The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 148

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 148


Chapter 148 Show Off 

Seeing that Lamont couldn’t think of anything to retort, Amelie couldn’t help but smile. The angrier he was, the better she felt

I’m right, Mr. Byron, right?” 

In the end, she didn’t forget to tease him to hurt him deeper

Lamont was speechless, and his face was red. Just like uncountable times before, she got

him there

In this world, only Amelie dared to treat him like this

No matter what, in order to have a pleasant cooperation with you, I have to advise you to behave yourself and not to show off too much and not to be too radical.” 

Lamont was hinting at something. Of course, Amelie could guess that he knew that Cynthia was waiting for her in the practice room to walk into the trap. Maybe she had been planning for days how to pick on Amelie

But she had no choice. Amelie had her own plan when she came to Prosperity Global. Cynthia was just a small episode. She would not let Cynthia affect the rest of the plan

Before Amelie came, she was already prepared to fight a hard battle with Cynthia

Don’t worry, Mr. Byron. The five years in the Byron family have made me tough enough. I definitely won’t run away just because of some little difficulty.” 

Amelie got up and walked out. She didn’t see Lamont looking at her with complicated emotions in his eyes. However, before she left, she suddenly remembered something

By the way, I think Mr. Byron has already thought of a countermeasure to the trending topic, right? After all, this has a very bad impact on Prosperity Global.” 

With a sullen face, Lamont watched as Amelie walked out of his office smugly. He should have known that this woman was not easy to tame and control

It was practically a cross to bear for Prosperity Global to have an artist like Amelie

As soon as she arrived at the door of the practice room, Amelie heard someone inside 

velling. It seemed to be toward artists who arrived late

It’s already the second day of group training, and you are late again? Do you think Prosperity Global is a place for lazybones?” 

Amelie didn’t know if she was too subjective, but she felt that Cynthia actually meant to yell at her. After all, she went further than coming in late. She literally skipped the training

Thinking that she was going to quarrel with Cynthia again, Amelie was upset and irritated, but she had to face what she had to face

Taking a deep breath, Amelie pushed open the door of the practice room. And she wisely stood with the ones who were late

I’m sorry, Ms. Gladstone. I’m also late.” 

Looking at Amelie’s absolutely not guilty look, Cynthia almost died from anger

Amelie, where do you get the cheek to say that you are late and stand with them? Do you think you are as good as them?” 

Amelie pursed her lips. As expected, she was very angry

Ms. Gladstone, you must have mistaken something. I have asked for leave from Mr. Byron yesterday.” 

Cynthia was even more furious

You asked for leave from Mr. Byron but not from me! Mr. Byron granted your leave, but it doesn’t mean that I would too!” 

Huh? Why? Isn’t Mr. Byron the one who has the final say here? I don’t remember the Gladstone family owning any shares of Prosperity Global. And I don’t think that’s the Capet family’s style of doing things, isn’t it?” 


Amelie only said one sentence to make Cynthia, who usually paid the most attention to her image, fly into a rage

You are interns and are now in Prosperity Global. So I’m in charge of you. Don’t you 


Who said that? They are my company’s employees, so they are naturally in my 

people’s charge. What Ms. Gladstone said is not in the contract.” 

As soon as Cynthia heard Lamont’s voice, her face immediately sank. She never thought that Lamont would have the leisure to come to the practice room to watch the artists‘ 


It was obvious that Lamont had heard all the angry words and threats she just said to 


Amelie smiled. She had long seen Lamont standing at the door. Otherwise, she would not have deliberately lured Cynthia into saying these things. She just did not expect that the future mistress of the prestigious Capet family would be so stupid

Mr. Byron, I didn’t mean that. Moreover, we agreed that I would personally train this group of interns.” 

Obviously, Lamont contradicting Cynthia in front of so many people made her feel embarrassed and humiliated

Lamont sneered. What Cynthia said just now really made him feel very disgusted

It is true, but the Byron family promised you that for the sake of the Capet family. It was not written in the contract.” 

Cynthia clenched her fists tightly. It seemed that Lamont was taking Amelie’s side 


Mr. Byron, just give it to me straight.” 

Cynthia was ready to make things ugly

Lamont did not speak for a long time. His eyes fell on Amelie, making Amelie very 


You guys apologize to Ms. Gladstone. If you are late again, I won’t help you.” 

What did this mean

As soon as they apologized, this thing would be over. Lamont was obviously helping Amelie out. He didn’t want Cynthia to hang on to this matter

Cynthia wanted to retort, but in the end, she met Lamont’s sharp gaze, so she didn’t say 


Don’t waste any more time. Let’s start training. I hope you will learn from your mistakes and not be late and disgrace Mr. Byron again. You are all grownups. You should restrain yourselves. You should be clear about what you should do and what you 

should not do.” 

Cynthia was insinuating again. Amelie rolled her eyes. The good show was yet to come, so she would not cause trouble or be bothered

As a result, after Lamont left, Cynthia made things difficult for Amelie during the training. Several times, Amelie was so close to fighting with her

Amelie, you must not be so arrogant. Otherwise, no company will be willing to cooperate with you, then all the effort Prosperity Global spends on you will go to 


Amelie admitted that she couldn’t compare to Cynthia when it came to this. However, Cynthia obviously had no intention of teaching the interns any true skills. She just wanted to use this chance to show off her excellence

People who showed off themselves by belittling others were really disgusting. Cynthia did not miss any opportunity to belittle Amelie. Amelie was about to explode

Come, come, bring all those things in. Be careful not to burn yourselves.” 

Suddenly, Jeff’s voice came from the door, and Cynthia seemed to have become another 

person in an instant

Following behind Jeff was a group of bodyguards in black who were carrying bags large and small of expensive boxes

Let me treat everyone to milkshakes. Guys, take a break.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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