The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 134

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 134


Chapter 134 Work Overtime 

Lamont had thought that everything today was planned by Amelie, but now that he thought about it, it really did not make sense

Tomorrow was the final of the preliminary audition. Amelie had already ranked first in the preliminary audition

If everything went well, she would attract attention the most in the final tomorrow

Since she had racked her brains to become an artist of Prosperity Global, how could she bring about her own destruction in the upcoming final and design a scandal between herself and the president of Prosperity Global

Logically speaking, any sign of trouble against Amelie on the internet could affect her results in tomorrow’s final. She wouldn’t be stupid to this extent, right

Moreover, up until now, Lamont still hadn’t investigated why Amelie insisted on being an artist of Prosperity Global. Weren’t Starry Sea Entertainment and Glee. Entertainment her best choice

Questions that were difficult to understand were facing Lamont. Lamont had a terrible


Forget it. One step at a time. In fact, he was still looking forward to what Amelie would 

do to him

Belen, hire a batch of trolls and keep today’s headline hot until the end of tomorrow’s 


Back to Starry Sea Entertainment, Amelie made a decision that made everyone dumbfounded. Now, everyone in the company knew that the scandal between her and

Lamont hit the headlines

If it were someone else, he would spend money to suppress this kind of negative news. Why did Amelie always not act according to common sense

Belen helplessly looked at the large office building of Starry Sea Entertainment and was still working overtime for Amelie’s audition tomorrow

If she fanned the fire at the critical moment, other artists who competed with Amelie would laugh their heads off

Amelie, are you sick? I heard that the wine you drank at the Springer family’s banquet today was drugged. Is that true?” 

No way. When did our employees become as gossipy as the unscrupulous reporters?” 

Amelie was reading the documents and ignored Belen who was gossiping beside her. She came back today to work overtime with them, not to chat with them

If you really don’t have anything to do, just help those busy colleagues or just go home. It’s the first time I saw you working overtime so actively?” 

Amelie, we are just excited about your debut.” 

The office was quite lively, and Amelie was also very helpless


Why are you so excited for me? Hurry up and work hard. Don’t gossip.” 

However, Amelie was very pleased with the working atmosphere. Otherwise, she would not have returned to the company to work overtime with them so late at night

If Eden and her brothers knew about it, she did not know when she could return to the 


Fortunately, there was the Springer family’s dinner party and tomorrow’s audition as a cloak. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to stay outside so late

Belen looked around. It seemed that she was the only one who was idle in the entire Starry Sea Entertainment. She took in Amelie’s words and lowered her head guiltily


If you’re free, why don’t you hurry up and do what I told you just now?” 

Belen still dared to continue to gossip now! She could only immerse herself in her work

By the way, if you’re free in the next few days, hand over all matters of Starry Sea 

Entertainment to Angela of Glee Entertainment.” 

Okay. What?” 

Belen stopped in her tracks. What did she mean by that

Amelie, don’t you want to continue managing Starry Sea Entertainment?” 

Amelie gave her a sharp look

Can’t you just finish the job assigned to you on time? Why do you have so many questions today?” 


Belen was very aggrieved and left, but she was thinking about what Amelie asked her to 

  1. do

Could it be that the first place in the final of the audition at Prosperity Global had already been decided? So, Amelie couldn’t care about both and decided to give up on Starry Sea Entertainment

She was listless all the way. She didn’t want to return to Glee Entertainment and meet Angela. Their personalities were incompatible like fire and water

Belen kept talking to herself until she suddenly hit a hard chest. The document in her 

hand flew directly, and she lost her balance


Belen was shouting in her heart, and she was still silently cursing the person who bumped into her, causing her to almost fall

As a result, Belen lay in the arms of that person. His chest was soft and hard, and it was 

very warm too. The key was that he should have eightpack abs, and his arms were so 


Belen immediately couldn’t help but become infatuated

It was clearly you who bumped into me. I was kind enough to help you not fall down. Don’t be ungrateful.” 

Belen was stunned, and her expression froze. Why did this voice sound a little familiar

She got up and looked around and became distressed

Rex, it’s you.” 

The dream of meeting Prince Charming was ruined in the end. She should have thought that such a strong body belonged either to a security guard or her… 

Why can’t it be me?” 

Belen picked up the documents on the ground in a bad mood. It was really disappointing. She should have known nothing good would happen today

Why can’t it be me? Or who should it be?” 

Rex followed Belen. Belen was really annoyed

It’s nothing. You should go find whoever you want. I’m so annoyed.” 

That said, Rex continued following Belen and annoying her

Why are you so annoying?” 

Belen turned around impatiently and glared at Rex

Hey! I saved you, but you still dare to complain about me? How can you not appreciate 


Rex was also angry. Originally, he came here to find Amelie. Unexpectedly, Belen lowered her head while walking as if possessed and kept muttering

If he had not reacted quickly, she would probably have fallen to the ground and been in 


Thank you!” 

Belen directly pushed Rex away and quickly walked to her seat


Rex wanted to chase after her, but he was caught by Amelie. He was furious and pointed 

at Belen on the seat

I will teach you a lesson next time!” 

In Amelie’s office, Rex was looking at her who was working with a face full of 


Rex, you will make me distracted!” 

Amelie was frightened by his stare and felt uncomfortable.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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