The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 152

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 152


Chapter 152 The Engagement 

Emilee stared at Thalia with hatred. From the moment you stepped into the gate of the Springer family, I had to share everything that belonged to me with you. Everything of me was snatched away by you. Don’t you feel shameless?” 

The word shamelesscompletely hurt Thalia

Emilee, we are both members of the Springer family. How can you say that to me? I” 

Stop talking about this nonsense. It will only make me feel disgusted. You’ve robbed my father’s love and my brother’s love. Is this not enough? How many important people do you want to take away from me?” 

Emilee roared at Thalia. Amelie wanted to stop Emilee, but Amelie did not know what to 


Amelie, could you pacify Emilee? I have something to do in the company. I should go 

back now.” 

In the end, Thalia left in time. Amelie knew that Thalia had tried her best to minimize the conflict between the two of them

Amelie often thought that if she was Thalia, she would not be as generous as Thalia. Thalia was the one who was hurt

Thalia was the real daughter of the Springer family. Thalia just received what should. belong to her, but everyone thought that Thalia was the one who stole Emilee’s life

Amelie sometimes wondered why Thalia did this. People were selfish, but Thalia did not 

seem to have such characteristics

Thalia left without looking back. Amelie was also very upset. Amelie knew that Thalia must be very wronged now. There must be a lot of bitterness that Thalia could not speak

Although Thalia left there, Emilee was still cursing

Amelie was a little impatient. Emilee always went crazy, which made everyone very tired. Moreover, Emilee could not control herself when she was crazy, let alone listen to other people’s explanations

Amelie, didn’t you promise me that you would draw a clear line with Thalia?” 

Emilee was crying too sadly. Although Amelie wanted to say something, when seeing Emilee crying, Amelie gave it up again

Emilee, I’m sorry. All the matters of the Springer Group are under Thalia’s control now. I can’t draw a clear line with her.” 

When Emilee heard Amelie say this, the emotions that Emilee suppressed in her heart 

burst out in an instant

You are saying this because you want to leave me. You want to take the side of Thalia! She took away all the things that should have belonged to me, including the engagement!” 

What engagement


Amelie was stunned, but she quickly realized what was going on. The man that Thalia and Emilee were competing for should be Amelie’s brother, Aaron

However, Amelie never heard of any engagement between the Mullen family and the Springer family. Of course, Amelie did not realize that the person Emilee loved was 


It was no wonder that Emilee always asked the male artists of Glee Entertainment to drink with her. It turned out that Emilee wanted to be close to Aaron

Emilee, is there a misunderstanding? Whose engagement are you talking about?” 

Don’t pretend anymore, Amelie. I knew it. You left Starry Sea Entertainment and came to Prosperity Global to flatter Thalia, right? Otherwise, why did Thalia become the CEO of Starry Sea Entertainment?” 

Amelie didn’t figure out the marriage when Emilee wrongly scolded her. This time, the two of them had a big misunderstanding

That’s not the truth, Emilee. You’re wrong. Entering Prosperity Global was for the Muller family’s sake. My family gained more power in Oakland this way.” 

But Amelie couldn’t explain why Thalia became CEO of Starry Sea Entertainment

Why did Amelie want Thalia to be the CEO of Starry Sea Entertainment

Amelie knew that the relationship between Emilee and Thalia was very awkward, but she still did this. Amelie did not know how to explain it

Perhaps, as Emilee’s best friend, Amelie should stay away from Thalia. But Amelie was getting closer and closer to Thalia these days

Amelie did not know the reason

This is the best arrangement and there is no way to change it.” 

Amelie was tired and did not want to explain anything

However, Emilee’s crazy behavior made Amelie worried and afraid

You just can’t find a better reason to comfort me. You can’t make it up anymore, so you don’t have to explain too much. You are just like Aaron!” 

Emilee staggered back a few steps, and she was almost in a crazy state. Amelie could not 

understand what Emilee said

Let me explain to you why you let Thalia become the CEO of Starry Seal 


Aaron and Thalia were in love with each other when Aaron was studying abroad. After Thalia was brought back by the Springer family, Wilton also made chances for them. Wilton hoped that Thalia could marry someone she loved

Now the Mullen family and the Springer family have agreed to their marriage, but originally, Aaron should be mine!” 

Amelie captured several pieces of information from Emilee’s complaints. Only then did Amelie know that Emilee confessed to Aaron a few days ago, but Emilee was rejected

Aaron said that he fell in love with Thalia

Amelie held her forehead. This matter was indeed tricky. Amelie couldn’t even find any 

words to comfort Emilee

However, Emilee misunderstood Amelie, too

Both of you cheat me! On one hand, you made chances for Aaron and Thalia. On the other hand, you also sent the Mullen family’s business to win Thalia’s favor!” 

Amelie wanted to say something but hesitated. This was a huge misunderstanding, but she could not explain it clearly. According to Emilee’s thinking, it was indeed easy to misunderstand the reason why Thalia became the CEO of Starry Sea Entertainment

It was also inevitable that Emilee would be jealous

Emilee and Amelie grew up together. Among Amelie’s brothers, the only one Emilee could contact was Aaron. Moreover, Emilee only liked Aaron

However, this love was hard to feel. Emilee did not dare to say it out. It was not until Aaron went abroad to study that he fell in love with Thalia

The timing was everything. Perhaps if it was someone else, Emilee would have let it go. However, Aaron fell in love with Thalia, the person who Emilee thought took everything from her

Thalia doesn’t like Aaron at all. Thalia thinks that Aaron is mine, so she wants to rob 

Aaron’s love. She just wants to take away all the people that love me!” 

Amelie was speechless at Emilee’s abnormal mentality, but she didn’t want Emilee to 

go crazy

Emilee, I have to say something fair, but I don’t favor anyone. If Aaron liked you 

before, and now he likes someone else, you can call it robbery. But the problem is that 


The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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