The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 201

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Fortunately, She Is Fine 

This punch came fast and fierce

However, Edison’s reaction was also quick, he turned sideways to avoid it, and barely brushed his cheek with his fist

Boris quickly withdrew his fist and made another attack. Edison sneered and started to counterattack 

No! What are you two doing?!” 

Steven also just climbed up from the water, when Ziana fell just now, he jumped too

It’s just that he didn’t find the right direction, and he was caught by several waves, which blinded him and almost confessed to being in the sea

After being picked up, he learned that Ziana had passed out, so he rushed over and saw the two fighting in the corridor

He trotted forward, shouting, Boris! I’ll help you!” 

Boris stopped him directly

Steven jumped anxiously, Biber, didn’t you see? Edison is fighting with Boris!” 

Do you need your help?Boris looked down at him, Stop making trouble!” 

Steven thought about Boris’s fighting power, but he didn’t panic anymore, and watched the play by the pestle, That’s true.” 

As far as his Boris’s skill is concerned, he has never met an opponent in a single fight, and Edison looks weak


Steven took the dry towel from Livia, wiped his hair and asked, Why did they fight?” 

Boris wiped his smile, I became a beauty when I was so angry at the crown.” 

Ah? For Ziana?” Steven reacted and was immediately moved, Boris is too kind to me! I know that I like ZianaNo, Boris already knew that I like Ziana. Why are you beating Edison now? Could something happen to Ziana?” 

He said that he could no longer feel at ease, No, I want to go in and see Ziana!” 

Let’s go later!Boris said calmly, Miss Scott is fine, she was stimulated, how long will they be with you now?” 

Steven heaved a sigh of relief, and nodded blankly

He always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t think of what it was for a while, so he could only watch the two fight 


Unexpectedly, Edison gave birth to a flirtatious face, and he looked so weak that he actually had two brushes

He went through dozens of tricks under Boris before he started to show signs of fatigue

It is estimated that if you last another five minutes, you will lose

It’s not Edison’s fault

In fact, he is very powerful, but Boris has received inhuman systematic training, and because he has experienced many battles

he has the advantage

Boris has been abroad since he was four years old. After entering the local aristocratic school, he was ostracized and bullied because he was a loner and his parents were away. At that time, he was beaten one more time. After that, he began to learn from worldrenowned boxing and fighting coaches

From the age of four to twentytwo, he will train every morning, and even spend a month alone every summer to participate in militarystyle training., are much taller than ordinary people, even worse than some famous coaches in China

as expected

Less than five minutes

Boris kicked Edison to the ground

There was a raging fire in his heart, but his eyes became more and more cold, and even his voice was as cold as a knife on

snowy night

Don’t you know the dangers of water skiing? Since you brought her here, you should ensure her safety! If you can’t guarantee it, you shouldn’t indulge her blindly just to please her! A man takes a woman out to play to ensure her safety, It’s the most 

basic, so I need to teach you this!” 

Because of his excitement, his heart fluctuated violently, and the words he said were also arrogant and fierce, It’s a good thing she’s fine today, otherwise I’ll kill you!

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis On the day of the divorce, Boris Lewis gave Ziana Scott 100 million dollars on the condition that she take the child back to remote mountain. Not long after, the two met again. The ex-wife he identified as poor wore tens of millions of the world's only high-end shoes, and her feet were priceless crystal high-heeled shoes. She brazenly said in front of the camera that she owns a gold mine. Boris Lewis thought, a mere 100 million, why are you pretending to be rich? I'm worth hundreds of billions and I don't dare to brag like that! He and the majority of netizens are waiting for the day when she slaps her in the face. It turns out that her family's gold mines are innumerable, and she is not a poor farm girl, but a genius with super IQ, a master of many sciences, a god-level master, a national chess player, a master of metaphysics... And the savior who he has been looking for for many years. In order to get Ziana Scott back, Boris Lewis made love madly. "I want a kiss!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" The reporter interviewed Ziana Scott, "What is the relationship between Mr. Lewis and you?" "Oh, he's my simp ex-husband." She smiled swayingly, "but the next one is better. We'll never get back together." In conclusion, "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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