bottomless pit, she felt violent dizziness, and Lamont below became several shadows

Even his voice was sometimes distant and sometimes close. Mr. Byron, I” 

Before she finished speaking, Amelie’s hand holding the ladder suddenly slipped, and she fell with her head down. Everyone was frightened. Amelie was frightened, and 

Lamont was even more frightened

Everyone, get out of the way!” 

Lamont desperately pushed aside the crowd of onlookers and pounced toward Amelie. They tumbled to the ground together

Time seemed to stop at that moment. Amelie could feel the hot temperature of Lamont’s body

Just now, she was so scared that she closed her eyes tightly, but she did not know that she had already kissed Lamont by accident

Seeing this, the others simply did not dare to breathe, and they were all dumbstruck as they watched this scene

After Amelie reacted, her entire face suddenly turned red. She staggered and got up from Lamont’s body. Lamont’s lips were broken, and a drop of sexy blood dripped

Her heartbeat inexplicably sped up. This was a feeling that Amelie and Lamont had never felt in the five years they had been married. She suddenly came back to her senses

Mr. Byron, I’m sorry.” 

Lamont silently got up and patted the dust off his body. His entire body seemed to be surrounded by a sense of heat

He looked around at the dozen or so young artists who were holding cleaning tools in 

their hands and suddenly became angry

The company trained you. Does it want you to be a cleaner? You are artists, not cleaners! You should have your own independent thoughts and learn to refuse, not be

machine that everyone can control!” 

Lamont seemed to be furious. Amelie, who was standing at the side, did not speak

Every word Lamont said was clearly heard by Cynthia standing at the door

If you feel that you are not suitable for this place, you can leave and find a cleaning job at any place! Prosperity Global doesn’t keep losers.” 

Outside the door, Cynthia was so angry that she rushed in

I asked them to do this. If Mr. Byron is dissatisfied with this, you can come at me. Why are you making things difficult for them?” 

Cynthia walked to Lamont’s side valiantly, as if she thought that she was quite responsible and daring. Amelie sneered in her heart

Cynthia, before you became famous, did your teacher teach you to start from a cleaning job? Then why did they waste social resources on you and ask you to study, train, and sign a contract? Why didn’t a director find a cleaner to film a project?” 

Lamont had zero tolerance for Cynthia today because Cynthia had touched his bottom. line. He didn’t know how he got so angry. In short, he was very irritable

Cynthia blushed at Lamont’s reproach, I am testing them.” 

You are messing around!” 

This roar instantly silenced the people in the practice room

From today onwards, you no longer have the right to be in charge of any of these artiststraining. I will arrange for someone else to come over. You just have to sit in your office and do what you need to do!” 

After saying that, Lamont left Cynthia there and openly pulled Amelie’s hand, leaving 

the practice room

It was not only Cynthia who was shocked but all the artists and Lamont’s assistant in 

the room

Cynthia gnashed her teeth in hatred. The accidents that happened again and again were all designed to make Amelie make a fool of herself, but Cynthia failed every time and 

made a fool of herself

What are you still standing there for? Do you have nothing to do?” 

Cynthia had no place to vent her temper and vented it at the remaining artists in the 

practice room

As for Amelie, she was forcefully pulled to the president’s office by Lamont

Lamont, you hurt me!” 

Amelie impatiently shook off Lamont’s hand and stared at the man in front of her for no 

apparent reason

Amelie, Cynthia came to Prosperity Global to torture you and make trouble for you. You and I both know that. Don’t think that I don’t know why you put in so much effort to enter Prosperity Global even at the risk of hurting Cynthia and yourself.” 

Lamont forced Amelie bit by bit. Amelie was pressed by the sudden and strong pressure and could only retreat bit by bit until she was forced to sit down on the sofa against the 

wall behind her

Immediately after, Lamont leaned over and pressed his arm against the back of the sofa. The distance between him and Amelie was close, and Amelie’s heartbeat began to 

accelerate inexplicably

I can ignore how you fight Cynthia, but if you do what happened today again to achieve certain goals at the risk of your own safety” 

So what? What can you do? Mr. Byron, don’t forget that we are no longer married.” 

Before Lamont could finish his words, Amelie immediately responded coldly. After that, Lamont became angry and lowered his body even more

It has nothing to do with that. Please conduct yourself with dignity. I don’t want my company to have any safety problems. That will be my failure and my fault as the president. You clearly know that you are extremely afraid of heights, but you still take such a risk. Aren’t you betting that I will arrive on time?” 

Amelie sneered, but her words Mr. Byron is really narcissisticwere not uttered after a long time. It seemed that what he just said was not wrong. She was indeed waiting for 

Lamont to come over

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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