The Epic Blind Date with My Boss Chapter 757

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Josie Has Returned

Heather also mentioned that Summer would treat Laura terribly at the Olsen residence. She would insult. Laura in front of everyone.

The car stopped in front of the Mason Garden. Larry had just finished reporting when his eyes widened in surprise. “Isn’t that Ms. Olsen?”

The person he had been thinking about had appeared before him.

Heather stood under the night light, her eyes brimming with tears, looking in an extremely pitiful state. She stared towards the car as if she had been waiting for a long time.

Dexter got out of the car and buttoned up his suit with one hand. “What happened? Why are you crying?”

Heather started sobbing hysterically at the sound of his voice. She immediately ran into his embrace, whimpering. “Father told me he had something to announce and asked me to return home. I didn’t expect him to announce the distribution of his shares. He distributed twenty percent of the company’s shares to Zach.”

Dexter’s face showed no hint of emotion. Twenty percent is a significant amount.

“What else?”

“Summer only received fifteen percent. She was upset and ended up in an argument with Father. She even threw things around the house. Dex…” Heather’s voice was shaking; her breath felt like it was being squeezed out of her. “I don’t like the way they are acting. It’s really frightening.

Dexter understood how she felt. He lifted his arms and patted her on the head. “What about you? How much did Mark distribute to you?”

Heather immediately composed herself. “I… I only received ten percent. But that’s not the point. There’s no use for me to have these shares. I just want them to be back on good terms. Ein willing to give away my shares.

Dexter couldn’t help but chuckle at her response. “You foolish girl. Do you know how much your shares. are equivalent to?”

Heather couldn’t wrap her head around what he meant.

A shadow cast over his features. “Do you not like this kind of family?” he asked sincerely.

“No…” Heather answered under her breath. “I want to return to the church with Mom. I have nowhere else to go today. Can I stay here?”

The sight of her tears streaming down her cheeks and the way her trembling voice shook her delicate body could make any person’s heart swell. “Dex, you’re the only person I can trust now,” she murmured under her shaky breath.

Dexter lowered his head and held onto her shoulders. He gently wiped the tears from her face. “Why are you crying? I never knew you were a crybaby all this time.”

Heather’s shoulders trembled as her tears fell. Her eyes were glassy with overwhelming emotions.

“You can stay here for as long as you need. I’ll be leaving tomorrow after all,” Dexter said in a calm and gentle voice, wiping the tears from her face.



Heather’s eyes widened as his words registered. “Where are you going?”

Dexter didn’t say a word. His mind was reeling with thoughts about Josie’s safety.

He patted Heather on the shoulders and was about to gesture to one of his staff to take her in when he noticed something peculiar out of the corner of his eye. There was a familiar car parked nearby, and he recognized the license plate number.

He narrowed his eyes and started to march towards the car when it dawned on him that something must have happened. Heather was startled by his odd behavior, but she could only watch as his back went further away.

Josie sat in the car, her eyes glassy with unbidden tears. She couldn’t stand to look at their interaction any longer.

Moses had just arrived at Mason Garden when he saw the scene of Heather running into Dexter’s embrace.

As Josie watched from her car seat, she couldn’t help but notice how intimate Dexter and Heather had become. They seemed to have built a strong sense of trust with each other, and Heather’s love for him was clearly evident.

Her feelings of despair washed over her like a wave. She had just returned from a near-death situation, and the sight of Dexter and Heather together was too much for her to bear.

“Ms. Warren…” Moses stuttered as he looked at Dexter walking towards their car.

Josie’s eyes were still brimming with tears, but she bit her lower lip to contain her emotions. She put on her cap and lowered it so that her eyes were hidden.

Dexter’s eyes lit up when he bent down to look inside the car. He had a confident and mysterious aura, but his behavior reflected his deep relief and joy at seeing Josie again. His hands were trembling as he knocked on the tinted car window. “Josic, is that you?”

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

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Synopsis: The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

On the day of the blind date, the man turned out to be fat, short, and greasy! What could she do but run? Josie Warren was about to escape when the man at the next table stopped her. Why was this man so familiar? He... he was her immediate superior, Dexter Russell, a rich tycoon worth millions! What he said next surprised her immensely. "Josie, what about marrying me?" Marriage? Had Dexter been crushing on her for years? Did he set up this blind date to accidentally bump into her? Only highly skilled hunters would appear like prey. So why not! He had the looks and the money, after all. Josie acted on it instead of thinking about it. "Sure! Let's get married! I will do as you wish and marry into the world of the rich and powerful!"

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