The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 115

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 115


Chapter 115 An Uninvited Guest 


Amelie frowned slightly and thought it turned out to be Cynthia

Cynthia was the only hostess recognized by the Capet family. Amelie had long heard of her name but had never seen her before

It was another uninvited guest from the Capet family

Starry Sea Entertainment was small in Oakland. Amelie did not know why these people were so interested and all came to take a look

So, was Cynthia Jeff’s fiancée

Cynthia’s identity was indeed unusual. Today, Amelie encountered a difficult opponent. If she had known earlier, Amelie would have asked Luciana and the others. There would 

not be such an awkward situation

However, Cynthia didn’t look as noble as she should be

Ms. Gladstone, it’s my fault. I didn’t recognize you at first glance.” 

Due to the cooperation with the Capet family and the fact that Starry Sea Entertainment was not globally invincible, Amelie still had to show Cynthia some respect

Cynthia snorted and became even more arrogant as she thought that Amelie was afraid 

of her identity

Do you know that the crystal cup is of great significance to Ms. Gladstone? Even if you close Starry Sea Entertainment, you can’t afford it.” 

What did that mean

Could it be that this crystal cup was not Amelie’s? Didn’t Sergio say that there was only 

one limited edition in the world

Amelie suddenly realized that there was probably a misunderstanding

Ms. Gladstone, why don’t we go to my office and have a chat?” 

Amelie was flexible

After all, in the business field, by taking a step back, there would definitely be a new turn of events

Amelie understood that she needed to do business with tact

After all, it was the Capet family. Amelie had to save some face for them. It was not good to get ugly with each other

Cynthia winked at the person beside her and complained that she had to change into a clean set of clothes first

After all, Cynthia had been splashed with water when she was snatching the cup

If Amelie remembered correctly, Cynthia seemed to have had mysophobia since she was 

a child

I see. I’m really sorry. Come on. Take Ms. Gladstone to the changing room

As soon as Cynthia left, Amelie slipped into the office. It seemed that she had indeed overthought it just now

Cynthia didn’t enter Amelie’s office, and the priceless crystal cup that Sergio had given Amelie was still placed on the bookshelf

Thinking of this, Amelie immediately called Sergio


It was good that Sergio answered it soon

I can miss the call from anyone but you.” 

To be honest, Sergio, are you sure that the limited crystal glass you gave me before is 


It happened many years ago

Sergio was speechless for a moment. Amelie called him when he was sleeping just to ask if his gift was real or fake. If it was someone else, Sergio would have taught this person


However, the person was his precious sister

Sergio sent a gift to his sister, but Amelie thought it was fake. No matter what, Sergio 

felt humiliated and could only look aggrieved

Amelie, I swear on my life that it’s not fake. It’s the limited edition in the world, and everything else is fake.” 

Come on, Sergio. I believe in you. I have to go. Bye.” 

Amelie blew Sergio a kiss and hung up the phone

In fact, it was not that Amelie did not believe in Sergio, but she just wanted to confirm which one of the two cups was real

Hearing Sergio’s words, Amelie was relieved

Amelie had never heard that Cynthia was a cup or crystal collector. Moreover, Cynthia was the future hostess of the prestigious Capet family and was famed in show business. She would not be so fond of a fake cup


Cynthia was so fond of this crystal cup because it was given by Jeff

Hey! Why aren’t you out to welcome Ms. Gladstone?” 

Amelie’s thoughts were disrupted. She raised her head and saw Cynthia’s arrogant assistant, Molly Wilson, glaring at her

Nowadays, even the subordinates of wealthy families had become part of high society, who were so arrogant. Unbelievable

Ms. Gladstone, please come in!” 

Amelie sighed helplessly. Before she could figure out the purpose of Cynthia’s visit, Amelie had to endure

Cynthia was brought to the sofa and sat down. She glanced at the bookshelf and saw

that looked exactly like hers


Amelie seemed to have noticed it and could only smile

I’m so sorry, Ms. Gladstone. This is just a misunderstanding. It’s because I have the 

same cup as you, so” 

So you suspect that Ms. Gladstone came to your office and stole your cup?” 

Speaking of this, Amelie clearly saw Cynthia trembling. If she wasn’t guilty, there must 

be more to the story

How could it be? How could Ms. Gladstone be that kind of person?” 

Molly, shut up!” 

Cynthia’s face clearly became gloomy as she scolded Molly

Why have you talked more and more recently? Are you tired of staying by my side?” 

Cynthia was good at scolding her subordinates. She looked overbearing and showed a sense of alienation. This made Molly immediately change her face in fear

In the end, it was Amelie who broke the awkward silence

Ms. Mullen, since you accidentally broke my cup, I won’t go too far if I spend a lot buying your cup, right?” 

Amelie was slightly stunned, and then she smiled

Of course. Ms. Gladstone, since you like this cup so much, I will naturally fulfill your 

wish. I’ll give the cup to you for free.” 

What a joke! As the richest woman in Oakland, Amelie wasn’t short of money at all

Amelie directly went over to pack up the dusty cup and handed it to Cynthia

Cynthia looked a little excited, but at that moment, the cup was suddenly taken back by 


Ms. Mullen, what do you mean?” 

A trace of displeasure flashed across Cynthia’s face as she suppressed her anxiety

Amelie was now certain how important this cup was to Cynthia. So, since she would give 

Cynthia this cup, Amelie would make it worth it

Ms. Gladstone, take your time. We have something important to talk about. When you leave later, I will definitely give it to you.” 

Cynthia snorted and sat down. She looked coldly at Amelie as if she was saying that Amelie would not dare to play any tricks

We ar 


are both smart. Tell me, what are your conditions since you don’t want money?” 

I know you’re straightforward.” 

Amelie did not expect that although Cynthia looked a little annoying, she was easy to get along with.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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