The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 157

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 157


Chapter 157 Face the Reality 

After they returned to the private room, Amelie pushed Emilee back to the sofa

Then Amelie took out a stack of documents from Rex’s arms and threw them at Emilee

You still don’t know yet, right? Once Thalia’s true colorsyou called is exposed, you will no longer be able to stay in the Springer family anymore.” 

Emilee didn’t look at the documents Amelie threw at her. She leaned against the sofa and closed her eyes as if everything around her had nothing to do with her anymore

But in Amelie’s opinion, Emilee was just trying to escape from the fact

Emilee, you don’t belong to the Springer family!” 

Amelie had to make her face the reality. She had to let Emilee know her place and know why they would leave her one after another

The documents were scattered on the table in a mess. Amelie picked them up one by one 

and threw them at Emilee again

Don’t you want to take a look? These are the paternity test results of Mr. Springer’s DNA with yours and Thalia’s. Didn’t you want to expose Thalia’s true face?” 

Amelie could tell that Emilee was holding back her emotion, but Emilee did not say 

anything and did not give her any response

You just don’t want to accept the fact that Thalia is the real daughter of the Springer family, instead of you. Everything you said that belongs to you actually belongs to her!” 

Amelie said word by word, and every one of her words was like a sharp knife piercing 

Emilee’s heart

So what? I was the one who stayed in the Springer family for twenty years, not Thalia! She deserved it when she was lost back then!” 

Emilee finally panicked and shouted at Amelie, refusing to admit her mistake

Amelie did not know what expression she should have when facing this unreasonable 


So you think you are right to steal her things now!” 

Amelie got even angrier

She didn’t want to fight you with anything, nor did she want to get everything that belonged to her back. She took the risk of ruining her reputation to share half of the Springer family with you. But you weren’t grateful, instead, you became like this, domineering and insane!” 

Unexpectedly, Emilee suddenly stood up, picked up all the documents, and tore them apart in a blink of an eye

She was not shocked at the news that she was not a Springer. She would never admit it

Amelie was so disappointed in Emilee that she gave her nothing but a sneer

She mocked herself for her ignorance. She didn’t want to hurt Emilee back then and decided to keep this secret with Thalia

But what was the truth

The truth was that Emilee had long known Thalia’s real identity. But she still occupied the title of Ms. Springer and did not intend to say a word about it. She even left Thalia to suffer the public’s judgment

It turned out that they had been fooled by Emilee

When you knew that Mr. Springer was going to hold a birthday party for Thalia and announce Thalia’s identity at the party, you coaxed me into getting there with you destroyed the party on purpose, right?” 

Emilee did not speak, which was also her acquiescence


Amelie really wanted to slap herself for standing up and speaking for Emilee back then

You put on a show in front of me and convinced me that Thalia was a bitch and a bad woman so that I would split her and Aaron.‘ 

Amelie didn’t realize it until now. The anger, regret, and disappointment gathered in 

her heart at the same time

Do you think that no one will know who you are just because you tore up the documents? The reason why the media has not reported anything yet is that Thalia is blocking public opinion for you!” 

Amelie was wrong. People like Emilee would never be grateful to anyone. Otherwise, things would not have been like this now

Amelie could not figure it out. Since Emilee knew the truth and that everything she had belonged to Thalia, why didn’t she choose to get along well with Thalia

Wouldn’t it be a winwin result for her to share half the love and care from the Springer family with Thalia

Why did Emilee not understand it

So what? Did I force Thalia to do that for me? She made her decision!” 

What a stubborn and stupid woman

Emilee, you are good. You really make me speechless now.” 

Emilee suddenly burst into laughter

Do you think I’m bad now? Do you think I’m a bitch? Then expose me! Tell the world

that I’m a fake!” 

Amelie should be the one who goes crazy, but Emilee acted as if everyone in the world

had let her down

You said that you were my best friend and you would always stand on my side no matter who I am! Amelie, you are a hypocrite! All you seek are fame and benefit! Because you know that Thalia is the real daughter of the Springer family and I am not. That’s why you left me and turned to Thalia!” 

Amelie chuckled with anger

She hated people who got unreasonable the most, even if the other party was her best 


By the way, they wouldn’t be best friends from today on

Amelie flicked the dust off her clothes and looked around with disdain. Her eyes were 

filled with contempt as she looked at Emilee

Whatever you say, I don’t care anymore. Rex, Sergio, let’s go.” 

Amelie had said what she wanted to say. From now on, she would no longer have 

anything to do with Emilee anymore

I don’t want to meddle in other people’s business. The Springer family can solve the problems themselves. If the Springer family caused the Mullen family to get involved in trouble again, there will be consequences!” 

Before leaving, Amelie ran into Thalia and Ryan. Amelie was not only talking to Emilee but all the Springer family members. After today, they had to think carefully before they tried to play tricks again

Amelie, please send my apology to Aaron for me.” 

When Amelie walked past Thalia, Thalia whispered to her, but Amelie did not respond

Amelie felt tired and wanted to get out of this mess. She did not want to care about the matters between Aaron and Thalia anymore

Thalia is so goodtempered. Emilee has gone too far, yet she still wants to protect her. People who didn’t know what happened might think that they are really biological 


Rex followed Amelie behind and teased about it. Amelie chuckled and said, Everyone thinks that Thalia is doing all this for Emilee. In fact, she is pushing Emilee to the abyss step by step.” 

I remember!” 

Sergio, who was beside Amelie, finally seized the opportunity to speak. When I was at Aaron’s company, I heard them talk about it a lot.” 

About how to destroy a person by protectingher

Amelie didn’t say much about it. It was hard to tell whether what happened in the Springer family was true or not

However, as an elite of entertainment management, Amelie could hardly imagine that Thalia did not know what it meant

Amelie had her own plans.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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