The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 1

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 1

The Return of the Disguised Princess By Emma R. Rodriguez Chapter 1

Draven Byron’s funeral had just ended

Amelie stood in the rain by Draven’s gravestone. She didn’t hold an umbrella, and the rain ran down her hair, salty and bitter

Amelie, you killed Draven. The proof is concrete. Stop being a phony and crying.” 

Leila Aylward, who could barely be regarded as a distant relative of the Byron family

looked sad

A servant held the umbrella for her while she pointed at Amelie and shouted

Amelie sneered and did not answer

Macey Aylward slowly approached and slapped Amelie on the face

Draven’s medicine was changed. You were the only one who went to his bedroom before he died. What do you have to say?” 

The rain fell on Amelie’s red and swollen cheek, making her even more painful. Yet she simply glanced coldly at Macey, her eyes icecold. She didn’t bother to explain at all

I didn’t kill Draven.” 

Amelie thought, I have been married to Lamont for five years. During the whole time, I have done nothing but dedicate myself. However, the Byron family still loathes me

Macey, my motherinlaw, is one of the people who hate me the most. She wants Leila, her niece, to give birth to a baby for Lamont, and then she can righteously kick me out of the Byron family. In her eyes, I am so lowly

In the entire Byron family, Draven was the only one who was nice to me

Now that Draven passes away, everyone can bully me without scruples

Well, I can put up with it. I can pretend that it’s not a big deal. I don’t care

The only one I care about is Lamont

Amelie wiped her face and looked at Lamont, who was sitting coldly in a corner of the 


Lamont, you believe in the, right?” 

Lamont’s eyes were cold and indifferent, and he did not even glance at Amelie

She thought, his handsome face is the same as when we first met, and it is still so cold

I’ve been his wife for five years, and his attitude toward me has never changed

He treats me as if I were a stranger to him

I have been on my knees for hours, but I still refuse to give in

However, his gaze stabs my heart so deeply, and the pain is killing me

Lamont, you know better than anyone how I treated Draven these five years. How could I possibly kill him?” 

It was only then that Lamont looked at her

Yet there was no trust in his eyes, not even the slightest sympathy

His eyes were as cold as ever

There’s no point in quibbling.” 

His lips parted slightly as he said these words, making Amelie’s straight spine tremble

She thought, Draven was bedridden, and I took care of him by myself. The Byron family had plenty of money, yet they didn’t even want to get him a carer

I did all the dirty work

As long as I can be around Lamont, as long as he is happy, then I’m happy as well

Now that Draven is dead, and I’m slandered, all Lamont thinks is that I am quibbling

Macey, who was at the side, sneered

What a bumpkin. Sure enough, you are a woman from some remote village. You are so shortsighted. Do you think that just because Draven is gone, you get to inherit the Byron family’s property?” 

The surrounding accusations were nothing but harsh, but all Amelie could think of were 

Lamont’s words

She stifled the dull pain in her heart with all her might

I have been taking care of everyone in the family for years, and I have handled all the group’s affairs well. How could I kill Draven for the sake of family property?” 

Lamont sneered, A woman like you can do anything.” 

His cold voice was filled with disgust, and his contempt and indifference towards 

Amelie were so obvious

At that second, Amelie could almost hear the sound of her heart breaking

She thought, for Lamont, I gave up everything to marry into the Byron family. I have dedicated myself to the Byron family for five years without complaint, and I have been treated as a maid. However, Lamont still doesn’t trust me at all

I can’t believe he agrees with such a ridiculous reason

He actually thinks I killed Draven for the money

Amelie gritted her teeth, her scarlet eyes filled with fury as she questioned him

Lamont, what am I to you?

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

The Return of the Disguised Princess by Emma R. Rodriguez

Status: Ongoing
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