The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 154

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 154


Chapter 154 Push Her Luck 

When Aaron thought of this matter, he was still very upset. He should not have believed Emilee’s words to help her

She used to be like this, either calling you to pick her up or calling me. So this time, I really thought that she was bullied.” 

This reason was indeed hard for anyone to refuse. Even if Aaron thought that this matter was fake, what if it was actually true

Even if it were Amelie, she would still rush over regardless of her safety

As a result, Emilee took advantage of Aaron’s concern and trust in her. She lit an aphrodisiac in the room in advance and really found a guy to play a scene of her being bullied. When Aaron arrived, the man had just begun to pull her clothes. Obviously, they were waiting for Aaron to take the bait

After the incident, Aaron returned to the company to investigate the man. Unexpectedly, the man was a new male artist in his company. How ironic

Fortunately, Emilee did not succeed in everything. Aaron saw through her scheme at a glance

Originally, I wanted to hide it like nothing ever happened, but who knew that when she saw that she failed, she threw everything behind her back.” 

That was why there were blood stains on Aaron’s neck

Aaron, you betrayed me and got together with a woman like Thalia. Sooner or later, you will get your retribution. I will never let you go. I will not let you get together as you wish. Even if we do not have sex today, I will make Thalia think that you are with me. I will make the two of you break up!” 

This was what Emilee said to Aaron. Originally, with Aaron’s strength, it was impossible for him to give Emilee a chance to scratch him

However, Aaron said that Emilee was wearing little clothes. He had been trying to escape with his eyes closed the entire time

Hearing this, the veins on Amelie’s hands bulged. It was hard to imagine that the person who could do such a thing was Emilee, who had been with her for more than ten 


During this period of time, what Emilee had done made Amelie recognize this person again

Amelie kept taking deep breaths to comfort herself. This was all because of the 

misunderstanding that caused Emilee to go extreme. Originally, she should not be like 


Aaron, tell me the truth. For so many years, you really have no feelings for Emilee at all? And have you never let her misunderstand

Although Amelie knew it in her heart, she still wanted to hear it from Aaron to feel more 

at ease

However, Aaron’s reaction was even more innocent than being misunderstood by Thalia. His emotions also became very exciting

Amelie, why don’t you believe me? I promise you that I’ve been treating her like a sister from the beginning to the end. Since childhood, I deliberately kept a distance from her, and I never gave her any ambiguous hints

Aaron expressed his sincerity. Moreover, he had already said this to Emilee more than ten times. If not for Emilee and Amelie being good friends, they should not have had any 


However, Emilee did not listen to him at all. Emilee insisted that he said that because of Thalia. She said that Aaron had changed his mind and liked Thalia

Thinking of this, Aaron had a headache. Amelie didn’t know whether to laugh or to be 


That was so Aaron! As a man who had never had a girlfriend, how could he say something flirting with Emilee

Therefore, Amelie was sure that it was Emilee’s wishful thinking from the beginning to 

the end, and she was the one who lied to herself

Now that things have come to this, don’t worry about her anymore. Let her take care 

of herself.” 

Amelie really intended to give up on Emilee. She was disappointed that Emilee would do 

such an outrageous thing

So what should you do next?” 

Aaron should know what Amelie meant. She wanted to know how Aaron would explain 

it to Thalia

But Thalia is so clever. She would believe you. It is better to tell her the truth.” 

Aaron nodded. He hoped that was the case, but he always felt that this was unfair to 


Suddenly, Aaron’s phone rang. Then, Amelie’s phone also rang. The two of them looked at each other and turned on their phones

It’s Thalia!” 

As soon as Amelie saw the signature of the message, she had a strong sense of foreboding. She did not bother to open the message and suddenly looked up at Aaron

Amelie had a hunch that it must be because of Emilee. If it were a matter in the 

company, Thalia would usually call her directly

However, Aaron frowned tightly, and his voice seemed to be very unconfident. I got 

one, too.” 

Amelie directly snatched Aaron’s phone into her hands

They came at the same time, the messages must have been sent in a group, so the contents are the same. I will look at it first.” 

The message was a few pictures. At that time, Amelie had already anticipated what it would be, so she did not want Aaron to look at it

Amelie opened the pictures shakily and stared at them for a long time. She was numb 

and froze in place for a long time

Aaron, who was beside him, was anxious. Rex and Sergio also came over, but Amelie turned off the phone

Amelie’s face darkened. Don’t look at it. It’s not a good thing.” 

Sure enough, her guess was right. It was Emilee. Emilee sent a photo of herself and 

Aaron sleeping on the bed in the hotel. She also told Thalia that she had sex with Aaron

In the face of such a blatant provocation, Thalia did not say anything. She directly sent the photos and chat screenshots to Aaron and Amelie

Thalia was waiting for an explanation. She would believe whatever Aaron explained. After all, even Amelie could see the obvious traces of the photo photoshoot. Thalia was so smart and knew Aaron well. She would definitely not believe it

However, it was also very annoying

She’s pushing her luck!” 

Amelie held Aaron’s phone tightly in her hand and started the video chat

Thalia’s voice quickly came from the other side of the line. She seemed to be very rational. At least, her tone was calm and there was no fluctuation

Is Emilee at home?” 

Amelie was not in the mood to talk about this. She just wanted to know where Emilee 

was. She wanted to ask Emilee in person

Thalia obviously paused. Emilee has not been home for a few days.” 

Amelie, I see that the picture is photoshopped.” 

Since she could see it, she could still be so calm. Thalia was really generous

Your temper is too good! I have no right to interfere with the matter between you and Aaron. If there is anything, you should discuss it with him.” 

After saying that, without waiting for the other side to reply, she directly threw the phone into Aaron’s arms. Take it.” 

Aaron was still stunned on the spot, but Amelie had already pulled Rex away.

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

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