The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 149

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 149


Chapter 149 Form an Alliance 

Jeff came to visit

Everyone took a deep breath and felt that Jeff came too timely

After seeing Jeff, Cynthia immediately changed into a graceful lady. Amelie widened her eyes in surprise

Jeff, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? How can you come to the practice room? It’s so unfair to you.” 

Amelie couldn’t help but shiver all over with goosebumps. It turned out that when Cynthia talked to Jeff, she would speak with a Valley girl accent. It was really 


Those standing beside Amelie wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. Only Amelie dared

Cynthia stuck to Jeff as if she was desperately showing off to Amelie

I came to see you. Recently, you’ve been busy with the interns and you lost weight.” 

Jeff didn’t even blink when he said something against his heart. Sometimes, Amelie really felt that the two of them were quite wellmatched in every aspect

As soon as he said this, Cynthia actually sniffled and cried out

Jeff, only you remember that I’m having a difficult time here. I was bullied by these interns here. None of them listened to me. However, I couldn’t just leave the work at Prosperity Global. I was afraid that I would embarrass the Capet family.” 

Amelie really didn’t expect Cynthia to be so thickskinned to have said such words

She was an international superstar, so how could she be bullied by interns like them

Jeff was not a fool. Of course, he would not believe Cynthia, but Cynthia represented the Capet family now. He could not be like Lamont and make her embarrassed

Amelie could not help but laugh in her heart. Jeff was really in a dilemma

Jeff glanced at the people there and finally fixed his eyes on Amelie for a moment. This subtle movement was caught by Cynthia

She was angry and even wanted to rush over to cause trouble for Amelie. In fact, she did 

do so

Cynthia picked a cup of the hottest tea from the bodyguard in black and pretended to be kindhearted as she delivered it to Amelie

Amelie, you are the top artist that will be promoted by Prosperity Global. You have to maintain your figure recently. So don’t drink your milkshake. Drink some tea.” 

When had Cynthia been so kind

Amelie immediately saw through Cynthia’s thoughts. Don’t you want me to spill the hot tea on you while I’m not paying attention so that you could run over and complain to Jeff

Even Jeff is probably sick of this kind of oldfashioned trick

Cynthia wanted to frame Amelie

Amelie would definitely not let her succeed. Instead, this time, she had to use the same 

oldfashioned trick to return it back to her

Cynthia, how can I accept this? The teacher has no reason to pour tea for a student. Although we are about the same age, I still have to address you as my teacher. This is also what you said. This is the rule of Prosperity Global, isn’t it?” 

Cynthia’s face turned green. If Jeff was not here, she would definitely not tolerate Amelie being so eccentric to her. Amelie wanted Jeff to know that in Prosperity Global, Cynthia was so arrogant that she asked everyone to address her as a teacher

Jeff would think of Cynthia abusing the power of the Capet family to satisfy her own 


Amelie still went to pour the tea openly, but she did not give Cynthia a chance to frame her. She grabbed Cynthia’s arm firmly

Cynthia was not as strong as Amelie, and the two of them secretly competed for a while

Cynthia, you have to hold it tight. This tea is very hot.” 

Cynthia saw that her plot was about to be exposed by Amelie, and the kind expression that she had pretended slowly changed

Suddenly, when Cynthia was secretly struggling to free herself, Amelie let go and fell to 

the ground along with the overturned teacup

However, the hot tea did not spill on Amelie but was stopped by Lamont who had rushed 

  1. in

Amelie, are you alright?” 

At this time, a figure suddenly rushed up and helped Amelie up from the ground. It was 


Amelie was wondering why Thalia appeared at such a critical moment, only to find that the situation was getting more and more chaotic

To complete this act, Amelie quickly helped up Lamont, who had fallen to the ground to 

save her

I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to rush in. Hurry up and take off your coat. The tea was 

too hot.” 

Amelie’s words moved Lamont for a long time. This was the first time that Amelie cared so much about him since the divorce

Mr. Capet, although the Capet family is powerful, the Mullen family is the richest family in Oakland. Do you want to make enemies with the Mullen family and steal its 


Thalia’s words directly raised Cynthia’s personal jealousy just now to the family 


Thalia, forget it. Cynthia didn’t do it on purpose.” 

Amelie didn’t forget to add fuel to the fire. Lamont also stood on Amelie’s side

Ms. Gladstone, don’t go too far. You injured people in the morning. Prosperity Global didn’t invite you here to do as you please.” 

Jeff’s face turned pale. Of course, the most embarrassing person present was Cynthia

What nonsense are you talking about? It was Amelie who pushed me, and now you want to make false accusations.” 

However, before Amelie could say anything, Thalia, who was next to her, responded

Ms. Amelie deliberately pushed you to spill such hot tea on herself? I’m sorry, Gladstone. We don’t understand why Amelie did this. Also, it was Amelie who just fell to the ground. Ms. Gladstone, you are standing safe and sound.” 

Cynthia was flustered and frustrated. She knew that if she was in the wrong, Jeff would not give her any face, let alone save the situation

If Mr. Byron had not arrived in time, Amelie’s face would have been burned. May I ask if the Gladstone family, or the Capet family, can afford to pay for the burn of Amelie?” 

Amelie was shocked. This was the first time she had seen Thalia’s domineering side since she knew Thalia. Sure enough, the women that Aaron liked were extraordinary

Lamont stared at Cynthia with an extremely sharp gaze

So, Ms. Gladstone, you wanted Amelie to get injured, did you?” 

Cynthia was momentarily speechless. Her expression changed again and again, and Jeff, who was at the side, finally became impatient

Alright, Cynthia was indeed wrong in this matter. I apologize on her behalf. The Capet 

family will not harm the relationship of any family in Oakland. Mr. Byron, please rest 


At this time, Cynthia felt wronged. She felt that she had embarrassed Jeff. Suddenly, she 

remembered that Thalia looked unfamiliar

Who are you? What does this have to do with you?” 

Thalia smiled and suddenly showed a contract to everyone

As the representative of the Springer family, I now announce that the Mullen family and the Springer family have officially formed an alliance.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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