The Epic Blind Date with My Boss Chapter 756

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss Chapter 756

Chapter 756 There Must Be Something More to This

However, Heather could not follow him, as she had been summoned back to the Olsen residence.

When Dexter arrived, Marilyn was keeping watch over Grandpa as he slept.

As he fell into deep thought, the man began to finger the rosary beads in his hands. “Ms. Marilyn, who told Grandpa about Paul’s disappearance?”

Old Mr. Russell fainted that day because he had been told about the incident.

It was difficult for Old Mr. Russell to make a new friend in his golden years, so the news about Paul profoundly impacted him.

Marilyn shook her head sadly. “No one dared to tell him about Paul, but he fainted after receiving a call that day.”

Dexter had tried to track down the phone number, but it was an overseas call, so he could do nothing.

It was a deliberate attempt to upset Grandpa. Who would do such a thing? Dexter was furious at the thought.

At the same time, he had sent his men to find Josie. He had assembled his most capable men, who had been through hell and back, to find a way into Wayne’s compound.

He was eager to learn about Josie’s situation.

He couldn’t imagine what his life would be like if he lost her.

“Dex, you don’t look well. Have you been sleeping well?” Marilyn asked as she poured him a cup of hot


Dexter’s eye bags were beginning to show. He had woken up several times in the middle of the night, sweating and shaking from nightmares about Josie begging him to save her. He felt his blood run cold. every time.

He couldn’t take it any longer.

“If Grandpa doesn’t wake up by tomorrow, I’ll have to leave,” he said, looking up at Marilyn. His eyes were clear with determination. “Josie is in trouble, and I have to help her.”

Marilyn nodded and turned to look at Old Mr. Russell. “Your grandfather will understand. Don’t worry.”

Larry sat in the car after leaving the hospital, his face grave and solemn. He held the documents tightly in his hands. “Mr. Russell, there have been too many things going on,” he said with a solemn voice.

Dexter narrowed his eyes. He was exhausted, and his voice was hoarse. “Explain them to me one by one.” he ordered.

Larry then reported the recent incidents to Dexter throughout the car ride. “Ever since Summer messed

her project multiple times, Mark has focused on Zach. Zach had never shown any outstanding results, but he’s been getting much more attention these days.”


Mark was still a businessman through and through. He would only keep the people who benefited him.


Dexter saw through Mark’s intentions. “He must have a military adviser,” he said derisively.



Larry was startled by his response. “Who?” he asked.

The man’s face turned grim. He lowered the window and reached his hands out to feel the breeze.

Heather would tell him everything he wanted to know, even the way Mark pampered Summer and praised her brother.

“I initially heard rumors that Zach and Laura were not on good terms, but I noticed that they have treated. each other very respectfully since I returned. Also, Zach has complied with Laura’s opinion, especially on work matters.”

His casual utterance revealed critical information.

Dexter didn’t ask any further, knowing that Heather would eventually tell him everything.

He had sent his people to investigate the matter, and they discovered that Zach’s projects were related to

one woman.

He had never thought that the slow-witted beauty Laura would turn out to be so competent.

There must be something more to this.

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

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Title: The Epic Blind Date with My Boss – is an absolute page turner from page one. The prose are beautifully written in a style that readers of A Della Storm work have come to expect. This novel is written by Noveljt . She is a true storyteller, and The Gargoyle’s Captive is her best book.

Synopsis: The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

On the day of the blind date, the man turned out to be fat, short, and greasy! What could she do but run? Josie Warren was about to escape when the man at the next table stopped her. Why was this man so familiar? He... he was her immediate superior, Dexter Russell, a rich tycoon worth millions! What he said next surprised her immensely. "Josie, what about marrying me?" Marriage? Had Dexter been crushing on her for years? Did he set up this blind date to accidentally bump into her? Only highly skilled hunters would appear like prey. So why not! He had the looks and the money, after all. Josie acted on it instead of thinking about it. "Sure! Let's get married! I will do as you wish and marry into the world of the rich and powerful!"

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The Epic Blind Date with My Boss
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You can read all chapters of The Epic Blind Date with My Boss novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel The Epic Blind Date with My Boss comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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