The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 33

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Annie did not seem too keen on Corinne’s decision. “But…”

Corinne stared at her and immediately understood what was going on. “There’s some important stuff in your phone, isn’t there?”

Annie nodded embarrassedly.

Corinne massaged the top of her nose bridge and turned to look at the man. “What other game do you want to play?”

The man looked at Corinne’s confident expression. “Winning or losing doesn’t matter this time. We’ll spin this wheel of fortune. I’ll return her phone in exchange for you playing this game once!”

Corinne looked down at the device on the table and felt that it was a particularly pointless game.

“Fine. I’ll play with you.”

The man smirked. “The rule is that you have to press the button with your eyes closed. Whatever option you land on will be my ‘punishment’, and whatever option I land on will be your ‘punishment”!”

Corinne frowned and objected to it a little. “Why is it that we’re choosing punishment for each other instead of for ourselves?”

The man shook his head. “Because otherwise, it’ll be boring!”

Corinne agreed eventually. “Fine.”

He invited Corinne to go first.

The wheel spun rapidly, and Corinne closed her eyes before reaching out to press the button. The wheel stopped, and the punishment she had landed on was ‘kneel and slap yourself 20 times’!

Annie looked at the wheel and laughed loudly. “You asked for it. Don’t go back on your word!”

“I’m happy to accept my fate.” The man shrugged. Though he was a little embarrassed, he knelt boldly and slapped himself 20 times in one go.

After that, it was his turn to choose a random punishment for Corinne.

The wheel started to spin, and the man stared at it for a moment before closing his eyes and stretching out his hand to press the button.

Annie rushed over to see what punishment he had landed on and frowned instantly. It was [French kiss someone you know from the opposite gender for one minute]!

Corinne looked at the punishment item and frowned angrily. The man smiled and said, “I’ve already slapped myself, so you need to own up too!”

Annie could not take it anymore. “Do you know who she is? You’ve got some nerve, asking her to kiss you! I’ll have you know that she’s the wif-”

Corinne interrupted Annie, “No problem, I’ll do it.”

Annie hurriedly stopped her. “Corinne, he did it on purpose! You can’t let him take advantage of you! I’d

rather leave my phone with him than see you do this!”

It was such a shame Corinne admitted to this


“Come on, pretty lady! I’m waiting for you!” The man opened his arms, puckered his lips, and waited for the woman to kiss him.

Rather than walk toward him, she said, “The punishment is to kiss someone I know that is of the opposite gender. I don’t know you.”

The man did not give up. “Don’t try to make excuses! Is there any other man here whom you know, aside from me?”

Corinne turned around and tried to search for someone of the opposite gender whom she knew.

All of a sudden, Annie received a burst of hope when she finally spotted someone in the corner. She leaned over and pointed the person out to Corinne. “Look, Corinne! It’s Uncle Jeremy! He’s there! You can just kiss him!”

All would be well if Corinne were to kiss him. After all, it was normal for a married couple to be intimate, and Annie did not want Corinne to have to take advantage of her simply to get her cell phone back!

Corinne saw Jeremy too, and with him was an elegant, s*y, and curly-haired woman in a dress that revealed her cleavage.

‘So he likes that kind of woman, then. I’ll only be a nuisance if I kiss him when he’s with some other woman.’

In addition, she had kissed him before just to get rid of the man her stepmother tried to set her up with, which resulted in him being forced into a marriage and having to commit to it for three months.

Kissing him again would lead to even more disastrous consequences!

She glanced away from Jeremy and spotted the s*y man downstairs who hit her up minutes ago. He stood in a quiet place, looked at her with a kind smile, and his expression was clearly telling her, ‘Sure thing. You’re

more than welcome to come and kiss me.’

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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