The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 146

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 146


Chapter 146 I Only Have You Now 

As expected, compared to being tough, it worked better to be soft. When Amelie cried, all the men in the family panicked

Even Aaron felt so distressed that he wanted to punch himself

I’m sorry, Amelie. It’s all my fault. I was too impetuous. I shouldn’t have quarreled 

with you

Don’t cry anymore, please.” 

However, the more Aaron said, the more Amelie felt wronged, and the harder she cried

Then tell me what good reasons Thalia has. Let me see who is more pitiful between her 

and Emilee.” 

Amelie was already feeling so aggrieved at the moment. Aaron did not dare to hold out 

on her anymore

I’ll tell you. As long as you stop crying, I will tell you everything.” 

Thus, the war finally stopped. The five brothers sat on the sofa around Amelie. Only then did Aaron spill the beans

Emilee is not Wilton’s biological daughter. The result of the DNA test shows that she is. not related to anyone in the Springer family.” 

Hearing this news, Amelie felt as if she had been struck by lightning. She was 


How was this possible? How could this be real

I grew up with Emilee. Why didn’t I know that Emilee was not a real Springer until now?” 

Amelie couldn’t accept what she heard. But Aaron said that he had the same reaction as her at the beginning, but this was the undeniable truth

Thalia is not the child of Wilton and his second wife. She was adopted by his second 


Life was always so dramatic. After Ryan’s mother passed away, Wilton married his second wife, who was doing charity work. At that time, she happened to have adopted Thalia from an orphanage, and she sent Thalia abroad to study

Later, with one thing and another, Wilton found that Thalia was related to him by 


As you know, when Emilee was little, she went missing for a period of time. Later, she was found by the Springer family.” 

However, everyone found that Emilee and Thalia looked so much alike, so they began to 

that Thalia was born by Wilton’s mistress


Otherwise, Emilee would not have so much grievance

Since it’s all a misunderstanding, why don’t they talk it out?” 

Amelie did not understand it. The Springer family seemed to be deliberately hiding all of 


Moreover, Wilton should be the kind of person that couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it after he found his longlost daughter. Why were they so quiet about it

Even Emilee did not know it. If he continued to hide it like this, Thalia wouldn’t be the 

only one that would suffer. Emilee would suffer too

Wasn’t it better to just tell the truth? It would be painful, but it could save her unnecessary pain. Just tell her all the truth and compensate her. Wasn’t it the best


Aaron shook his head. He knew that Thalia was a kind girl

If they solve it like this, Emilee would no longer be able to hold her head high again in the Springer family. Even though she feels that Thalia has taken away everything from her, she is still the noble young lady of the Springer family and is enjoying half as much as the real young lady should.” 

That was true. Thalia would rather be an illegitimate child to protect Emilee as much as she could. Perhaps, over time, both of them could become daughters of the Springer family

She fears that Emilee will not be able to accept this fact.” 

Thus, everyone knew about this matter. Ryan also knew that Thalia was his real sister, but he still treated Emilee like his real sister

Only Emilee was still in the dark

You think that this is good for Emilee, but I think that you are destroying her.” 

Amelie sighed. Even though she felt this way, she was also in the know now. If she had to make a choice, she also didn’t have the heart to break it to Emilee that she was not

real Springer

Even so, I can’t entrust the company to her.” 

Amelie complained that she was tired and wanted to go back to her room to rest. Her brothers just let her. After all, Emilee was her only friend all this time, and the news was 

too big

Even Amelie began to worry about how she should face Emilee in the future

However, what she feared happened

Although Amelie disliked Aaron’s suggestion, she invited Aaron and Thalia to visit the company the next day

Although Amelie was wavering between Thalia and Emilee, she was very impressed by 

what Thalia got

Everyone in Starry Sea Entertainment knew that Amelie, the president, apart from being pretty and capable, cherished talents very much

Thalia majored in entertainment industry management for both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and was a rare genius in managing companies. To be honest, Amelie wanted her when she saw Thalia give her opinion of Starry Sea Entertainment

Unfortunately, around noon, Emilee suddenly showed up. Emilee, who rarely came to the company to meet Amelie, decided to show up when Thalia was here

Amelie almost couldn’t help but roar at the sky when she heard that Emilee had already 

entered the company’s elevator. She felt that life was playing jokes on her

However, when Amelie tried to ask Thalia to hide, she suddenly saw Emilee’s shocked 

and angry face

Well, Emilee, I can explain!” 

Amelie knew Emilee the best. Under such circumstances, there was no way Emilee would listen to her explanation

Emilee slammed the door shut and ran away. Thalia was worried and wanted to chase after her, but Amelie was speechless

It’s already late. If you catch up with her, isn’t it just making things worse?” 

Amelie asked Thalia to wait in her office while she left to chase after Emilee. While running, she complained inwardly that Thalia almost made things worse. Perhaps she was only smart when studying management

Emilee had become more sensitive and paranoid after Thalia popped out. She cried often. And when she saw that her best friend was with Thalia, she broke out crying

Amelie! Why? Why is she in your office?” 

Emilee ran to an area where there was no one around and roared at Amelie with all her 


Amelie felt a little distressed, but she did not know how to explain it

We are just talking about work, Emilee. Really.” 

This was the only excuse that Amelie could think of to comfort Emilee. However, Emilee 

was going crazy at the moment

No! You can’t even talk about work with her. She took away everything from me. I only have you now. But she also wants to take you away from me. Thalia is fucking everywhere!” 

Amelie could feel how deep her hatred for Thalia was.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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