The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 128

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 128


Chapter 128 A Good Show 

Emilee, who was at the side, suddenly burst out laughing

Amelie froze because of her laugh. It was a mess, but Emilee was still able to laugh

Emilee was watching a good show

I’ll give you three minutes to clear the area. Within three minutes, everyone inside will leave this bar!” 

Amelie was slightly stunned. This voice was so familiar. Amelie wondered, isn’t it Aaron’s special assistant, Angela Leblanc

Angela was beautiful and sharp, and she had always been trusted by Aaron

She was decisive, and definitely would not lose to a man

Amelie turned around, and sure enough, it was Aaron, who had rushed over with people

It was just an ordinary bar and nothing like this had ever happened before

The boss was a native of Oakland, looking honest

As soon as he heard that a noble had come to his bar, he rushed over from his house

Mr. Mullen, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect such a big shot like you to come here! I am sorry for not treating you well.” 

Although the boss was a commoner, he was able to open a bar next to Oakland Club

It turned out that he was a top figure among the commoners

Almost everyone in the Five Great Families in Oakland knew about Aaron, but this boss could immediately recognize that Aaron was the eldest son of the Mullen family

It meant that he was not an ordinary person

However, those rich men who bullied Emilee and made a move on her were not ordinary 

people either

However, their positions were far inferior to the Five Great Families of Oakland

The arrogant man, whose fingers had just been broken off by Amelie, also lowered his 

head at that moment

The people he had just provoked were from the Mullen family, which was not a family that people like them could offend

Aaron looked at Amelie, meaning that he was only here to support her. It depended on her how to solve this matter

Amelie stared at the man behind her who was scared and said impatiently

This man made a move on my friend. It’s unforgivable. Just chop off his right hand.” 

Chop it?” 

That man was frightened by Amelie’s words, and he fell to his knees with a thud, begging for mercy. He was no longer as arrogant as before

The others around him were probably his followers, watching their boss kneel on the 


They were also so scared that they knelt on the ground and begged for mercy too

I am so sorry for it. Ms. Mullen, I am sorry. I can apologize to you. Our two families are still working together. Please don’t do it! For the sake of my father, please spare me this 


He was a coward and full of nonsense, which annoyed Amelie

Aaron looked at his proud sister and made a wink

Amelie, this is a society ruled by law!” 

Amelie smoothed her hair and looked at them with a face of amusement

I was just joking. Look at you. Don’t be so serious.” 

Amelie walked over casually and stared at the man who was begging for mercy for a long time

In the future, I don’t want to see any of you within 3 miles of Oakland Club. Can you it?” 

Roberto Kennedy pinched the man’s injured hand and exerted all his strength


The man was about to die from the pain and his pale face was filled with pain

However, he still had to nod with difficulty

Yes. I understand.” 

Only then was Amelie satisfied. With the support of Aaron, she didn’t have to be afraid 

of anyone

She turned around and looked at the boss of this bar, who looked like a sincere person

However, how careless of him to run this bar to such an extent


Boss, you have to be honest when running the bar. Why are there so many dirty things in your bar?” 

As soon as Amelie spoke, the boss was frightened and quickly nodded

When you came in, didn’t you feel that this place was full of smoke?” 

Amelie asked everyone and even a few of the young men from rich families had to nod to 

show their agreement

Coming to this kind of place means harming your health. First of all, don’t you know that smoking is prohibited in public? Don’t you know how to disinfect and ventilate? As for the wine, it’s fake!” 

Amelie became angrier the more she spoke, and the boss’ face turned pale

Emilee was famous for not being drunk in Oakland Club though having a lot of wine. But she was completely drunk after just a short while in this bar

Don’t you know that drinking fake wine will be harmful to people’s health?” 

Amelie got angrier, but she did not have time to waste with them. After all, there was still a tough battle in Oakland Club

Angela, please report to the related department that he sells fake wine here.” 

Amelie called a few bodyguards in black to help Emilee up and sent her to the lounge of the Oakland Club nearby

By the way, report to them that there are hidden dangers in fire safety here.” 

Amelie seemed to have done nothing, but actually, she had done everything. This bar would soon disappear in Oakland

Aaron patted the boss on the shoulder

Why do you have to offend her? No one can help you now.” 

Aaron left with the bodyguards in black, leaving the boss alone to clean up the mess

After returning to Oakland Club, Aaron could not find Amelie and Emilee

Why were you running around? If I hadn’t arrived in time, you would have been in trouble. Do you understand?” 

In the resting room of Oakland Club… 

Amelie specially ordered someone to bring some milk for Emilee

Amelie felt disgusted by the fake wine smell on Emilee

You drink all the wine that everyone gives you, right? Do you think you are still an eighteenyearold innocent girl?” 

Emilee did not speak, which annoyed Amelie

It’s your birthday banquet, but you don’t want it. And you even made space for others

Now, the main character of the birthday banquet has become someone else.” 

Amelie seemed to have touched a raw nerve, and Emilee cried miserably

I am not the main character in the first place. I am just a foil!” 

Amelie made it straight

Since you knew it, why are you still sad now? You should cheer up!” 

Emilee was speechless. She looked up at Amelie and lowered her head dejectedly

You have a sharp tongue.” 

Amelie sighed. She sat by the bed and gently patted Emilee’s back

Don’t be discouraged. Today is your birthday. We all know it. Why don’t I take you out to play? We can go anywhere. We can call all the artists in Aaron’s company and have 


Emilee was even sadder. Her tears kept falling

Seeing Emilee’s wronged and tearful face, Amelie felt so heartbroken

Don’t cry. I am sorry that I said something wrong.” 

Amelie was most afraid of women crying, especially Emilee, and then she began to 

panic and did not know what to do

Amelie thought, when I mention Aaron, she seems to be even sadder.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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