The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 126

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 126

Chapter 126 What a Perfect Match 

Amelie was stunned when she saw this scene. She was almost clear about the situation 


Wilton held a birthday party for Emilee and invited so many guests

This was something that had never happened in the past few years

Amelie thought that Wilton Springer intended to support his precious daughter

However, Amelie realized that it was not the case

Thalia was the protagonist today, and it was understandable that Emilee was angry

No one would feel comfortable about this

I will go and see Emilee.” 

From Emilee’s perspective, Amelie felt that the Thalia in front of her was hypocritical and did not look like a good person

Ignoring Aaron’s obstruction, Amelie left the banquet early

As soon as she stepped out of the banquet hall, she heard Wilton start to talk on stage

Amelie stopped and listened at the entrance to the banquet hall

Sure enough, the birthday party came to an end before the main character arrived. This 

was unreasonable

Emilee, was, after all, the eldest daughter of the Springer family. How could she receive such treatment

Even Amélie felt it was unfair

Amelie remembered that Emilee once said that only her mother doted on her when she was a child. Although her father did not love her as her mother and was a bit strict, Emilee had things that rich ladies had

Unfortunately, Wilton was never willing to keep Emilee company on her birthday


I am very happy today. I welcome everyone to attend my daughter’s birthday banquet

Thalia is a sensible child. When I proposed to hold a birthday party for her, she said that this would make our family too ostentatious.” 

Wilton’s words reached Amelie’s ears

Amelie thought, did I make a mistake

Amelie quickly realized what was going on with the birthday party today

Emilee was born on the same day as Thalia. In Wilton’s eyes, Thalia was the only daughter of the Springer family

Emilee misunderstood and thought that Wilton was going to celebrate her birthday

However, Emilee was smart. She must have guessed this and would not run over to 

make a fool of herself

Amelie chased out, but Emilee was nowhere to be seen

I am so worried about Emilee.” 

If Amelie remembered correctly, Emilee had gulped down several cups of beer before the 

banquet began

Emilee couldn’t drive now, and she did not have any money on her. Amelie didn’t want anything to happen to Emilee

Is Ms. Mullen going through the trash in the toilet?” 

This is too disgraceful. I feel ashamed if it gets out.” 

Amelie was slightly stunned. The voices of the two people behind her sounded familiar

She turned to look

It was Cynthia

The male partner holding her hand was not Jeff

It was Lamont. He was everywhere

Just now, Amelie went straight to the bathroom in the banquet hall. There was a photo thrown away by Emilee in the trash can

She took out a piece of tissue and picked the photo up. Only then did she realize that it was a photo of Emilee and her parents. Emilee had torn it into pieces

This scene just happened to be seen by Cynthia and Lamont who passed by

They were quite wellmatched. It was a pity that Jeff might have been cheated on by his 


Oh! You get together so quickly. Aren’t you afraid that Mr. Capet will also come to the banquet today?” 

Amelie was so eloquent that she never suffered a loss

What was more, Cynthia and Lamont picked the fight. Amelie had no place to vent her anger. They just happened to annoy her

They shouldn’t blame Amelie for not showing them mercy

Sure enough, Amelie hadn’t said anything yet, but Lamont was unable to stand it

He wrinkled his brows as he glared at Amelie

That’s right. The Springer family doesn’t invite the Capet family. Even if they do, as noble as Mr. Capet is, he won’t participate.” 

Are you belittling the Springer family?” 

Lamont let out a scornful smile, charging Amelie with insulting the Springer family who was not good enough for the Capet family

So be it. Amelie was not afraid. In short, if she found Emilee, she would mess up the 


Amelie would not let her good friend suffer even the slightest bit of grievance

Amelie was not afraid of anything. If the news of the Mullen family wanting to join the competition for the position of the Four Great Families was to be made public, the Mullen family would be at loggerheads with the socalled Four Great Families

It was better to use this excuse to cut off all cooperation that could not continue

Yes, Mr. Byron. Let it be. You are so disputative. I can’t beat you.” 

Due to Amelie’s tough attitude, neither Lamont nor Cynthia had the upper hand

You are quite wellmatched. Mr. Byron, you may as well compete with Mr. Capet. What if there is hope? Mr. Capet is a very generous person.” 


Before he said that Amelie was crazy, Amelie raised her hand and interrupted him

You are afraid that the scandal between you will be exposed. It’s disgusting. I’m leaving!” 

Without giving them any chance to fight back, Amelie left in exquisite high heels

She just left

Amelie left just like that


By the time Lamont reacted, Amelie had disappeared. He wanted to take the opportunity to make her unhappy, but now he made a fool of himself

Lamont was upset and clenched his fists tightly

Amelie! Just wait!” 

Cynthia, who was beside him, was also so angry that she clenched her teeth. Just now, she focused all her attention on Amelie’s expression when she mentioned Jeff

Cynthia did not have the time to retort, but by observing Amelie’s expression when she mentioned Jeff, Cynthia was certain of something

Amelie must be interested in Jeff. Cynthia had to get Jeff at all costs and make Jeff willingly stay by her side

Both Cynthia and Lamont hated Amelie. They were indeed a good match

Amelie dampened Lamont’s spirits, so Lamont lost interest in the banquet

Since Amelie had left, there was no meaning for him to stay

You can go in by yourself. I’m leaving.” 

Lamont didn’t bother to attend this kind of banquet or please such a kind of woman as 


He turned around and wanted to leave, but Cynthia grabbed his arm

Mr. Byron, what do you mean? You promised to be my partner for a day. I did 

everything I promised you. But you want to go back on your word.” 

When Cynthia saw that Lamont was going to leave, she immediately talked about the 

cooperation between the Byron Group and the Capet family

However, she did not know that Lamont hated being threatened the most

Are you negotiating terms with me?” 

Lamont’s imposing manner suppressed Cynthia, and Cynthia staggered back

In fact, what Amelie said just now was correct. The Springer family failed to get the 

Capet family to this banquet.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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