The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 31

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Even though it was described as a private VIP room, the interior was more like that of an entire floor due to how spacious it was.

The lights were dim, and there was a live band playing some music.

Everyone was dressed to the nines, and they were all having a good time, with groups of three to five clinking glasses with each other as they chatted and laughed.

Corinne glanced across the crowd in search of Annie’s figure.

All of a sudden, the pink-haired young woman came running toward her. “Hey there, Au-”

Corinne stretched out a finger and pressed it on Annie’s lips and stopped her from uttering the word “aunt’.” Call me by name when you’re outside!”

Annie curled her lips. “Oh, okay! Corinne…”

Corinne frowned slightly and examined Annie’s body to see if there were any injuries. “What’s wrong? Why’d you call me to come up and save you?”

Annie hugged Corinne’s arm anxiously, turned around, and pointed behind. “It’s them! They bullied me!”

Corinne glanced over and saw three well-dressed young men surrounding her. She took one look at them and knew that they were all pampered playboys.

The man standing on the left said, “Come on now, beautiful! You can’t blame us like that! You promised you’d have some fun with us. How could you say that we bullied you?”

The man standing on the right sized up Corinne. “Hi there! I didn’t think another beauty like you would show up here. You look like a good girl, but then again, that’s just my type!”

Corinne remained calm and turned to Annie. “How did you get involved with them?”

Annie felt guilty and whispered, “I came in to look for Uncle, but I didn’t see him anywhere, so I asked the three of them if they knew where to find him! They insisted on making me play dice with them though, and they promised to bring me to find him if I’d win! But then… I didn’t win! They gave me a choice between drinking ten bottles of beer or giving one of them a French kiss. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to kiss them! As for the drinks… I was worried that they spiked it or something like that, so I didn’t want to drink it either. But

they wouldn’t let me go if I didn’t drink…”

Corinne got a rough idea of what happened and glanced at the men once again. “Does it make you feel proud to bully a young woman like this?”

“I thought all women advocate for gender equality? Well, gender equality means that everyone should be willing to accept their losses in a gamble, regardless of their gender. If you can’t afford to lose in a game, don’t even bother playing in the first place!”



A sour expression unfolded across Corinne’s pretty face. “You’re playing dice, right? I’ll play with you!”

The third young man looked at Corinne’s goody-two-shoes character and smiled wickedly. “Are

Corinne said determinedly. “If I win, you’ll write off all her losses earlier.”

The man cocked his eyebrow. “And what if I win?”

Corinne looked at him fearlessly. “What do you want?”

The man took two steps closer, bent down, and whispered into her ear. “Are you still a virgin?”

Corinne’s face froze, and there were traces of shame and anger in her expression.

“Judging from your cute reaction, you most definitely still have your innocence!” The man had an evil smile

as he whipped out a hotel room card from his breast pocket and handed it to Corinne. “I want your first night.

Annie blushed with rage when she saw the room card. “You people are being jerks in broad daylight!”

Corinne took the room card. “Fine. Let’s start the game then!”

Annie was taken aback, and stopped uneasily, “Corinne, no! I choose to drink, so don’t play with them!”

Inside the Snow Room’s innermost billiard room, the Riveras’ youngest son, Sunny, crossed his legs and remarked languidly, “I’ve got something to tell you guys. I came across this hacker who goes by the name of ‘ Jade Rabbit’ on the internet a few days ago, and she easily deciphered our AJ League’s encryption system! I bet she’s one of the two top hackers in the entire world!”

Zeke made a hole-in-one and said, “Your dad expects you to help your brother manage the company, Sunny. Why don’t you do that for once instead of dealing with all this useless stuff?”

Sunny shrugged. “I can’t be bothered to do that, and why should I if my brother’s in the company?”

At that moment, someone came in and exclaimed, “Guys! Something exciting is happening outside right now. There’s this girl who’s betting her first night in a game of dice with three men!”

Zeke put his cue down. “Well, well. That sounds interesting! Let’s go and have a look!”

Jeremy leaned lazily on the sofa with an uninterested look. The curly-haired woman beside him gazed affectionately at him and clinked glasses.

“Mister Jeremy, I think I saw your niece Annie with the girl playing dice!” said the person who came in


Jeremy’s brows furrowed that instant.

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man


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