The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 130

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 130


Chapter 130 A Thief 

Emilee’s shoulders trembled violently. Tears dripped down her face, and then down her cheeks onto the collarbone of her neck

Emilee looked so miserable with her tearful face

At that moment, Emilee didn’t care about anything. In the eyes of everyone, she had become a spoiled young lady who was so domineering

Emilee, calm down. Don’t make trouble.” 

Ryan had no time to explain to Emilee, and it was not the time to explain

Why are you cutting the cake with her? You’re wishing her a happy birthday and singing a birthday song for her, right? Have you forgotten that it’s also my birthday today?” 

Ryan’s words didn’t calm Emilee at all. Emilee wondered why she should be calm and why she should bear it

Everything that Thalia had obtained should belong to her

Didn’t you say that you would only celebrate my birthday and sing me a birthday song? You can’t do it now, right? Then why did you promise me that?” 

Enough! Emilee, that’s too much!” 

Ryan was annoyed. Emilee was making a ruckus in front of so many guests, which would be a humiliation for the Springer family

Moreover, she had even said some unreasonable things

Emilee trembled. She felt even more grieved when faced with her brother’s sudden 


You are angry because of an outsider! You are scolding me!” 

Wilton, who was beside them, was so angry that he could not say a word. 

Thalia wanted to say something, but she did not know what to say. She thought that if 

not for her, the Springer family would not have made such a big fool today

Emilee, don’t be angry. Today, no one has forgotten your birthday. Dad” 

Dad? You call him so intimately as if I am not his biological daughter. Today, the protagonist is you, and I am just your supporting role. In the eyes of others, I am the one who takes your place, not you who takes my place!” 

Emilee seemed to have gone crazy

Thalia mustered up the courage to say something, but before she could finish, she was rebuked by Emilee

In fact, Thalia wanted to tell Emilee that Wilton had prepared two birthday cakes, and 

one was for Emilee

Emilee looked at Thalia with hatred in her eyes

It was all because of you. You took away all the love that belonged to me. You are


Enough! If you continue to mess around like this, I will ask someone to send you home and you’re not allowed to come out!” 

Ryan was in a rage and scolded Emilee seriously

Emilee suddenly chuckled

You should have someone throw me away and never return to the Springer family 



Amelie was stunned for a long time, not expecting Emilee to be so bold

Probably her brother was so good to Thalia, so Emilee was stimulated

Emilee had just told Amelie that Ryan was the only person she could rely on in the Springer family

Without Ryan, Emilee wouldn’t even have the courage to live in the Springer family

But Ryan had destroyed such a belief personally

Everyone would be heartbroken about it

And a normal person would cause trouble

However, they had overlooked one thing. The Springer family was one of the Four Great Families in Oakland, so their reputation was highly valued by the family members

Emilee could vent her resentment and cause trouble, but this was not the time

Such a matter in the family shouldn’t be publicized. In front of so many people, it would only be a shame for the Springer family

Emilee enjoyed a better life than ordinary people, so maybe she should bear the heavy responsibility that ordinary people could not bear

And it included grievance and pain

Thalia should know this better than Emilee

Amelie suddenly regretted instigating Emilee to come to the banquet hall to vent her anger. If Amelie had known that this would be the result, she would have taken Emilee away from here and out to relax

This scene was probably going to become a shadow of Emilee’s life

As expected, Ryan called for the security guard and was about to drag Emilee out of there, but Emilee still wouldn’t give in

Aaron had been standing behind Amelie at some point in time, and Amelie felt something poking her back

Aaron? You scared me to death! Can’t you just make a sound when you walk?” 

Just now, all Amelie’s attention was on Emilee, so she was shocked

Aaron shrugged

You know that your attention is on Emilee. How could you notice me coming over?” 

Amelie did not have time to talk to Aaron. She was thinking about whether she should 

rush to Emilee to help her out of the situation

If Emilee was carried away by the bodyguards, then she would be embarrassed

Then why don’t you hurry up and help her?” 

Amelie then reacted in an instant

Aaron! Please help me.” 

The bodyguards had already rushed over. They probably rushed to Emilee’s side at the same time as Amelie, so Amelie wanted Aaron to help stop them

Emilee, I was looking for you. Why did you come here?” 

Amelie was the first to rush to Emilee’s side. And she couldn’t pul! Emilee once Emilee didn’t give in

Amelie secretly made a lot of effort before she could control Emilee

I’m sorry, Ms. Springer. Emilee is drunk and all she said is nonsense. I will take her to 

rest now.” 

Amelie wondered if she had seen it wrongly. Emilee had ruined this birthday banquet, but Thalia was not angry. Instead, Thalia was looking at Emilee worriedly

That kind of emotion was not fake

Thank you, Ms. Mullen. I will pick her up with my elder brother later.” 

It seemed that the trouble had settled

Amelie pulled Emilee out, using all her strength

She gritted her teeth in Emilee’s ear

Let’s go! Don’t be stubborn!” 

When they passed by Aaron, Amelie almost couldn’t hold back her laughter. It was 

really a difficult task for her brother, who had always been a cold and aloof man

Can’t you see it? Can you afford to dirty my clothes?” 

Mr. Mullen, we didn’t hit you on purpose. I’m sorry.” 

What’s the use of being sorry? Can it solve the problem? Can it make my clothes clean now? Be careful, or how can you be a security guard?” 

Outside the banquet hall, Emilee could no longer control her emotions. She threw herself into Amelie’s arms and wailed

Why do these people have to do this to me? Why does everyone like Thalia?” 

Amelie was helpless. She pulled Emilee upstairs into a room and wiped off the makeup that had already been in a mess

Right now, Amelie did not know how to make Emilee happy. Anyone would break down 

on this matter

She had no choice but to listen to Emilee cry about all this. Maybe Emilee would feel 

better after it

Emilee fell asleep in Amelie’s arms. Even when she was asleep, she was still muttering

Now, even my brother was taken away. I have no brother anymore” 

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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