The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 25

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Jeremy helped Annie up and gestured coldly. “Take him away. We wouldn’t want Lunar Century Manor’s corridors to be tarnished with such lowly vermin!”

“Yes, sir!” Tommy sent someone to bring Juan away.

As Jeremy held his crying niece helplessly, he glanced at Corinne and asked in a stern, somewhat parent-like tone, “Are you injured?”

Corinne shook her head to brush it off. “Thanks for your concern. I’m perfectly fine.”

At that moment, Zoey hid in the corner of the corridor and saw what just happened. She was irredeemably attracted to a powerful man like Jeremy as he had all the qualities of her dream husband-wealth, influence, and good looks. What she did not like, however, was that Corinne received the privilege of being saved by him like a knight in shining armor.

To her, Corinne would seize any opportunity to dangle herself in front of rich men, and she did not want her to succeed!

After giving her next move some thought, she gritted her teeth and rushed out crying, “Miss Annie, I was framed! Don’t let yourself be fooled by Corinne!”

Annie turned to look at Zoey. She frowned as she wiped her tears off and shot back, “I would’ve forgotten all about you if you didn’t show up, b*tch!”

Rather than panic, Zoey pointed solemnly at Corinne. “It wasn’t me! It was her! She seduced your groom, and the voices in the video were all doctored! You need to believe me!

“She’s super good at fixing computers and is an expert in all that tech stuff. She was the one who framed-”

Annie walked up to Zoey and retorted in an angry tone, “How dare you point your dirty finger at her? Do you know who she is to me?”

“W-Who…is s-she?” Zoey stammered in shock, as she had always been under the impression that Corinne was there as a bridesmaid.

Annie kicked Zoey before saying, “I’ll have you know that the thought of hooking up with that loser Juan. would never even cross her mind! She’s my au-”

“Good friend! We’re good friends!” Corinne interrupted Annie, since she did not want too many people to know about a relationship between her and Jeremy that would only last three months.

“That’s right! She’s my good friend!” Annie agreed with that remark and put her hands on her hips. Tommy, I need you to send word out that anyone who hires this b*tch is asking to be made an enemy of the Levines and the Holdens!”


Tommy nodded. “Understood, Miss Annie.”

Zoey was panicking in full force as she hurriedly begged Annie for mercy. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me!”

With Annie ignoring her, she begged Corinne in an ingratiating manner, “We used to be colleagues! Right, Corinne? Please say some kind words to them for me!”

Before Corinne had time to say anything, Annie pulled her away and left. “Let’s go, Corinne. Ignore that b*


Zoey tried to plead with Jeremy and began begging softly, “Mister Jeremy! Mister Jeremy! Please have mercy!

Jeremy did not even bother to look at her. With his usual expressionless mien, he walked away with Zeke and followed the two girls.

Zoey stood there in bewilderment as she threw a tantrum and stomped. ‘What the hell is going on? How did Corinne come to be good friends with someone from a rich family like Annie? And why did Mister Jeremy even rescue her?!!

At that point, the half-dead Juan ran back with a stagger. As soon as he laid eyes on Zoey, he rushed over and slapped her. “Take this, you f*cking b*tch!”

Zoey screamed and wanted to flee, but she was pushed to the ground while being searched.

Juan took out the card that contained the ‘breakup fee’ from her and was about to bring it back with him. Zoey hurried forward to grab it. “That’s my breakup fee! How could you take it back?”

“You’re demanding a breakup fee when you ruined my wedding and made me lose my inheritance rights?” Juan spat on her face. “Go to hell!”

On the way back to the Holdens’ residence, Jeremy leaned back in a relaxed manner and looked down at the documents in his hand.

He asked softly, “Was it your doing?”

Corinne sounded a little sleepy when she answered, “Huh? What?”

“The surveillance video that was shown on the big screen,” Jeremy reminded her.

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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