The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 83

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 83

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 83

Chapter 83 I Will Marry You 


Vivi took a breath, squeezed her fingers, and said, You saidyou will marry me.” 

Yes,Boris didn’t deny it, put out the cigarette, and said softly, I said so.” 

You also said that you would take care of me,since he said this, Vivi settled her mind, and her 

tone also calmed down, and you will give me everything I want.” 

Boris smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes, I’ve done it for so many years.” 

Vivi nodded subconsciously


She said she wanted to study abroad, and he helped her realize her wish

She said she wanted to enter the entertainment industry, and he escorted her, spending money for resources all the way

She said that she wanted to be Mrs. Lewis, so he got engaged to her regardless of Grandpa Lewis’s objection

He was almost responsive to her every request, giving her whatever she wanted, which was 


But she knew that there was a reason for all of this

Seeing that she didn’t answer, Boris was a little impatient

He tapped his fingers on the table and asked, I remember I said something else at the time. All of this has a premise, right?” 

Vivi’s eyes dimmed, You said you want me to be sensible.” 

Be more specific,Boris said

Her face froze a bit, I am not allowed to ask anything about you.” 

It seems that you still remember,Boris was quite satisfied with her answer, So did you do something wrong today?” 

He was referring to her asking about his relationship with Ziana

Vivi felt aggrieved, I’ll be your wife soon, and seeing you appearing with other women, can’t I ask about it? Boris, although you agreed to be with me at the beginning because I saved you, for so many years, don’t you understand my feelings for you?” 

Boris’s eyes turned cold, and he looked at her seriously, Are you insatiable?” 


Five years ago, when he regained his vision and learned that she had saved him, he asked her what reward she wanted

She said she just wanted to be his wife

Boris recalled the past, and sneered, I agreed to your request and asked you to think clearly. You can be Mrs. Lewis but you can’t ask for my love. I gave you money and status, and now you even ask for my love?” 

Vivi smiled bitterly, You clearly know that those are not what I really want, the only thing I want is you!” 

Everyone envied her relationship with Boris, but only she knew that this relationship was more like a oneman show by herself

He hadn’t contacted her once in five years, never

She did these all by herself

Vivi was not reconciled, Boris” 

Vivi, let me say it again,he interrupted her with no emotion in his voice, you take what I gave you, and don’t think about what I didn’t give you. If you are sensible, I can take care of you too.” 

His tone was calm, but it was obviously cold

Vivi knew that he was angry, and it would be unwise to ask further questions

Feeling very sad, she changed the subject, You went on a date with Miss Scott in the amusement park today, does this count as a betrayal of me?” 

What compensation do you want?Boris admitted directly, and asked casually, A LevelS movie resource? Or one million dollars?” 

Vivi squeezed her hands and said firmly, Marry me within three months.” 

Boris was silent for a long time

Just when she suspected that he wanted to refuse, he agreed, Okay.” 

Vivi breathed a sigh of relief

Anyway, let’s get married to him first

The feelings that were not cultivated before marriage could be developed slowly after marriage

Then I’ll go downstairs first,Vivi’s visit was not fruitless

Wait a minute.Boris stopped her, Tell me again how you saved me five years ago. At that time, my right eye was injured. Did you find me by the sea?” 


Vivi’s eyelashes flickered, covering the panic in her eyes, Boris, haven’t you always been reluctant to mention those things? What happened today” 

Whatever I ask you, you just answer,Boris rolled his eyelids

Vivi was at a loss for words, Okay. I did find you at the seaside” 

It took her two minutes to finish the process

He was found by the sea and sent to the hospital for treatment, after which he woke up

After Vivi finished speaking, she asked with concern, That’s it. By the way, Boris, how is your mood recently?” 

You go out,Boris remained calm

Vivi pursed her lips, Okay, then you can go downstairs to eat later.” 

Boris looked at the back of her leaving, his dark eyes were insidious

It was his left eye that was injured at the time, but he deliberately said it was his right eye just now, and she didn’t deny it

Either she didn’t listen to him well, or she didn’t know which of his eyes had been hurt, so she avoided talking about it

He had never doubted that he was rescued five years ago, and he believed that Vivi was his savior, but today he lied to her on a whim, and the result was surprising

He thought of Ziana’s arrogant and flamboyant words in the amusement park, and his forehead jumped suddenly

Perhaps, it should be reinvestigated


Zezili looked at Ziana who was in high spirits and nodded happily, Your condition is much better than before here. It seems that after you divorced Boris, you are really doing well.” 

Ziana was embarrassed by the words, It’s pretty good. Grandpa, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you personally about the divorce.” 

Zezili waved his hand, I know what’s going on even though you didn’t tell me, he must have forced you, you are such a good wife, he doesn’t know how to cherish it, it’s really a crime.” 

Ziana smiled generously, Yes, not any people can get me. I gave him a chance, but he is useless.” 

Yes! Useless!Zezili continued to scold, Unworthy stuff! He insisted on divorcing you for a woman who can’t stand on stage. He will regret it in the future! At that time, I will set off Chapter 83 Will Marry You 

50 109 

firecrackers to celebrate, who told him to have bad taste!” 

Get Bogus 

Ziana agreed, and raised her red lips, Grandpa is right! He doesn’t love me because he has bad taste, so he can’t see how worthy I am to be loved. Grandpa, tell me, I’m super good, right?” 

Zezili was a fan when he opened his mouth, Protect the best sweetheart in the world!” 

Ziana’s eyes were bent with a smile, By the way, Grandpa, do you still have the medicine I gave you 


Yes, yes,Zezili said, If there is no more, I will tell you, let’s not talk about my illness now, let’s talk about you, have you met a good man now? How about that Yaron?” 

Him?Ziana smiled, do you want me to be with him?” 

It’s just that you two look good, and your appearance matches well,Zezili commented

Ziana blinked, It’s impossible for me to be with him, I don’t like his style, but besides him, I also met many men, hundreds of them!” 

So many? Where are they?Zezili continued, Show me and let me help you to choose. This time, you have to keep your eyes open and find a good man.” 

Ziana thought that she was free anyway, and there was still some time before eating, so she took out her mobile phone, found the group of her men, and showed it to Zezili, They are all here.” 

Zezili became interested, Hey, there are more than 800 people in the group! Grandpa will help you to choose one. How do they look? Don’t choose the ones that are not goodlooking.” 

Ziana said casually, Then let them send a photo? Grandpa, you should see all of them and choose 

one for me.” 

When Boris went downstairs, he heard this sentence just in time, and asked curiously, What are you going to choose?” 


Zezili was now angry with Boris

What a good wife she was, and more than 800 men were treating her like a treasure, but he was blind and divorced her

So when he heard his question, he said angrily, I want to pick a boyfriend for Ziana, what’s your business?” 

Boris frowned when he heard this

In the next second, he walked over and stood behind the sofa, looking down, he could see the mobile phones they were holding

Zezili glared at him, What are you doing? Your girlfriend is helping out in the kitchen, hurry up to help her, don’t stand in our way!” 

Boris’s eyes remained unchanged, I have to watch things like picking a boyfriend for my exwife, after all, she has never had a good eye for men.” 

Ziana smiled and raised her eyebrows, If you want to scold yourself like that, I have no objection.” 

Boris choked

Zezili fanned the flames, Ziana, let’s ignore this stinky divorced man! He is already an old man, isn’t it good for a newcomer? Come on, let these people in the group send photos, I want to check it out for you.” 

Ziana then sent a message in the group

Queen Ziana: @ All members, everyone send a selfie to let me see, if you don’t have one, take a selfie now.” 

Boris witnessed all this, the corner of his mouth twitched

With her tone, she was really like an emperor choosing a concubine, but when he saw the number 

of people in the group, her eyes turned black

He remembered that when he joined the group, the total number of people was only more than 300, and now after less than half a month, there were already 800 people

Where did Ziana abduct so many men

No way

Were these men willing to be brainwashed by her as backup

No selfrespect at all

Lanter 91 1

Boufroud for Zina


As Boris thought about it, a message alert tone was sounded, so he quickly looked toward Ziana’s 


Before she spoke, the group was still very quiet

As soon as she called every one, it was like a bomb dropped into the water, blowing out everyone in 

the fish pond

No.251: My treasure! Finally, you have shown up! I am so sad seeing that you dated another man 

today. You must kiss me for compensation. ” 

Boris got angry when he saw it and commented without thinking, Kick this person, it’s too 

disgusting! Ziana, don’t tell me, you are interested in this now.” 

Ziana rolled her eyes, Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand, he’s called cute or coquettish, he’s adorable doggie.” 

Heh, he is not even human. Are you going to fall in love across species?” 

Ziana was so shocked that she was speechless, and explained, A doggie now means young and clingy‘ 

I won’t listen!Boris interrupted her, Anyway, this won’t work.” 

Ziana sneered, I think it’s okay.” 

Zezili glanced at his grandson, noticed his expression, and said, I think it’s not bad, this kind of clingy man is better than some people who have a cold face all day long.” 

Ziana felt relieved, Grandpa, let’s continue watching. There are quite a few photos.” 

No. 88 [ picture ] Honey! I love you.” 

No. 309: [ picture ] Honey, is the handsome wolf dog okay? With maximum Boyfriend power! I can give you princess hugs casually!” 

No. 111: [ picture ] Honey, what do you mean by asking us to post photos suddenly? Do you want to pick someone to sleep with? If yes, I want to say loudly: choose me!” 

No. 696: [ picture ] Honey, is it not good to choose me? I can play with my mobile phone by myself, can take care of myself, will be hungry at mealtime, and run home when it rains!” 

No. 734: [ picture ] Honey, look at me! Choose me, I am so cute, you must choose me!” 

Ziana clicked on the photos one by one, and asked Zezili, Grandpa, do you find any of them good?” 

No. 88, his hairline is too high, and he will definitely be bald in the future,Boris lowered his eyes and said without emotion, It is speculated that his kidneys are not good, so he should be eliminated.” 

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis On the day of the divorce, Boris Lewis gave Ziana Scott 100 million dollars on the condition that she take the child back to remote mountain. Not long after, the two met again. The ex-wife he identified as poor wore tens of millions of the world's only high-end shoes, and her feet were priceless crystal high-heeled shoes. She brazenly said in front of the camera that she owns a gold mine. Boris Lewis thought, a mere 100 million, why are you pretending to be rich? I'm worth hundreds of billions and I don't dare to brag like that! He and the majority of netizens are waiting for the day when she slaps her in the face. It turns out that her family's gold mines are innumerable, and she is not a poor farm girl, but a genius with super IQ, a master of many sciences, a god-level master, a national chess player, a master of metaphysics... And the savior who he has been looking for for many years. In order to get Ziana Scott back, Boris Lewis made love madly. "I want a kiss!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" The reporter interviewed Ziana Scott, "What is the relationship between Mr. Lewis and you?" "Oh, he's my simp ex-husband." She smiled swayingly, "but the next one is better. We'll never get back together." In conclusion, "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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