The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 114

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 114


Chapter 114 An Arrogant Artist 

Eden carefully looked at the document in his hand. The accounts were clearly recorded

In the three years after that, Galloway used a few means to transfer all the money to Draven’s personal bank account

Unbelievable! I remember your grandfather saying that after Galloway broke his promise, Draven quickly found a financial backer who could revive his company.” 

That could explain it

Draven accepted Galloway’s money to justify himself, but he couldn’t let the Springer family think that he had used Zoey to make a deal

Draven had chosen an indirect method, which also fulfilled his purpose

This further proved why Willard and Macey had to transfer the assets of the Byron family to the Aylward Group at all costs

In the eyes of Willard and the others, the Byron family achieved this today just because 

of the Aylward family

Those assets all belonged to the Aylward family

The vein in her temple pulsed more rapidly, and Amelie reached out to rub her head

The competition among the Four Great Families was more complicated than she had 


Right now, if the Mullen family wants to join the competition, it’s important to figure out the secrets that have been hidden for decades.” 

Eden sounded meaningful. The moment he looked at Amelie, he was both proud and 


I didn’t expect that in the end, the one who helped me, an old man in his fifties, realized the longcherished wish of the family was my dear daughter.” 

Amelie smiled. Since she left the Byron family, she was no longer the simple girl who 

would be bullied by others

Her motivation grew greater. Amelie aimed to revive her family

Amelie, you can actually rest at home for a few more days. I can handle the company.” 

Early the next morning, Amelie insisted on going to Starry Sea Entertainment

After a few days of negotiations, Amelie finally took back the management of Starry Sea Entertainment from Aaron

Belen, you’ve worked hard recently. I will definitely give you a raise later. However, the company is like my own child. I’d better handle it myself.” 

Belen snorted and complained that she was not such a shallow person

She did all this for Starry Sea Entertainment for the sake of her friendship with Amelie

When she came back, Amelie first went to the practice room to see the four pillars of Starry Sea Entertainment

Why did the four of you huddle in the same practice room?” 

The moment she came over and bumped into this scene, Amelie was confused

This practice room was not small, but singers needed their own space to create

The four of them all huddled together in the same room. If word got out, people would probably feel that Starry Sea Entertainment was in difficulties

Amelie, you’re finally back. If you don’t come back soon, Starry Sea Entertainment will be taken over by others.” 

Luciana was indignant. She would complain about whatever she couldn’t bear. At the sight of Amelie, the head of Starry Sea Entertainment, Luciana immediately rushed to 


At that moment, Akira pinched Luciana’s waist in anger

Ms. Mullen has just recovered. Why can’t you watch your language?” 

Luciana shrugged innocently. This matter could not be blamed on her. She could not 

help but say it out of anger

Don’t worry. Calm down. What exactly happened?” 

Akira, Rohan, and Sylvia all looked at Luciana. Amelie knew that this matter was definitely not small

Sure enough, given Akira’s threatening stare, Luciana wouldn’t say one more word

What’s wrong? The company is big. How can I not find out?” 

Amelie did not believe this. She was the boss of Starry Sea Entertainment. Was there anything she didn’t know about the company

Moreover, Belen did not mention this to her just now. Now thinking back, Amelie thought Belen’s behavior was indeed unusual

Amelie stepped on her high heels and headed to the practice room that belonged to Luciana and Akira. The moment she came to the door, she heard a loud voice

How did you guys do the styling? Do you believe that we can make all of you leave here, with one word?” 

Amelie frowned slightly as she listened

She had only been gone for a few days, but now someone dared to cause trouble in 

Starry Sea Entertainment

If Amelie came back a few days later, wouldn’t Starry Sea Entertainment be in trouble

When did such an arrogant artist come to our company?” 

Amelie pushed open the door and looked like a savior. The staff in the practice room breathed a sigh of relief

It seemed that this arrogant woman was the one Luciana had just mentioned, who would take over Starry Sea Entertainment

Amelie still wore a smile, but she showed some disdain

The artist in front of her was not bad in both appearance and figure, but this person had 

a very bad temper

You bastard? I was teaching my guys a lesson. Stay out of my business. How dare you 

be so rude? Get out!” 

Ms. Mullen.” 

Amelie did not retreat. Instead, she still wore a smile and looked more domineering 

than that person

You are Amelie?” 

The woman could not handle it and took a step back. She looked at Amelie with jealousy 

and disgust

You’re just a Zlist artist. How dare you shout at the people in my company?” 

Amelie looked down at the crystal cup in the woman’s hand, who seemed to have a great background

This woman even rushed into Amelie’s office without permission while she was away

How dare you talk to me like that? You’re running an entertainment company. Don’t you know about show business? Now, even a bumpkin can open an entertainment 


Amelie thought this vicious woman had such a sharp tongue

It was the first time Amelie had seen such a person in the past few years except for Leila

Actually, Leila couldn’t be on par with this woman at all

However, Amelie was not a pushover. How could she allow this woman to defile Star Sea Entertainment

I don’t even know you. How can you be a famous artist?” 

Amelie grabbed the crystal cup in the woman’s hand worth billions of dollars. She shook her head and snorted

What a pity. It should have been very precious, but once it is related to some loser, it is 


Immediately, with a bang, the crystal cup was broken into pieces on the ground, and the shards almost scratched the flustered woman


The woman trembled in anger. This glass was the top one in Oakland, as well as

limited edition


The woman with a gloomy face was going crazy

Hey! The one in front of you is the global Alist celebrity, Cynthia. Hurry to apologize for your stupid behavior.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
Title: The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption :The Return of the Disguised Princess" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After five years of marriage, she thought that she had successfully made him change his mind and have feelings for her. It never occurred to her that he would send her to prison for trusting another woman. She decided to go back to her family along with the baby in her belly. Her brothers were in an uproar! Aaron Mullen, her eldest brother, ordered, "My five younger brothers, listen up! Guarding Amelie and teaching the playboy a lesson is our top priority!" Rex Mullen, her second brother, said, "Amelie, chin up. Here, take this black card. Go ahead and go shopping as long as you are happy." Mark Mullen, her third brother, said, "Jewelry is all I have. Amelie, take as many as you want." Sergio Mullen, her fourth brother, stood up as well. Tyler Mullen, her fifth brother, was the same indignant. And Daron Mullen, her sixth brother, doted on her the same. Everyone went all out, afraid that the apple of their eye would be unhappy. Amelie Mullen smiled heartily. On the contrary, Lamont Byron regretted it so much and set out to get her back.   In conclusion, "The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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