The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford) Chapter 1257

The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford) Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 She Could Hear Their Minds.

Lilly looked at Joe blankly.

Wait, why did she feel like she could “see through” what Joe was thinking?

Lilly was concentrating, she only heard noises. Everyone present was muttering or cursing in their hearts, some were angry, some were swearing, some were disdainful…

She seemed to be standing outside the Three Realms, with a heavenly perspective… She could “hear” other people’s minds!

Lilly confirmed it several times, then suddenly turned to look at her brother.

She could hear him thinking anxiously in his heart: What happened to my sister? Why does she have such an expression??

Lilly was speechless, “…”




Great, something big happened! She had mutated!!

Lilly quickly stood up and ran outside.

Josh was stunned, “???”

Zachary was also stunned.

As if hearing their voices, Lilly turned back and said in a hurry, “Josh and Zac, I’m leaving first! I have urgent matters! I feel like I’m about to get a big upgrade!!”

After that, she disappeared.

Josh and Zachary, “…”

Uh, so that was it.

In the past, there were also times when she ‘couldn’t hold it in any longer and hurriedly sought out breakthroughs.

Hey, it was another day to envy my sister. Upgrading and enlightenment was such an


everyday thing to her like eating and drinking!‘ Josh thought.

Zachary thought, ‘Well, my sister is so powerful again, I have to work harder…

Josh and Zachary wanted to leave, but the police officer was questioning them, “Are the next door?”



He said truthfully, “No, we just came here to play, and we happened to hear someone calling for help.”

The brothers not only were stalking them during this period, but in order to handle any unexpected circumstance, they played with the children of Ivy’s neighbor and the children. of Raven’s neighbor.

The police officer asked again, “Where is your home?”

Zachary frowned, “Why are you asking us these? We are not bad people.”

The police officer said, “This is just a procedural inquiry.”

Josh replied, “We live in Dragon Bay.”

He didn’t mention the Crawford family manor, but mentioned a property in his mother’s


The police found it a little strange, “You are from Dragon Bay, why did you come all the way here?”

It can be said that Zachary’s effort of playing online games with these two naughty children for a week was not in vain.

“We met through online games, and we made an appointment to come here to play.”

Police officer was speechless, “…” It seemed to make sense.

The neighbor next door was confused, “Huh? Haven’t they left yet?”

The two adults were really confused, they didn’t hear any movement at all, and they were sound asleep.

The naughty boy looked at Zachary eagerly, “Master! Are we still playing?”

Not sure why, but the naughty boy didn’t hear any movement just now. He also did not notice when Josh and Zachary went out.

Zachary waved his hand, took back the playful ghost on the naughty boy’s head, and said, “Let’s go



The naughty boy was reluctant to leave, he looked at the great master in the gaming world, as if he was dreaming. He unexpectedly met the great master while playing games, and even played with the great master for several days. The great master even came to his house!

Josh also took back the sleepy ghosts on the heads of the two adults…

The sleepy ghost half–opened his eyes and said drowsily, “Huh? Are we done? I’m going back to sleep!”

“Yawn, I’m so sleepy. It’s been another hard day at work. I have to catch up on three days of sleep when I get back.”

Josh and Zachary went back after giving their statements together. The next day, they went to provide further details again, and there was no need to go there again thereafter.

The criminal facts of Joe and the other three people were extremely clear, there were witnesses and physical evidence. They were also caught red–handed at the scene, which was the most direct evidence, plus their cameras recorded the facts of their crimes…

Forced break–in and robbery (in order to take away the files in Ivy’s computer, the camera. recorded the process of Joe turning on Ivy’s computer), attempted rape, organized and premeditated, ill–intentions…

It was also discovered that the recent leakage of a female teacher’s private photos was also done by Joe. This scandal became bigger and bigger. The police discovered that Joe had also stalked Raven, defamed and slandered, and used the photos to make profits…

Joe was sentenced to twelve years of prison, and the others were sentenced to five to seven years because they were accomplices, had a good attitude in pleading guilty, and actively cooperated with the report.

Raven had already woken up, she was watching the news with an expressionless face.

In the days after she became a ghost, she took revenge wildly.

She had seen with her own eyes on how her photos were spread, and it was definitely not stopping at this moment.

However, she had already become a ghost, so what should she be afraid of?

Raven’s personality had quietly undergone a major change. She used to be a cute, kind- hearted, and soft–spoken little teacher.

Now a seed of madness had been planted in her heart. Whoever spread rumors about her in the future, or if she found out who circulated her photos…

She would definitely go crazy, she did not have a good time, and those who did not want her


to have a good time would definitely pay their prices.

In the underworld.

The King of Styx was guarding Lilly’s body. The little girl had her eyes closed at the moment, sitting cross–legged with her hands on her knees…

She was so cute!

He wanted to rub her face!

There was no one around now, and the King of Hell had not woken up yet from practicing.

Then it shouldn’t matter if he rubbed it quietly, right?

The King of Styx’s hands were itchy and he was eager to try. He was still a little scared when he thought of the powerful woman, but he couldn’t help it.

“Just try once…”

He finally reached out his hand and rubbed Lilly’s head.

Wowso cute

However, the next moment, Lilly’s body suddenly glowed with golden light, dissipating inch by inch, like a broken puzzle piece…

The King of Styx was shocked.

The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford)

The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford)

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford) - is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Noveljt is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of new adult, gay and lesbian, fantasy romance and contemporary romance novels.. She writes moving, character-driven romantic tales where art and love entwine to heal, and love always triumphs.

Synopsis : The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford)

Lily was forced to kneel in the freezing snow for a full day because her stepmother had suffered a fall, resulting in a miscarriage. As a result, she was exiled from home because her family believed she brought bad luck. However, just as she was at the brink of death, all eight of her uncles arrived in time to save her. The eldest uncle said, 'It's time for the Hatcher family to go bankrupt.' Her second uncle exclaimed, 'Anyone who harms Lily will be dead!' Mr. Crawford was so furious that he beat her useless father to a pulp while pleading, 'So what if she's the daughter of the Crawford family? She's a jinx that caused her mother's death and her father's bankruptcy!' Little did they know that as soon as Lily returned to the Crawford family, her luck improved, and even the bedridden Mrs. Crawford regained her strength. Lily was later blessed with an amazing father who loved her dearly.

About the Author: The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford)

“The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford)“ New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author I’m a lover of all things romance – novels, poetry, flowers and chocolate (Snickers and chocolate covered peanuts are my favorite). I also love visiting romantic destinations – the sunny beaches of the Caribbean and romantic European cities including London and Paris. My idea of heaven – a comfy lawn chair on the beach in the shade of a palm tree, with a sizzling romance novel and a pina colada. When I’m not writing I’m studying Psychology. I find the field of study fascinating. My book The Princess to Eight Uncles (right next to tons of romance novels). Reading is my life!

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The Princess to Eight Uncles

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What is Billionaire books?
The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford) is a subgenre of Billionaire novels with darker themes and mature content. These stories often come with content warnings, morally-gray characters and plots riddled with trauma and violence.
Can Boys/ Girls  read Billionaire?
According to a survey conducted by Billionaire Writers The Princess to Eight Uncles (Lily and Mr. Crawford) of America, only 80% of Billionaire readers are men and woman but this number should be higher for many reasons. For one, more men should read Billionaire novels because they can serve as instruction manuals for relationships.
How to write a clean billionaire romance ? 
Clean billionaire romance readers prefer no explicit s*x, no s*x before marriage, mild to no cursing, and no graphic violence.

Conclusion :

The Princess to Eight Uncles is a billionaire and interest-catching novel you must read in 2023, especially if you love books or storylines revolving around the billionaire genre. What next do you want to know about it? Relax, and delight your mood with a lovely novel telling a plot on marriage, divorce, a billionaire lifestyle, and several incidents.. All Chapters Free Read


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