The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 127

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 127


Chapter 127 Foul Air 

Wilton believed that such a small and unruly banquet was not worthy of the Capet 


Therefore, regardless of the noble Capet family, Cynthia was in no position to participate in the banquet

After all, she was not Emilee’s playinate, nor was she Thalia’s soulmate

If she rashly entered, it would only disgrace the Capet family

What was more, before Cynthia became Jeff’s wife, she was not a member of the Capet 


This was something Cynthia heard from the conversation between Jeff and Amelie

If Cynthia wanted to take part in the Springer family’s banquet, she could only be 

Lamont’s date

Cynthia understood this point. Lamont understood this as well, so he refused Cynthia so 


I know that you put in so much effort to participate in the Springer family’s banquet because you want to isolate Amelie. Amelie won’t take this kind of childish means 


Lamont disdainfully shook off Cynthia’s hand

What’s more, no one can take away what belongs to you. And even if you put in so much effort, you won’t keep around what doesn’t belong to you. The one who will be embarrassed is yourself.” 

After saying this, Lamont was even more unhappy. He could not understand why he could not help but speak for Amelie

Lamont was the one who wanted to see Amelie make a fool of herself the most

The more Lamont thought about it, the more annoyed he became. When he thought of Amelie’s gorgeous face and how she flirted with men everywhere, rage and irritation 

rose inside him

Cynthia sneered

Mr. Byron, I didn’t expect that you were so obsessed with Amelie. She once caused 

chaos in the Byron family, and she had affairs with many men after marrying you. But you want to protect her silently.” 

What Cynthia said offended Lamont

Anger instantly burst out from his eyes. Lamont wished he could burn the garrulous woman in front of him to death

Bullshit! Amelie is not worthy!” 

Cynthia chuckled. She achieved her goal. She wanted everyone to hate Amelie and make everyone stand on the opposite side of Amelie

Cynthia reminded Lamont that there was only hatred between him and Amelie

Amelie searched the entire hall, but she did not see Emilee

Where is Emilee?” 

Amelie was a little upset. Wouldn’t it be fine if one fought back after he was treated badly

There was no need to be afraid of Thalia. Why did Emilee run away at this critical 


Amelie was disappointed. In her impression, Emilee was not like this

Emilee was more revengeful than Amelie

Finally, Amelie found Emilee, who got drunk in a 24hour convenience bar next to 

Oakland Club

When Amelie pushed the door open, the smell of secondhand smoke and stinky sweat 

on men entered her nostrils

Amelie withdrew her foot that she had just stepped in. It was too disgusting, and the 

smell forced her out

Emilee could tolerate such a place. Amelie retched outside, and Amelie would probably live the rest of her life under the shadow of the smell just now

But her best friend was inside, and Amelie could not leave her behind

Amelie had to bite the bullet

Amelie took several deep breaths at the door, trying her best to forget the unpleasant scene just now. She wanted to forget the environment and the smell inside

After getting well prepared, Amelie took a big mouthful of fresh air and rushed in

The people at the door were all watching Amelie mockingly and talking about her

What’s wrong with her? She comes to this kind of place and complains that this place is dirty. Isn’t she too pretentious?” 

Her clothes are worth over 16 thousand dollars, right? She is from a wealthy family. What is she doing in here, then?” 

That’s right. If she has guts, she can stay away from this place. One can tell that her family falls. She even dresses like this and wants to fool others.” 

The discussion was a bit loud, and Amelie heard it clearly. She suddenly stopped

Amelie was cool and elegant, making one suffocate. Right now, she was like a divine. flower that suddenly descended to the earth, attractive but scary

Do you know why you accomplish nothing? You hate the rich and are jealous of those who are more outstanding than you. So, you are mediocre and unsuccessful!” 

Amelie retorted them and cast them a cold stare

The two people who were scolded wanted to retort, but they were terrified by Amelie’s domineering aura

Amelie did not have time to waste on these two vulgar people. After all, she was not

saint. She didn’t need to lecture anyone she met

At this critical juncture, she had to quickly get Emilee out of there

Amelie stepped on her high heels, but it did not affect her fast and dominant pace

Beauty, have another drink!” 

It was obvious that the men surrounding Emilee were born with silver spoons. They were encouraging Emilee to drink

Emilee was drunk, but she was drinking the mixed wine they handed over

Anger rose inside Amelie. Sometimes she did not know why she was always so angry

What a group of scums! How dare they ask Emilee to drink? They are not worthy!” 

Amelie was protective of her friend, and her eyes were fixed on the lustful man who was sitting next to Emilee. He was ready to get his hands on her

Hey! Who are you? Can’t you see that we are drinking?” 

Oh! What a peerless beauty! You are even more beautiful than Emilee. Are you also here 

to join us?” 

People sitting at the outermost edge of the room began to whistle

Amelie stared at the man who was immersed in Emilee’s beauty

Amelie took a big step forward, picked up a bottle on the table, and poured the whole bottle of wine on the few men who were watching the fun aside

Then, she stepped forward and turned over the man’s hand, which made crisp sounds

Ouch! It hurts!” 

You know that? If you dare to touch her, I will break your hand!” 

Amelie used a bit of strength and broke the man’s right hand without any mercy

Damn it! This girl is here to stir up trouble.” 

The person 

behind realized that the situation was not right and immediately got up to 

make a move

Don’t move!” 

The small bar was instantly filled with bodyguards in black, Those men had never seen 

such a scene

Those who didn’t know would think that the boss of this bar had offended someone 

from the underworld

All the people in the bar obediently stayed in their seats, not daring to move

A group of bodyguards in black rushed directly to where Amelie was

They quickly controlled all those rich black sheep

Who are you? How dare you ruin my plan? Do you know who I am?” 

The man’s right hand had just been broken by Amelie, and now he was controlled by a group of men in black

He was in a bad mood

Have you asked around who I am? You dare to treat me like this. Do you want to die?” 

Cut the crap!” 

The bodyguard beside him tightened his grip.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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