The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 108

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 108


Chapter 108 A Shocking Secret 

It was already ten o’clock in the evening, but Jeff was still not sleepy. He even wanted to blame this on sleeping on a strange bed

But his mind was very sober, and what had happened played back in his mind over and over again

During the day, he did not realize how serious this matter was, but in the dead of the night, Jeff felt that this matter was very strange

Amelie was a smart woman. It was impossible for her not to realize the strangeness of this matter. Jeff had the urge to rush to Amelie’s room and explain this matter clearly

But it was already so late. Amelie might have already fallen asleep. It was not a good idea to disturb her late at night. Moreover, she was very weak right now. Jeff was gentle 

and considerate

Jeff, why did you wake up so early?” 

The next morning, Jeff woke up early in order to show that he was selfdisciplined. In fact, it was because he had not fallen asleep the entire night

Well, it’s not early. I don’t like to sleep late.” 

As soon as he left the room, Jeff met Amelie, who had already freshened up and was holding a glass of fruit juice, looking at Jeff with a surprised expression

I seem to have heard that you don’t have the habit of waking up early?” 

When she dressed up, Amelie lost her weak appearance from yesterday. Although she was still very thin, she was really beautiful, and her eyes were charming

Jeff was stunned by her. He did not realize that the dark circles under his eyes had already exposed his act

Really? Who did you hear it from? It must be rumors. By the way, Amelie, you look 

pretty good today.” 

If he continued to show a gentlemanly smile, he would probably only move. Amelie was smart and intelligent, and she could see through what Jeff was thinking. However, Jeff saved her yesterday, and he was her savior. Amelie could not make her savior feel 


Thanks for the compliment! Since you’re awake, let’s have breakfast together. I’ll wait for you downstairs.” 

Amelie was very polite, elegant, and gentle. It was this kind of temperament that made 

him feel inexplicably attractive

Jeff suddenly hammered his head and thought, what was I thinking? I just haven’t seen 

her for a few days

However, being able to have breakfast with Amelie was a pleasant thing. Jeff was 

secretly excited, but he had to restrain himself from revealing his true thoughts

In fact, he had been very awkward with the Mullen family since yesterday. The Mullen 

family was not embarrassed, but Jeff felt embarrassed, especially when the family ate breakfast together

Amelie, who is the person who kidnapped you? Your mother and brothers will never let him go!” 

At the dining table, someone brought up the unpleasant topic. Originally, the family had just reunited. They should have a good chat. It was reasonable to care about 

Amelie’s injuries

When this matter was brought up, Eden was angry. He wished that he could find that person right now and then dismember him

This was a family banquet. Other than Jeff, everyone else was from the Mullen family. Amelie did not hide any details of his kidnapping from her family

When she said this, Celia cried

The moment I think about how my daughter suffered that kind of pain and humiliation, I feel” 

Hearing this, the entire family choked with sobs for a moment, unable to speak. Amelie did not know how to comfort them. Jeff, who was at the side, was even more 

embarrassed. However, he had just mentioned this topic

Eden became even angrier. However, they still did not know who kidnapped Amelie

They couldn’t take revenge even if they wanted to

Even Amelie might not know this person’s identity

Amelie, you really don’t know?” 

Jeff called Amelie intimately. It sounded a bit strange, but this was not the point. The point was that Amelie had already investigated this person’s true identity

It’s the Aylward family. The man who kidnapped me was Willard’s father.” 

This sentence landed in everyone’s ears, followed by everyone’s puzzled expressions

What? How could it be Willard’s father?” 

In fact, they had guessed that it would be someone from the Aylward family, but they never thought that this person would be Willard’s father, who had been missing for so 

many years

Willard can actually persuade his father to work for him?” 

Jeff blurted out. It was a rumor that Willard was ruthless and vicious enough to imprison his own father for thirty years

Could it be that after so many years, this person had been released by his unfilial son and was asked to do something for him

Amelie seemed to have revealed some shocking secret. The moment she said this, not only did Jeff react greatly, even the entire Mullen family was shocked

However, although they were shocked, they still had to settle the score

No matter who it is, we can’t let them think that the Mullen family is easy to mess 


That was right. In order to give Amelie and the Mullen family a good impression so that he could get closer to Amelie in the future, Jeff volunteered to find out the truth of the 


Mr. and Mrs. Mullen, don’t worry. Amelie and I are good friends. I’ll help her with the matter. Her injury has not recovered, so just leave the investigation to me. I will definitely give you an explanation.” 

Amelie originally wanted to refuse because this matter was her own matter, and it was dangerous to investigate the matter. Moreover, she did not want to involve anyone else in this silent and targeted battle


Before she could reject, Eden stopped her. Amelie could only watch him look at Jeff with gratitude and appreciation and praise him

Thank you so much, Jeff. You are not only the benefactor of the Mullen family but also our lucky star.” 

That’s right. Jeff is such a good man. Amelie should feel honored to know such a friend like you.” 

Even Celia put in a good word for Jeff. Amelie choked back her words. In the end, she could only thank Jeff

Jeff’s goal was too obvious. It was difficult for Amelie to pretend that she did not know 


After the family banquet ended, Jeff left the Mullen’s house. Amelie was ready to go to the company to take a look, but she did not expect that Jeff would be so efficient.

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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