The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 155

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 155


Chapter 155 Don’t Go Too Far 

Amelie pulled Rex into the car. There was still no good expression on her face, and the entire atmosphere was shrouded in anger

Sergio followed. Amelie, the two of us will protect you together. I guarantee that you won’t be hurt in the slightest.” 

Amelie had no time to deal with Sergio’s teasing. Right now, what she wanted to know the most was Emilee’s location

Found her. It’s a highclass bar next to Glee Entertainment.” 

Rex handed the special computer in his hand to Amelie, which clearly showed where 

Emilee was

Amelie quickly turned the car around, set a destination, and sped over as fast as she 


Sergio was still surprised

We clearly got in the car in less than two minutes, and we already tracked down Emilee’s location? Awesome! No wonder you’re an expert!” 

Rex threw a punch at him. Fortunately, Sergio dodged quickly, otherwise, he would definitely beat him up

Hey! When can you be a little gentler?” 

Look at how you talk to your second brother. You are so rude. You are asking for


Amelie had a headache. She knew that her two brothers wanted to ease her emotions

You don’t have to think of ways to make me happy. I won’t feel any better before

solve this problem with Emilee.” 

The car gradually sped up. Originally, it would take an hour. Amelie only used ten minutes. She couldn’t care less now. She just wanted to find Emilee

Come on, why are all of you men so bad at drinking?” 

In the private room of the highend bar, Emilee was sitting among a few goodlooking 

men, drinking and playing

In the past, Amelie didn’t think much of it. She just thought that Emilee was a bit scum and a little more openminded. Sometimes, she even felt distressed that Emilee drank 

too much

However, when she saw this scene today, Amelie felt very disgusted from the bottom of 

her heart

Emilee was the one who caused all of this today. Now, it was her who came to get drunk, as if the whole world owed her

Emilee noticed Amelie not far away. Her eyes made Amelie feel strange. There seemed to be hatred and a bit of ridicule in them

Hey, do you think that we were having a bad time at the company today and going home to call for reinforcements and bring your brother here to settle the score?” 

Amelie didn’t get used to her way of speaking. Emilee, when did you become like this? You’re a lady!” 

A sneer was heard in the air. The wine in Emilee’s hand was gulped down. She did not even pause. It was like drinking water to Emilee

Am I? I thought you already took Thalia as the Springer family’s only daughter. You should find your own reason! Not blame me.” 

Even at this time, Emilee was still stubborn, and even her words were hurtful

If you 

have something to say, just say it quickly. Don’t waste each other’s time here. I don’t want to see you guys here.” 

Emilee was even more impatient than Amelie. Emilee was so arrogant that she was beyond redemption

Emilee! You plotted to frame Aaron, scratched his neck, and made it look like that. You also deliberately forged facts and sent indecent photos to Thalia. Don’t you feel guilty 

about all this?” 

Facing Amelie’s question, Emilee laughed out loud

Amelie, it was your brother who wanted to rape me. I haven’t even asked your family for an explanation. You really know how to slander people!” 

As Emilee spoke, she asked the people around her to deliver wine to her mouth

What? You can’t wait to stand in front of Thalia and seek justice from me?” 

Waves of anger surged in Amelie’s heart

Amelie had previously felt that she had let down Emilee. Only now did she realize that in the past, they had all pitied Emilee too much. The arrogance Emilee had was all obtained through erasing the kindness of others

To put it bluntly, people like Emilee could not be spoiled. Otherwise, she would take all the kindness for granted

Emilee was not worthy of any of them feeling sorry for her. If this continued, Emilee would not be able to turn back

Emilee, don’t go too far. As a former best friend, I kindly remind you not to be so stubborn. Otherwise, you will destroy yourself.” 

At this moment, Amelie was still trying to wake Emilee up

Don’t be too selfrighteous. Do you think that I can’t live without you?” 

Emilee shattered the wine glass in her hand. The war between the two good friends had completely begun at this moment

hand If you want to persuade me to turn back, then there is no need. You are the high and mighty Mullen girl. 1 am just a downandout person. You should not come to this kind. of place. I do not need the charity of the Mullen family!” 

Emilee was not in the mood to quarrel with Amelie. Anyway, Amelie was going to stand on Thalia’s side. The result would always be the same. Emilee didn’t want to waste her 


Amelie was even angrier. It was clearly Emilee’s fault, but now she was acting as if they 

owed her

Emilee was still laughing like she had gone crazy, Amelie, stop being like a saint at that moment, okay? You’re always so busy and selfrighteous!” 

Amelie was furious. She rushed forward and grabbed Emilee’s arm. The man beside her wanted to make a move, but he was knocked down by Rex and Sergio

Who do you think you are? What do you think everyone has been working so hard for? When will you wake up, Emilee?” 

Amelie tightened her grip, causing Emilee to frown in pain. Let go! Amelie, let me tell you. It’s all your fault! You forced me to be like this! You pushed me into this situation!” 

Ah, now they were all evil. People like Emilee had a mysterious confidence to some 


If you continue to fall like this, you will only make the things around you more and more inclined towards Thalia. Do you think we forced you to become like this? It is you who is willing to fall!” 

The more Amelie spoke, the angrier she became. The resentment she had accumulated over the past few days was slowly accumulating in her heart. She was waiting for an 

opportunity to vent her anger

Why? How am I inferior to Thalia? What is so good about Thalia? Why are all of you 

standing by her side? Why are you all snatched away by her?” 

Emilee began to push Amelie, but she was drunk and the strength in her hands was not worth mentioning

However, the crazy look on her face really disgusted Amelie, and she wanted to immediately stay away from this woman.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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