The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 125

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 125


Chapter 125 Birthday Party 

Belen hurriedly went back to the office and informed Amelie of the news about the 

cooperation between the Capet Group and Prosperity Global, but she was surprised that Amelie was even happier than Lamont

For a moment, Belen thought that Amelie had gone crazy with anger

Amelie did not bother to explain to Belen, only telling Belen that she would know it 

when the time came

Amelie did not expect that things would go so smoothly. She had long known that Cynthia was a hottempered and impatient person

However, Amelie did not expect Cynthia to be zerotolerant, and she had to give

thumbsup to Cynthia for her high efficiency

Amelie, who was worried that she would be threatened by Lamont in the audition just now, had nothing to worry about now. She had the trump card to win first place in the audition because of Cynthia’s high efficiency

Amelie was in a good mood. She casually dialed a phone number. On the other side of the line was the mysterious man who had coffee with her in the office that day

You must not know that this plan is going on more smoothly than we imagined.” 

Hey, Ms. Mullen. Do you know what day it is today? You are more and more willing to 

be a busy bee.” 

Amelie felt a chill wind behind her, and then someone’s complaints came at her like 

smoke bombs

It was Emilee Elton Springer

Oh!Amelie realized something suddenly

Amelie had almost forgotten that it was Emilee’s birthday today. During her absence over the five years, Amelie had missed her bestie’s birthday party five times

This time, Amelie was back. She promised to attend Emilee’s birthday party long ago. However, Amelie had been so busy recently that she forgot about this matter

Ah! Sorry, birthday babe. It is my fault. I was too busy to remember. Is it too late for me 

to go with you now?” 

Amelie immediately threw herself into Emilee’s arms. They were about the same height. Both of them were tall and slim, with beautiful long legs

Amelie blinked her eyes pitifully, looking like she was begging for forgiveness. Even Emilee, as a woman, could not hate her

Amelie, you know what? If you weren’t my bestie, you would be an eyesore with your angelicbitch looking!” 

Amelie grinned. She quickly changed her business wear and highheel shoes and held Emilee’s arm to go outside

See, as a birthday babe, I have to come to pick you up in person. You raise your head so high even before becoming a star!” 

My bad. I will definitely apologize to you, Ms. Springer.” 

Amelie pushed Emilee and left her office

Amelie estimated that the birthday party would be held in Oakland Club again this time

It was because only the bartenders there could meet Emilee’s taste for men

Therefore, Amelie directly located the car navigation to Oakland Club

I heard that Aaron recently recruited many topquality male artists.” 

Emilee sat in the passenger seat and looked at Amelie with a mischievous smile

Of course, Amelie knew what idea popped up in Emilee’s mind. Amelie sighed secretly, Emilee is good in every way except for a little lustful

If you want, you go and say it. I don’t want to say. It is too disgraceful if it is known by 


Amelie was not optimistic about Emilee’s way in this respect, especially after taking 

over the entertainment company

Stars were also ordinary people and hardworking laborers. They should be treated equally, but not like waiters who were casually called out to serve customers

However, it was Emilee’s birthday today. Of course, she could do everything she wanted

Don’t worry, I’ve got an okay from Aaron In advance. Maybe by the time we arrive, the cute guys have already been there for a long time.” 

Emilee specially invited the global topnotch makeup artist to put up the bestiesmakeup for them

Many big shots will come to attend my birthday party today. Maybe they can enlarge your view,” 

Amelie rolled her eyes. She really wanted to see what kind of big shots participating in Emilee’s birthday party

Emilee made a mystery of it, and it seemed like she had prepared a surprise for Amelie

Amelie did not realize that Emilee was not bragging until they finished their makeup and arrived at Oakland Club

The birthday party this time was probably not an internal social activity but a birthday banquet that Wilton had meticulously prepared for Emilee

How awesome you are! Your father personally prepares the birthday banquet for you.” 

Amelie was shocked by the pomp. It seemed that what Emilee said just now was true

Some big shots might be coming today

They were not too late. The banquet had not started yet. However, the guests had already trickled in

As soon as they entered the banquet hall, Emilee began to look around until a group of handsome male artists waved at her

There might be a dancing party today. Shouldn’t you select a dance partner among these topquality cute guys?” 

Amelie thought, it has been years! Emilee always pulls me along before she does something bad

I’m not interested in those guys.” 

As Amelie refused, she was pulled into the private room by Emilee

Hello, Ms. Springer and Ms. Mullen.” 

Well, they are quite sensible and polite to greet us. However, they are unlucky to meet Emilee, the Humanfaced Enchantress

Amelie thought so in her mind

Well, why hasn’t your boss been here?” 

Mr. Mullen went to pick up someone. He’ll be here soon.” 

Could it be some grand finale cute guy for me?” 

Emilee had an evil smile on her face, chatting with the group freely

The moment Amelie realized it, she was completely shocked

Amelie thought, Emilee really is a social butterfly

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, Emilee had squeezed into the middle of the group of cute guys and sat

Emilee even ordered them to pour wine for her. Amelie could not stand to see such


The banquet was about to begin, and Amelie pulled Emilee, who was reeking of alcohol, out of the private room with great effort

Come on, Emilee. You are the protagonist today. It is not proper to look like this,” 

Amelie took out a piece of refreshing candy and stuffed it into Emilee’s mouth to suppress the smell of alcohol on her body

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside, and it attracted the attention of many 


Wilton, you actually hid such a beauty. Look at Mrs. Springer, how young and graceful she is! We are jealous of you.” 

Now that you have no such thoughts, your two daughters are the most enviable, right? You old man, just wait to enjoy the rest of your life!” 

Outside, it was all about the Springer family

When Amelie brought Emilee over, she saw Aaron in the crowd at a glance


With shock full of her face, Emilee suddenly shook off Amelie’s hand and ran away in 

the blink of an eye


Amelie was at a loss whether she should chase after Emilee or not

Then Amelie shifted her gaze to the woman beside Aaron

Amelie thought, is she the one on everyone’s lips

Amelie had met this woman once before, through Aaron

The woman was Thalia

You are Amelie, right? Aaron often mentions you. Nice to meet you. I am a college classmate of Aaron, Thalia Springer.” 

Amelie did not pay attention to what Thalia said because many people around were talking about Thalia

Amelie was listening carefully to their discussions and learned roughly about Thalia

It turned out that Thalia was the second daughter of the Springer family, the daughter of Wilton and Claire Quest, Wilton’s second wife

Thalia was one year younger than Emilee. She was intelligent, and she went to college at the age of 16

Thalia had just returned from abroad yesterday for the sake of Emilee’s birthday.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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