The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 892

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 892

Chapter 892 

Corinne was almost done eating, so she sipped her water. “It’s not a child. It’s Francine.” 

A little surprised, Chester frowned. “Francine is a university student. I can only teach elementary and middle school students.” 

“Can’t you just treat her as an elementary school student?” 

“Uh… How am I supposed to do that? Isn’t it weird that I have to tutor a university student in elementary school subjects?” 

Corinne said earnestly, “She’s never put in any effort in her studies since she was a child, and she has terrible basic knowledge. I don’t need to elaborate, do I? I’m sure you know how poor her grades are in 


Chester kept quiet. Francine’s grades were indeed horrible, and she failed all her subjects every time. 

Corinne then said, “Her privileged life means that she doesn’t need to be smart to earn a living, but I still hope that she has some bit of general knowledge that she could use in her daily life. Do you think you could do that?” 

“Sorry, but I don’t think it’s appropriate.” Chester recalled having rejected Francine’s confession once, and he felt as if he needed to avoid her as much as possible. He only brought Francine to distribute flyers the previous day because Corinne wanted his help to keep Francine occupied. 

Upon seeing his reluctance, Corinne added, “We can pay you a higher wage. Didn’t you want to work and study at the same time? I remembered you saying that you wanted to save some money to start a business before your graduation?” 

Although Chester was not from a wealthy family, his family’s financial background was not all that bad. He only came out to work to become independent as soon as possible. 

When it came to the prospect of gaining capital to start a business, Chester was beginning to feel persuaded as he knew he needed the money. 

After considering Corinne’s proposal, Chester nodded. “Okay. I’ll do it. May I ask to what extent would you like me to tutor her?” 

Corinne smiled. “Until you feel you have enough money to start a business!” 

Chester thought for a while and said, “Alright! I’ll do my best to try and meet your demands.” 

After that was settled, Corinne turned and ordered, “Bowen, could you get the servants to clear one of the guest rooms and replace the bed with a large desk? I want our new tutor to have a proper study room to tutor Francine.” 

Bowen was a little surprised that Corinne would be so considerate about Francine’s studies, so he hurriedly sent someone to do as she instructed. 

When Francine ran downstairs to get fruits and drinks for Chester, she made a point to stop in front of Corinne. She called out in a rather harsh tone, “Hey, Corinne!” 

Corinne snapped back to her senses., “You called?” 

Francine had a stifled expression before she finally said, “Thanks.” 

Corinne smiled. “For what?” 

“You know the answer to that!” Francine cocked her chin arrogantly and went back upstairs with the food 

to receive counseling from her sweetheart. 

Corinne watched on as Francine ran back upstairs. She spoke to Bowen for a while and then went out 


Over at the Crescent Building’s construction site, the plot of land Jeremy bought for the construction of the new office building was not a vacant lot but a dilapidated residential area in the city center. The original buildings had been demolished before the construction started, and work on the foundation was finally beginning. 

The foundation was very important as it was linked to the building’s safety for many years to come. 

Corinne wore a helmet and checked the construction site. 

Aaron followed nervously beside her and supported her from time to time in case she hurt herself. He was extremely cautious and said to her, “You shouldn’t even be here, boss. The air is dusty!” 

As soon as Corinne confirmed that the building’s foundation was to her satisfaction, she said to Aaron stringently, “This is a very large project, and our company’s reputation is at stake. I need to supervise everything carefully and ensure that no one cuts any corners!”

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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