The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 28

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 28

Chapter 28 

When Corinne looked up in the direction that Annie was pointing, she spotted Jeremy’s slender, stern figure passing through a glass corridor on the second floor. Beside him was a tall, beautiful, curly-haired woman with a slender waist and long legs.

Corinne retracted her gaze. Her expression was calm, and so was her tone as she said, “Ignore him.”

Annie was puzzled. “You’re going to ignore that your husband is meeting another woman in private?”

Corinne sipped the juice through her straw and indifferently replied, “Yep.”

Annie had just experienced the scumbag treatment firsthand less than a day ago, and with the alcohol going into her, she could not bear to see something like that happen again!

“No! If you’re afraid of being controlling, I’ll catch him cheating for you! Hmph! I’m so disappointed in him! He’s already married, but he’s still out there seeing other women!” Annie raised her fist angrily and wentupstairs in a rage.

Corinne failed to stop her and could only facepalm. Since Jeremy was probably not going to do anything to his niece, Corinne decided to let the drunk Annie do whatever she wanted.

Far be it for Corinne to meddle in Jeremy’s private life. The two of them were married for show only, and it was normal for him to have a relationship with another woman.

Corinne leaned lazily against the seat in the bar booth and got sleepy as she observed the bar patrons” interactions. Had it not been for Annie’s call, she would already be midway through a nap after filling her stomach with lunch earlier.

All of a sudden, Aaron hurried over with a few followers. “Why didn’t you give me a heads up. wouldn’t’ve known that you were here if the manager didn’t spot you and informed me!”

The bar was an entertainment business under Newmoon Group with Aaron as its owner.

boss? I

Corinne raised her eyes and glanced at Aaron. “I’m just here to pick someone up. I don’t plan to stay long.”

Aaron sat beside her and asked curiously, “Who are you picking up?”

“A niece.”

“A what? When did you have a niece? Why do I not know this?”

Corinne could not be bothered to answer such an unimportant question and asked him instead, “Isn’t it still working hours? Why are you enjoying yourself instead of being at the company?”

Aaron kindly uncapped a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her. “Socializing with clients is part of the job, too! Besides, everything will be fine. The company is in capable hands!”

Corinne took a sip of the water. “You socialize almost every day!”

Knowing that Corinne had a soft spot for him, Aaron smiled reassuringly. “By the way, boss, the Holden guy didn’t realize we knew each other yesterday, did he?”

Corinne answered curtly, “No. He was fooled.”

“Awesome! Well, it’s just a shame that the painting was-

“It’s with me.”

Aaron’s eyes lit up. “It is? That quickly? How did you even get it?”

Corinne said simply, “He gave it to me.”

“He gave it to you? The painting that was bought with all that money…was just given to you for nothing in return?”

“Well, he owes me a favor, so giving the painting is like his way of returning the favor.”

Aaron was flabbergasted. “That’s all?”

Corinne cocked an eyebrow. “What else are you expecting?”

Aaron’s lips curled up in a cheeky smile. “I don’t buy it. That Holden guy probably has some sort of ulterior motives and is only just doing that to win you over!”

Corinne rolled her eyes at him in annoyance. “Can’t you be more decent? I thought you had some socializing to do. Get on with it, then.”

Aaron shrugged, got up, and left. Clearly, he did not want to disturb her any further.

Before he left, he ordered the waiter to serve a fruit platter, some snacks, and a cup of hot milk for Corinne.

After Aaron left, the dizzying neon lights prompted Corinne to close her eyes and take a nap while waiting for Annie to come back.

All of a sudden…

“Hi there. Mind if I sit here?”

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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