The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 12

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 12

Lamont’s handsome face was filled with anger that was hard to hide, but it was somewhat different

from what Amelie remembered.

Amelie took a deep breath and pretended to be calm. She raised her head and looked at Lamont, her voice full of frivolous ridicule.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Byron? Are you also here to have fun?”

Amelie’s indifferent look immediately pissed Lamont even more.

Lamont thought, that woman, who used to only have me in her eyes, is actually so open behind my back

Due to the inexplicable possessiveness, Lamont unexpectedly grabbed Amelie’s slender waist and pressed her heavily against the bathroom door. He lowered his head and kissed her on her lips.

There was a unique scent of a male on Lamont’s warm lips. Feeling the familiar scent that belonged only to Lamont, Amelie was a little tempted. However, she furrowed her brows and pushed him away later.

Amelie frowned in displeasure and raised her hand to slap Lamont in the face.

“Mr. Byron, we have already divorced. Or are you just a thrill seeker?”


Lamont was shocked. No one had ever dared to hit him, but Amelie just slapped him.

Lamont was so angry that he laughed, thinking, I’ve really underestimated Amelie in the past! With Tyler’s support, she is so impudent! This woman is really disgusting as always!

“Amelie, I never realized that you were a chippy!” Lamont sneered with cold eyes, “Aren’t you afraid that you will be screwed if Tyler finds out that you’ve come to this place?”

A chippy? Amelie sneered in her heart, not understanding why she had fallen for such a man in the past.

Amelie and Lamont had been married for five years. Even if he had no feelings for Amelie, he should at least trust her. However, Lamont always convicted her regardless of the truth, and he was always biased against her.

“It’s none of your business, Mr. Byron. How could you be so concerned about me, Mr. Byron? Could it be you suddenly found out that you actually like me?” Amelie looked at Lamont with a playful look.

“Stop your wishful thinking!” Lamont glanced coldly at Amelie with a cynical gaze. “A woman as licentious as you…”

“Didn’t you try to hook up with a woman as licentious as me just now, Mr. Byron?”

Amelie interrupted Lamont and touched her lips with a hint, reminding Lamont of what he had just done.

Lamont watched as Amelie’s finger gently swept past his lips. For some reason, he felt a fire rise in his heart, but he had nothing to say about his impulsive actions just now.

Seeing him suffer a setback, Amelie felt even happier. She quietly leaned close to Lamont’s ear and exhaled. “Lamont, do you think you are degrading?”

When she loved him, he abandoned her. Now, she didn’t like him anymore, but he took the initiative to kiss her. It was really degrading.

“Amelie, you…”

“Amelie! Why are you so shameless? You’re already divorced, yet you still want to pester my brother!”

Before Lamont could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a sharp female voice. Elizabeth rushed forward in high heels, pointing at Amelie’s nose as she cursed.

“Where did this dog come from? It’s so noisy!” Amelie picked her ears and looked at Elizabeth with disdain. “Remember to tie this dog up. Don’t let it bark!”

“Amelie, you…” Elizabeth gritted her teeth and turned to Lamont. “Lamont, look at her!”

“Amelie, apologize to Elizabeth!” Lamont pursed his thin lips and looked at Amelie coldly.

“Apologize?” Amelie glanced at Elizabeth in disdain. “Is she worthy?”


Elizabeth pointed at Amelie with a red face, then sneered, “Amelie, do you think that you can attract Lamont’s attention by changing your trick? I advise you to give up as soon as possible. He is going to marry Leila soon. My family raised a murderer like you. It’s better to raise a dog!”

Lamont wanted to say that he would not marry Leila, but after thinking about it, he felt that there was no need to say it. Otherwise, Amelie would think that he was explaining it to her.

Lamont gave Amelie a meaningful look and tacitly agreed with Elizabeth’s words.

They had just divorced, and Lamont and Leila were going to get married.

He really couldn’t wait.

“Whether I am the murderer or not, the truth will be exposed sooner or later. But you should know if a murderer will marry into the Byron family.” Amelie sneered and found that she was absolutely calm.

“You dare to slander Leila as a murderer!”

Elizabeth and Leila were good friends. She could not bear to hear such words and raised her hand to slap Amelie in the face. However, Amelie grabbed her arm and gave her a resounding slap instead.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
Title: The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption :The Return of the Disguised Princess" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After five years of marriage, she thought that she had successfully made him change his mind and have feelings for her. It never occurred to her that he would send her to prison for trusting another woman. She decided to go back to her family along with the baby in her belly. Her brothers were in an uproar! Aaron Mullen, her eldest brother, ordered, "My five younger brothers, listen up! Guarding Amelie and teaching the playboy a lesson is our top priority!" Rex Mullen, her second brother, said, "Amelie, chin up. Here, take this black card. Go ahead and go shopping as long as you are happy." Mark Mullen, her third brother, said, "Jewelry is all I have. Amelie, take as many as you want." Sergio Mullen, her fourth brother, stood up as well. Tyler Mullen, her fifth brother, was the same indignant. And Daron Mullen, her sixth brother, doted on her the same. Everyone went all out, afraid that the apple of their eye would be unhappy. Amelie Mullen smiled heartily. On the contrary, Lamont Byron regretted it so much and set out to get her back.   In conclusion, "The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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