The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 129

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Ruin Everything 

Emilee shrunk herself into a ball and sobbed

No one remembers that today is my birthday. They only know that it is Thalia’s birthday.” 

Emilee’s words surprised Amelie

You already knew that today’s birthday was prepared for Thalia, right?” 

Emilee did not reply. Her eyes were wet, and she was still sobbing because of the 

emotion just now

Thalia is the child of my father and his new wife. He only took Thalia home last 


The competition for love from her family woke Emilee up in an instant

Taking a deep breath, Emilee was willing to talk to Amelie about Thalia

After all, if she did not tell Amelie, there would be no place for her to vent her sadness

After I came back, I realized that my father was not strict with both of his daughters. Thanks to Thalia, I saw my father’s soft attitude had never been shown to me before.” 

Emilee was jealous of Thalia

Her father didn’t make it fair, and he treated Thalia so well in front of her

Because of that, she had quarreled with her father more than once

In the end, her father didn’t reflect on himself. Instead, he treated Thalia even better

As for Emilee, she had become more and more aggressive in her father’s heart

Thalia had always pretended to be a sensible and weak woman

In contrast, Emilee seemed more and more domineering and mischievous in the Springer family

Her father didn’t care about Emilee anymore

Only Ryan Springer, her elder brother who shared the same parents with her, cared 

about her

During this period, if not for my brother who was constantly persuading me, wouldn’t have been able to stay in this family anymore.” 

Emilee was getting more emotional

I didn’t know that I was not the protagonist of today’s birthday party. I thought it was my father who suddenly realized that he had ignored me.” 

Emilee was smart. She just hoped that her father would realize his mistake and do something that he thought could make up for her

She just wanted her father to have a meal with her, just like what he did to Thalia

And maybe he could just come back from a business trip with a present for her, instead of only giving it to Thalia

In his heart, the person he owes the most is Thalia.” 

In Emilee’s heart, Thalia and her stepmother were the ones who had taken away her 

father’s love

Emilee couldn’t help but think about it

Emilee was forced to become extreme by it

Fortunately, I realized that I was not the protagonist before the banquet started. Only then was I not in such a sorry state among the crowd. Otherwise, I would have been 


What are you talking about? Don’t talk like that!” 

Amelie hated Emilee the most when she said those words

Do you feel angry and wronged

Tell me the truth.” 

Emilee looked into Amelie’s sincere eyes and nodded

People would always feel wronged and angry in such a situation.” 

There you go.” 

Amelie pulled Emilee off the bed to put on her makeup. Since this matter made Emilee unhappy, they had to find a way to make up for it. After all, one shouldn’t let himself be wronged

I am not the main character today. Why do I need to fix my makeup? I don’t want to be 

a foil for Thalia.‘ 

Emilee refused to go with Amelie

Amelie was annoyed by her attitude

You should be the main character. If you are not, then we will take it back. You don’t have to be afraid of anyone. In your father’s eyes, aren’t you the most disobedient and ignorant one? Then why are you still pretending to be a good girl?” 

In any case, Emilee was not favored by her father, so why not just go to the extreme point

Let’s go! I will help you vent your anger today.” 

Emilee trusted Amelie. She lifted her skirt and followed Amelie

Emilee thought that it would be best to beat up Thalia to vent her anger

What will you do to vent my anger? What are we going to do?” 

But it seemed that Amelie’s revenge plan was different from what Emilee thought

Of course, we’re going back to the banquet hall to ruin everything.” 

Emilee looked a little disappointed

I thought you could come up with a good idea. Just this? Do you want to ruin everything? I’m afraid my dad will beat me up.” 

Emilee was a shrewish and naughty person, and she was famous for it in the entertainment industry

But in fact, she had an extremely strict upbringing, and her father often warned her 

about her behavior

Emilee was even punished from time to time

Therefore, Emilee was very afraid of her father. She only wanted to get fatherly love like 


She did not reject her stepmother, and she did not mind sharing the love her father gave her with Thalia equally

However, she never expected that her family would become like this since Thalia came

Amelie pulled Emilee to the banquet hall. When they were almost at the entrance of the banquet hall, Emilee regretted it

Let’s forget it. That will be embarrassing.” 


Amelie would never care about it

Don’t worry. When the time comes, you just need to face it headon. You can say whatever you want to say. Tell them all your thoughts and make all the misunderstandings clear. Then there will be no conflict.” 

Then, Amelie added

With me as your backer, you can speak boldly. I will support you. Don’t think that no one will support you

Emilee was speechless because of Amelie’s words

Emilee even felt that it was so ridiculous

As they were discussing, the door to the banquet suddenly opened

It was quite lively inside, and it was time to cut the cake

If they didn’t enter, there would be no chance for them to do it again. However, at the critical moment, Emilee froze, and Amelie failed to push Emilee forward no matter how 

hard she tried

What are you doing? Let’s go, or it will be too late!” 

Emilee’s eyes were red again, and even her body was trembling

Then, she suddenly shook off Amelie’s hand and rushed in

Amelie was stunned for a moment

She seems to be in the state in such a short time.” 

Amelie followed Emilee in, thinking that the tall and thin man in a grey suit should be Emilee’s brother, Ryan

Emilee rushed in Ryan’s direction

Why did you do this?” 

Before anyone could react, Emilee let out a heartwrenching roar

I am your sister. Why did you do this? Didn’t you say that you only treat me well and only take me as your sister?” 

Emilee’s screams filled the entire banquet hall

At that moment, Ryan was stunned on the spot. Thalia was surprised, and even Amelie, who had rushed over, froze

The music stopped, and so did people’s discussion.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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