The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 179

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead Chapter 179

Chapter 179 A Shame 

After speaking, he looked at Ziana, who was looking at him with her cheeks on her hands

Under such a focused gaze, he felt a little embarrassed 

Boris coughed uncomfortably, I’m talking to you, why are you staring at me?” 

Where do you get the confidence to say that?Ziana raised her eyebrows, then pointed to the left half of his face, Does it hurt?” 

Bonis came to his senses, paused, and hummed softly, I thought you didn’t see it!” 

He almost put his face in front of her eyes

It seemed that being pathetic still worked

If everything went on like this, it wouldn’t take long for them to reconcile as before

Boris remained calm on the face but secretly delighted in his heart 

He had even started planning to study hard from the characters in the novel

The first time, he set himself up for more severe injuries

The second time, he let himself break an arm or a leg

The third time, he made the Lewis Company go bankrupt, and then he begged her to take him in

What a perfect plan

When he was looking forward to a bright future, Ziana’s voice interrupted his thoughts

I saw it.She frowned, It’s very swollen, turn your face away, and I’ll see if it’s serious.” 

Now, do you care if I’m hurt badly? You even beat me up for Edison! And you threatened to make me disappear with my family!! remember everything!Boris thought

Despite what he thought, the novel he had read taught him to play pity when his exwife noticed he was injured

Boris thought about the notes he had made after staying up all night and said awkwardly, You already have a crush on Edison, so why do you care about me? Just let me swell, it’s better to hurt me to death, when the time comes, you can be with whomever you want, and I will never hinder you again.” 

Ziana was speechless

Boris continued, Anyway, I’m redundant. As long as you don’t love me, you think I’m redundant.” 

Ziana glared at him, I told you to turn around, I didn’t ask you to talk nonsense.” 

Are you yelling at rpe again?Boris was happy in his heart, muttered something, and turned half of his swollen face to her, Look, you 

can watch it if you want, but you don’t have to feel guilty, actually I’m not angry with you. What makes me sad is that you hit me for 

another mary 

Ziana looked at the swollen face, raised her hand, and hit it, Slap!” 

Boris was stunned by the sudden pain

He turned his head in astonishment, half of his face twitched slightly due to the pain, and even his teeth were chattering, Why did you hit me again?” 

Ziana withdrew her hand and said doubtfully, Didn’t you say you weren’t angry?” 

Boris’s eyes were sore from the pain, and he wanted to laugh, but his face was too swollen, and with another slap, it wasn’t easy to 



He took a breath, I’m not angry. But why?” 

Ziana smiled, You kept using the words wild man, you’re insulting my suitors and me, and you’re insulting yourself if I hear it again, 1 will still do it I’m going to beat you until you learn to respect others 

She stood up while he was in a daze and walked out. I’m annoyed when I see you now, so stop stalking, it’s really a shame Mr. Lewis, don’t force me to say something harsh, otherwise, I wont be able to explain to grandpa” 

After Ziana finished speaking, she lazily rubbed her neck, and the long skirt showed her figure to the fullest

She opened the door and walked out

The door was closed again

Bons’s face was still in pain, but it couldn’t compare to the pain in his heart

But it seemed that he had heard this kind of words too much, this time, he was not as sad as last time

Anyway, it’s normal for Ziana to misunderstand him, and he had already accepted her attitude

This woman was very fierce now, and her words were harsh, but he accepted it

Boris cheered himself up, reworked his psychological training, quickly picked up his mood, and left quickly

When Ziana returned to her luxury cabin, Edison was still there

She blinked unexpectedly, Didn’t you go back to your room?” 

Edison roughly glanced at her, noticed the slippers on her feet, and understood what had happened

He smiled and explained, Not yet, seeing that you have a lot of things here, I want to stay and help you clean up.” 

You are too considerate!Ziana sighed from the bottom of her heart, Then I won’t be polite to you!” 

Edison said casually, Serving the princess is what I wish for.” 

Ziana didn’t bring a maid with her, but she did bring five suitcases, and it would take a long time to pack them up by herself

She picked out the suitcase containing her personal clothes and pushed it to the bedroom, leaving it for herself to pack

When she returned to the living room, she heard Edison’s words, “I got you some hot water in the bathroom, you go and soak your feet 


Ziana was taken aback

Edison lowered his head to arrange the suitcase and said nonchalantly, Didn’t your shoes get wet?” 

Ziana smiled, “Okay.” 

The guestsrooms of Love 101 were all equipped with cameras

The scene of the interaction between the two was watched by tens of millions of netizens

Edi is really a good gentleman and caring! Is this the feeling of being cherished by a man? I really envy Ziana!” 

The male netizens in front of the screen, please learn from him! Edi is a role model for men!” 

When am I going to find a boyfriend like him?” 

Compare the attitude of Edison and Mr. Lewis towards Ziana, you can see how considerate Edison is!” 

Wow, this pursuit of keeping a sense of proportion is too touching!” 

Get Bras 

Sure enough, there was a foot bathtub in the bathroom, which was steaming 

After Ziana finished her bath, she returned to the living room, and Edison said again, You can just sit there. A waiter brought fruits and desserts just now. If you are hungry, eat some first. Please wait for me to clean up here I’ll take you to dinner.” 

His wellorganized arrangements made Ziana very comfortable

She was used to being waited on by others

It was like this when she was in the Scott Family. After marrying into the Lewis Family, she had never been wronged in life 

She teased him with a smile, Wouldn’t it be inappropriate for me to do nothing?” 

He raised his eyebrows lazily, Aren’t you sitting with me? It’s already hard work.” 

The smile on Ziana’s face gradually deepened

Edison always grasped the scale of interpersonal communication very well

His words would neither be too ambiguous, appearing obscene and greasy, nor too distant, appearing too cold

Instead, he just let her know his intention and attitude, leaving her enough time and space

He was like an excellent hunter, taking her in gradually according to his rhythm

She knew how he felt about her, but she consented to his pursuit

After all, in a computer, replacing files was more thorough than deleting files

The division of the two was evident

Edison was helping her pack her luggage while she was sitting on the sofa watching financial news

There was an indescribable harmony in this way of getting along

Fans had been posting comments on the barrage

Get married! I’m just happy to see you two together!” 

Ziana is still watching the financial news! Ziana, please look at Edison more, when can’t you watch the news?” 

I didn’t realize Edi was such a considerate husband!” 

I’m sorry, but I still can’t forget Mr. Lewis, I still hope he and Ziana are together.” 

Shut up! We can’t tolerate such an idea from you! Are you serious?” 

Edison’s work efficiency was very high, and after an hour, he finished cleaning up

Ziana expressed her sincere gratitude to him, Edi, you are so kind, I can’t repay you, so I decided…” 

To marry me?Edison raised his eyebrows, and his cold eyes were stained with sluttishness, Then come on, I’ll wait for you tonight.” 

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee By Vera Whitehead- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis On the day of the divorce, Boris Lewis gave Ziana Scott 100 million dollars on the condition that she take the child back to remote mountain. Not long after, the two met again. The ex-wife he identified as poor wore tens of millions of the world's only high-end shoes, and her feet were priceless crystal high-heeled shoes. She brazenly said in front of the camera that she owns a gold mine. Boris Lewis thought, a mere 100 million, why are you pretending to be rich? I'm worth hundreds of billions and I don't dare to brag like that! He and the majority of netizens are waiting for the day when she slaps her in the face. It turns out that her family's gold mines are innumerable, and she is not a poor farm girl, but a genius with super IQ, a master of many sciences, a god-level master, a national chess player, a master of metaphysics... And the savior who he has been looking for for many years. In order to get Ziana Scott back, Boris Lewis made love madly. "I want a kiss!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" "I want a hug!" "I can't live without my wife!" The reporter interviewed Ziana Scott, "What is the relationship between Mr. Lewis and you?" "Oh, he's my simp ex-husband." She smiled swayingly, "but the next one is better. We'll never get back together." In conclusion, "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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