The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 156

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 156


Chapter 156 You Shameless Bitch

Amelie stared at Emilee with a gloomy face and said word by word

Listen, Emilee! Thalia didn’t steal all of us! It was you who pushed us away! Do you understand? You pushed everyone around you away because you are toxic!” 

Emilee was pushed by Amelie and fell onto the sofa behind her. Her face was wet with 


The smell of alcohol in the air irritated them even more

Aaron treats you as his own sister. He is so nice to you, and so are we. Our family has never treated you badly. Why did you hurt Aaron? How could you be so cruel to him?” 

Looking at Emilee, who did not even look guilty at all, Amelie felt as if she was talking 

to a wall

Emilee suddenly stood up and retorted Amelie

It’s none of your business how I treat Aaron! That is my and Aaron’s affair. You want to know how I slept with him and how we cheated on Thalia? Go ask your dear big 


Amelie couldn’t stand it anymore and slapped Emilee on her face with all her strength. Emilee fell to the ground again, and her side face got swollen and red with a clear palm print on it

Amelie breathed heavily, and her anger was still soaring

Amelie had been holding back her anger for the sake of friendship all the time, but when she heard the words come out of Emilee’s mouth and the bitch look on Emilee’s face

Amelie completely exploded

You shameless bitch!” 

Amelie’s fingers still tremble slightly after she gave Emilee a hard slap. Emilee, who was collapsing on the ground, was also shocked

She could not believe that Amelie, who was standing in front of her and had promised that she would treat her well for the rest of her life, would slap her for Thalia

Did you just hit me for Thalia? Amelie, are you insane!” 

Emilee struggled to stand up and tried to fight back. However, just as she raised her 

arm, Amelie grabbed her wrist and pushed her back hard. Emilee fell back onto the sofa again

You’re the one who is insane! You still didn’t know why I came to you, right!” 

Amelie roared in a voice that was even louder than Emilee’s. She felt that this woman was completely hopeless

You didn’t understand what I told you during the day, right? You want me to explain it to you now?” 

Amelie nodded and stepped back

Then let me tell you! Now you listen! Aaron has never liked you! The girl he likes is always Thalia! You were the one who was trying to split them up! You were the one who was making trouble between them! Do you understand?” 

Amelie blurted out a lot of things that hurt Emilee directly, but so what? Emilee had become like this, and there was no need for Amelie to be concerned about her feelings 


There was no need for Amelie to pity Emilee anymore because what Emilee had done had already broken Amelie’s heart

Emilee trembled as she stared at Amelie, and she was speechless for a moment

You have only known Thalia for a few days. But you and I have known each other for twenty years!” 

Amelie’s face got darkened

That’s also why I feel ashamed of myself. I have known you for twenty years, but I didn’t find out your true face until now. I have trusted you for twenty years. But now it only made me sick to think back about the times we spent together. All of us have trusted the wrong person!” 

Emilee laughed hysterically and shouted, Amelie! Have I ever betrayed you for the past twenty years? Didn’t I give you my trust as well in the past?” 

But you changed, Emilee. Didn’t you?” 

Amelie’s words silenced Emilee in an instant

All of a sudden, Emilee grabbed Amelie’s arm like crazy, and her sharp nails instantly scratched Amelie’s delicate skin

Emilee got more agitated than she was just now

Please, Amelie! Please help me! Kill Thalia for me! I want Aaron! You have to help me with that! We will still be besties for the rest of our lives!” 

Amelie frowned. Emilee was getting more and more outrageous

Amelie tried to break free of Emilee’s grasp, but Emilee grabbed her tighter and tighter. Soon, the blood oozed out of her arm

Besides them, Rex and Sergio were still dealing with the men beside Emilee

It’s all because of Thalia! Thalia took away Dad, she took away Aaron, and she also 

took away my best friend! I can’t accept it! I want to kill her! Please help me, Amelie!” 

Emilee cried and laughed, and then she began to go crazy again

Let go! Are you insane, Emilee!” 

Emilee ignored what Amelie said. Finally, Amelie could not bear it anymore and fought 



She slapped Emilee so hard on her face that Emilee’s cheek trembled

Emilee lost her balance and fell to the ground again

You psycho!” 

Amelie bent over and grabbed Emilee by her collar. She then dragged Emilee to the mirror in the bathroom and pinned her down on the ground

She grabbed Emilee’s hair and gave it a yank so that Emilee could raise up her chin

At this angle, Emilee could clearly see herself in the mirror

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at what you’ve become now!” 

Emilee dared not look at herself in the mirror, for her face was written with resentment 

and hostility

Her hair got messy, and her eye makeup was a mess, Emilee’s face was wet with tears, and she looked like shit right now

Emilee didn’t want to watch herself be like this either. She could not even believe that the once beautiful and noble daughter of the Springer family would end up like this one 


I am Ms. Springer! How can I be like this? I can’t let myself look worse than Thalia!” 

Emilee kept talking nonsense. Her hands began to tremble as she tidied up her hair. She also tried to fumble for cosmetics from Amelie’s pockets

Do you have lipstick? Give me your lipstick.” 

Amelie pushed Emilee away without hesitation. The more Emilee acted like this, the more disgusted Amelie felt about her

Save it. You can never compare to Thalia. Thalia didn’t beat you in appearance, but in something inside of her.” 

Every word Amelie said pierced Emilee’s heart. Emilee trembled and cried with an aggrieved look on her face, but in fact, the hatred was accumulating in her heart

Maybe the next time they met, Amelie and Emilee would become enemies

Don’t you think you win, Amelie! When I reveal Thalia’s true colors, and when both Aaron and Dad change their minds, the Springer family will go against the Mullen family forever!” 

Amelie suddenly smiled. She was amused by Emilee’s stupidity and the fact that Emilee 

still didn’t understand her situation at this moment

They won’t change their minds.” 

Amelie dragged Emilee out.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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