The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 30

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 30

Chapter 30

The second floor of Twilight hosted high-end sound-proofed private VIP rooms from the noisy bar downstairs. The two floors were practically worlds


Corinne’s call to Annie went unanswered, and she did not know which room Annie was in.

The bar’s general manager saw Corinne and came forward respectfully. “Miss Corinne, are you looking for Mister Aaron?”

Corinne shook her head and asked, “Did you see which room Annie Levine went to?”

The manager said, “I did not. We haven’t received anyone from the Levines today.”

Annie probably did not go through the normal registration process because she sneaked up to follow Jeremy. Corinne thought for a while and asked, “Which room is Jeremy in, then?”

The manager answered truthfully, “He’s in the Snow Room.”

The Snow Room was the largest and most luxurious VIP room in Twilight, reserved only for the most elite of guests.

Just as she was about to go to the Snow Room to see if Annie was there, Sherlyn’s rowdy voice came from behind. “I’m here to look for someone! Get out of the way, and don’t stop me from going any further!”

The awkward host dissuaded Sherlyn, “The Snow Room is a VIP room, and there’s a private gathering going on inside. You’re not allowed there because your name isn’t on the invitation list.”

Corinne turned around and happened to see Sherlyn.

Sherlyn froze for a moment, then immediately frowned in disgust. “What are you doing here, Corinne?”

She still held a grudge against Corinne for causing her car to be towed away by the traffic police and being forced to buy a bunch of luxury clothes that were not even the right size.

Corinne’s expression remained calm as ever. “I’m here to look for someone too.”

Sherlyn reacted as if she heard the funniest joke ever, and she looked at Corinne’s clothes from head to toe. contemptuously. “Who could you possibly be looking for in such a place? The Snow Room up ahead is a high- end VIP room, and the guests there are all rich folks. Do you really expect to get in there when you’re dressed like you’re fresh out of the flea market? You sure crack me up!”

Corinne did not pay much attention to fashion as long as she felt comfortable enough. Her clothes might look simple and elegant, but their materials were made of high quality and were far from being inferiorly cheap.

The only aspect that they lacked was a logo from a big brand.

Twilight’s manager stepped forward and asked respectfully, “Do you need our help to deal with the trouble, miss?”

Sherlyn smiled smugly and commanded arrogantly, “Show this shameful woman out the door! Twilight is one of the most high-end bars in New Capital City, so you should be mindful not to let any country bumpkins lower your luxury standards!”

The manager was looking at Corinne instead of Sherlyn, and he was respectfully waiting for further instructions from Corinne.

Corinne waved her hand lazily. “You may act according to the normal course of regulations. I’ll have a look

inside the Snow Room.”

“Of course.” The manager bowed and stretched out his hand in a gesture for Corinne to go in.

Corinne walked toward the Snow Room without a hitch. No one stopped her as she made her way there, and she could easily push the door open and enter.

Sherlyn was dumbstruck. She could not understand what was going on and was just about to follow Corinne when the security personnel that the manager had called stopped her. “Don’t blame us for having to take stern action on you if you insist on forcing your way in there!”

Sherlyn was markedly displeased. “Why is that woman in cheap clothes allowed to enter the Snow Room when I in all my luxury-branded things aren’t allowed in? Do you know who I am? I’m Sherlyn, the popular actress who played the lead role ‘The Princess Knows Best’!”

The security staff shot her a fierce glare. “Whether you’re an actress or a princess doesn’t matter to us. We’re only following the rules and doing our job. Please abide by the regulations of this establishment and leave right away!”

The tough security guards intimidated her, and she could neither enter the Snow Room nor fight back.

Gritting her teeth, she resentfully snapped, “Who was that woman who just walked in? Why is your manager so respectful to her?”

“We cannot comment on matters involving the privacy of our guests.”

Sherlyn was fuming when she did not get an answer.

She could not figure out how Corinne managed to do it and wondered if it was because Corinne had gotten. involved with a wealthy family by becoming a maid. Sherlyn decided that she would not be leaving anytime soon. After all, she wanted to see just who it was that Corinne would come out with.

Sherlyn’s original purpose there was to look for her former benefactor, the one she impulsively broke off her relationship with because she mistakenly thought that she could marry into a wealthy family. It was also during that time that she terminated her contract and quit the industry, leaving her jobless for a time.

When she went to the agency to discuss the contract renewal, the agency said that she had been blacklisted and that they were already recruiting new faces. Infuriated, she later found out that her former benefactor was here with some friends, so she went there in the hopes she could reconcile with him so he could continue to support her and give her opportunities.

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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